Journey Into the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist

Charisma Media, 2005 - 219페이지
How can you know what a terrorist thinks?

The Western media are so busy analyzing who, what, where, when and how that they never answer the question of why. This book is about the why behind Islamic terrorism.

Terrorists have written many books and pamphlets explaining their position, but most westerners are unable to understand them. Dr. Mark Gabriel makes a major breakthrough by identifying the five pillars of radical philosophy- the bedrock beliefs that cut through all radical writings. Dr. Gabriel uses the writings of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and others to show how terrorists justify their actions through the Quran, the life of Muhammad and Islamic history. Finally, Dr. Gabriel describes how earlier terrorist groups were stopped and shows how the world can work together to stop the terrorists of today.

Ignorance is no ally in the struggle against Islamic terrorism.

Go beyond what is happening and find out why it is happening. The struggle against terrorism may seem to be at a stalemate, but there is hope for the future.


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사용자 리뷰  - Chee-wan Wan -

I've a large collection of books on Islam and read most of them. I've read all the four books by Dr. Mark Gabriel. In my opinion, this book is the best on the subject. All political leaders and ... 전체 리뷰 읽기

사용자 리뷰  - Carolyn Renaud -

It has often been asked "Why do the Islamic terrorists hate us and use such violence?" But how many people search for the answer? In reading this book I have gained an understanding. I hope many others will read this book and find the answer to their questions. 전체 리뷰 읽기


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저자 정보 (2005)

After earning a Ph.D. in Islamic history, Mark A. Gabriel became convinced that Muhammad did not speak for God. His search for truth led to the love of Jesus Christ, as well as complete rejection from his family and two attempts against his life by political fundamentalists. Now pursuing a Ph.D. in world religion at a Christian university, he speaks and writes about the true nature of Islam with the non-emotional accuracy of an academician. As a reflection of his new life in Christ, he has chosen a Christian name to replace his Islamic name.

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