Pennsylvania Songs and Legends

George Gershon Korson
Arno Press, 1960 - 474페이지
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JSTOR: Pennsylvania Songs and Legends
[474 p., music; $5.00] Pennsylvania Songs and Legends is the Dan Walsh, Morgan Jones, and Jerry logical outgrowth and the spiritual heir Byrne, ... sici?sici=0027-4380(194912)2%3A7%3A1%3C113%3APSAL%3E2.0.CO%3B2-M

Labor and Industrial Folksongs: A Select Bibliography (American ...
In Pennsylvania Songs and Legends, edited by George Korson, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1949; reprint edition, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins ... folklife/ guides/ BibLabor.html

Eric C. Nystrom | Miner, Minstrel, Memory: Or, Why the Smithsonian ...
51 See "Down, Down, Down," stanza 14, in Korson, ed., Pennsylvania Songs and Legends, 364–66; this is also stanza 14 of the recorded version. ... journals/ pmh/ 131.1/ nystrom.html

Lyr Req: Joe Magerac / Joe Magarac
Printed in "Pennsylvania Songs and Legends" by George Korson (1949, Univ Pennsylvania Press). JOE MAGARAC. I'll tell you about a steel man, ... thread.cfm?threadid=35863

UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive
Pennsylvania songs and legends. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania ... Pennsylvania songs and legends. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1960, c1949. ... archive/ acquipast/ acquipast.htm

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