Jesus in Q: The Sabbath and Theology of the Bible and Extracanonical Texts

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JESUS IN Q is about the Sabbath and the theology of Jesus. There are several books about the Sabbath with regard to the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but nothing regarding Q. This book is designed to address the relation to the Sabbath in Q which makes it remarkable amongst other Sabbath related books with reference to the Synoptic Gospels.
Considering the rabbinic writers and the early fathers, who have used, generally in a free way, the sayings of Jesus drawn from the Gospels and/or oral tradition, this book examines the apologists and the extracanonical writers, whose writings constitute a well-defined literary genre and witness a progressively more bookish use of the sayings of Jesus. This book understands the extracanonical documents in early Judaism as a prerequisite for understanding the appearances of Jesus.

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This book builds on James M. Robinson’s observations by seeking to locate Q’s attitude toward the Law and Gentiles more precisely. An important text in this regard is Q 14:5 reconstructed from verbal agreements between Matt 12:11 and Luke 14:5. Though often regarded as isolated sayings, a closer examination suggests they derive from a common source that is form-critically and redaction-critically close to the block of material in Q 13:24-14:35. This book regards Q 14:5 as a historical saying of Jesus, rather than an eschatological and Christological saying engendered by the early church.
The point of this discussion is that the Q community was not merely a passive on-looker as the Gentile mission unfolded, but by its own creative use of Jewish tradition it helped create the rationale for a Gentile mission and thus was instrumental in its ultimate success. It is likely that the Q community contributed in some way to the early Christian missionary activity from the Jewish mission to the Gentile mission. Even though the Q community did not carry out a strong Gentile mission, it must have affected the missionary activity of the early Christian communities on as they wrestled with the tension between Jewish Law and the Gentile mission. They were a true Christian community because of their fidelity in practicing God’s love as a Christian missionary principle.

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Jewish sabbath
sabbath institutions and Observances
5 and a Jewish Christian Community
Jesus and Jewish Law
The sabbath in the synoptics
Between Jewish Law and the Gentile Mission
The Gentiles in the synoptics
euanggelion and the Gentile Mission
The eschatology of the Q Community
A TraditionHistory Development of the Meals
The narrative of the Raising of the Widows son from nain
Korean Recent Trends in the study of the Gospels
Jewish influences and Christological insights
A Theological and Anthropological understanding of Creation
A Rhetorical Aspect in the Wisdom of solomon
Thomas Christianity

Theology of Q and the Gospels
Predating the sayings Gospel Q
The God of Jesus
Jesus understanding of spirit
Jewish Gnosticism in the Apocalypse of Adam

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Professor Ky-Chun So graduated from the Claremont School of Theology and the Claremont Graduate University, California, USA. Currently he is the Kwang Jang Chair Professor of the New Testament, Early Christianity, and the Nag Hammadi Library at Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary (, Seoul, Korea. He is also Director of the Jesus' Sayings Hub ( and the President of the Society of Korean Q Studies. He is the Korean author of Trajectories through the Sayings of Jesus (2000) and An Introduction to the Sayings Gospel Q (2004).

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