The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England,: Begun in the Year 1641. With the Precedent Passages, and Actions, that Contributed Thereunto, and the Happy End, and Conclusion Thereof by the King's Blessed Restoration, and Return, Upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660. Written by the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Clarendon, .... (Google eBook)

Printed at the Theater, 1707
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265 페이지 - I am persuaded, his power and interest, at that time, was greater to do, good or hurt, than any man's in the kingdom, or than any man of his rank hath had in any time : for his reputation of honesty was universal, and his affections seemed so publicly guided, that no corrupt or private ends could bias them.
375 페이지 - Gospel; that we have not laboured for the purity and power thereof; and that we have not endeavoured to receive...
357 페이지 - ... at Edgehill, when the enemy was routed, he was like to have incurred great peril, by interposing to save those who had thrown away their arms, and against whom, it may be, others were more fierce for their having thrown them away : so that a man might think, he came into the field chiefly out of curiosity to see the face of danger, and charity to prevent the shedding of blood.
21 페이지 - ... by the fury and licence of the common people, who were in all places grown to that barbarity and rage against the nobility and gentry, (under the style of cavaliers,) that it was not safe for any to live at their houses, who were taken notice of as no votaries to the parliament.
265 페이지 - ... he grew the argument of all tongues, every man inquiring who and what he was, that durst, at his own charge, support the liberty and property of the kingdom, and rescue his country, as he thought, from being made a prey to the court.
359 페이지 - ... in the lower part of the belly, and in the instant falling from his horse, his body was not found till the next morning ; till when, there was some hope he might have been a prisoner, though his nearest friends, who knew his temper, received small comfort from that imagination. Thus fell that incomparable young man, in the four and thirtieth year of his age...
351 페이지 - He was a great cherisher of wit and fancy and good parts in any man; and, if he found them clouded with poverty or want, a most liberal and bountiful patron towards them, even above his fortune...
267 페이지 - ... of a personal courage equal to his best parts ; so that he was an enemy not to be wished wherever he might have been made a friend, and as much to be apprehended, where he was so, as any man could deserve to be ; and therefore his death was no less pleasing to the one party, than it was condoled in the other.
352 페이지 - ... and infirmities of her own sex) to pervert him in his piety to the Church of England and to reconcile him to that of Rome, which they prosecuted with the more confidence, because he declined no opportunity or occasion of conference with those of that religion, whether...
127 페이지 - Carr the governor was one, were the chief. The town yielded much plunder, from which the undistinguishing soldier could not be kept, but was equally injurious to friend and foe ; so that many honest men, who were imprisoned by the rebels for not concurring with them, found themselves at liberty and undone together...

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