GB/T 16936-2007: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 16936-2007, GB/T16936-2007, GBT16936-2007): Earth moving machinery - Engine test code - Net power

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This standard specifies a method for testing internal combustion engines intended for propulsion of earth-moving machinery as defined in GB/T 8498. This standard applies to evaluate the performance of earth-moving machinery engine. It is used to introduce, at full load condition, the engine characteristic curve of power, fuel consumption rate versus the rotation speed. These engines may be the natural aspirated or pressure-charged, either using a mechanical pressure-charger or turbocharger. This standard concerns internal combustion engines used in earth-moving machinery and included in one of the following categories: - reciprocating internal combustion engines (spark-ignition or compression-ignition) but excluding free piston engines; - rotary piston engines.

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Terms and definitions
Accuracy of measuring equipment and instruments
Correction factors
Measurement and correction of smoke of compressionignition engines
Test report
Declaration and verification of engine performance

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