Park Chan-kyong: Red Asia Complex

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA), 2019 - 292페이지
Park Chan-kyong is the second artist selected for the "MMCA Artist Studies" series. Since the late 1980s, Park has been a member of a community of critics writing art and organizing exhibitions through forums such as the Research Society for Art Criticism (misul bipyeong yeonguhoe), Forum A, BOL. Park took his first steps as an artist with the solo exhibition Black Box: The Memory of Cold War Images, held at the Kumho Museum in 1997, and has since continued to produce film and video works critically examining the Cold War, Korean modernity, and colonialism. Under the title Red Asia Complex, this book examines, from various perspectives, the nearly thirty-years trajectory of Park Chan-kyong's art and writing.--Gallery Website.

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