Puppet Master vol.5

Creek & River Co., Ltd, 2016. 6. 22.
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In this fifth and final volume of Miyuki Miyabe’s monumental work, Koichi Amikawa’s book Killer At Large championing Kazuaki Takai’s innocence becomes an instant bestseller, and as his celebrity burgeons Amikawa’s control over Takai’s sister Yumiko tightens. Humiliated professionally and with her marriage in tatters, Shigeko Maehata begins investigating Amikawa’s background and the truth begins to dawn on her, leading her to his lodge. A final dramatic showdown brings the series to a thrilling close.

Available in e-book format in five separate volumes. Other e-books in English by Miyuki Miyabe:

Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo
The Book of Heroes
ICO: Castle in the Mist
Brave Story

Praise for Miyabe:

“A window into contemporary Japanese life.”
-San Francisco Chronicle

“Enormously compelling… combining expert pacing and psychological nuance to ultimately haunting effect.”
-Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Miyabe is a subtle observer of a country on the cusp. Her American readers can only hope for more chances to see through her eyes.”
-The Los Angeles Times

“Absorbing… an artful blending of puzzle-solving and social commentary.” -Washington Post

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