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It Supplements the Decennial Digests, the Key-Number Series and

Prior Reporter Volume Index-Digests



C 4 (N.Y.) Parcel left on subway, car note47 (N.Y.) Causes of action for tort and
"abandoned property.”-Foulke v. New York

on contract held to arise out of same "trans-
Consol. R. Co., 127 N. E. 237, 228 N. Y. 269.
Pm 5 (N.Y.) Not presumed and must be sup- action.”-France & Canada S. S. Corporation
ported by proof.–Foulke v. New York Consol. 93, 229 N. Y. 89.

v. Berwind-White Coal Mining Co., 127 N. E.
R. Co., 127 N. E. 237, 228 N. Y. 269.
em? (N.Y.) Abandoned property, owned by tion inducing charter party not inconsistent

Causes of action based on misrepresenta-
any one taking it.- Foulke v New York Consol. with action for breach of contract.-Id.
R. Co., 127 N. E. 237, 228 N. Y. 269.


See Executors and Administrators.

(A) Abatement or Survival of Action.

See Seamen.
On 49 (N.Y.Sup.) Action does not survive de-
fendant's death, though surviving in state

where accident occurred.-Clough v. Gardiner, 20 (N.Y.Sup.) State Workmen's Compensa-

tion Law unconstitutional, as a regulation of
52 (N.Y.Sup.) Generally actions ex delicto | maritime workers.--Campoccia v. Panama R.
abate on death of either party.-Clough v. Gar- | Co., 807.
diner, 803.

Maritime law governs rights of servant in-

jured in maritime work.-Id.
See Compromise and Settlement.

mall(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Acceptance of check, with cm3 (N.Y.Sup.) Adoptive child not "heir” of
indorsement of payment in full, evidence accord life tenant, entitled to take under devise, under
and satisfaction.- Hoerst v. Forest Box & theory of vested right.-In re Frost's Will, 559.
Lumber Co., 903.

On 12 (N.Y.Sup.) Notice to nonconsenting par-
ent necessary, though child abandoned.-People

ex rel. Lentino v. Feser, 407.
See Abatement and Revival; Dismissal and



(A) Acquisition of Rights by Prescription

in General.

Coll (N.Y.) Possession by mistake or inad-
m2 (N.Y.Mun.Ct.) Relief given against un-

vertence may ripen into title.—Belotti v. Bick-
conscionable contract.-Seventy-Eighth Street | hardt, 127 N. E. 239, 228 N. Y. 296.
& Broadway Co. v. Rosenbaum, 505.

13 (N.Y.) Elements stated.-Belotti

Bickhardt, 127 N. E. 239, 228 N. Y. 296.
25(4) (N.Y.Mun.Ct.) Equitable defense in-

(B) Actual Possession.
terposed in actions at law.-Seventy-Eighth C 17 (N.Y.) Held to extend to land within
Street & Broadway Co. v. Rosenbaum, 505. street vacated within required period of pos-
182 N.Y.S.-61




session.-Belotti v. Bickhardt, 127 N. E. 239, For review of rulings in particular actions or 228 N. Y. 296.

proceedings, see also the various specific top(E) Duration and Continuity of Possession.

1. NATURE AND FORM OF REMEDY. Caw 43(3) (N.Y.) May continue during posses-2 (N.Y.) Legislature may limit right of sion of different persons if chain of privity unbroken.-Belotti v. Bickhardt, 127 N. E. 239, People ex rel. Crane v. Hahlo, 127 N. E. 402,

appeal or review, even in pending litigation.228 N. Y. 296.

208 N. Y. 309. 43 (4) (N.Y.) Conveyance of lot held intended to transfer possession of building encroaching on adjoining lot.---Belotti v. Bick


TION IN LOWER COURT OF hardt, 127 N. E. 239, 228 N. Y. 296.

GROUNDS OF REVIEW. (F) Hostile Character of Possession. (A) Issues and Questions in Lower Court. ww68 (N.Y.) Deed or instrument not required On 173(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Defensive contention, when possession actual, and adverse claim oth- not raised on trial, not available.-Simpson F. erwise evident.-Belotti v. Bickhardt, 127 N. Atlantic Coast Shipping Co., 331. E. 239, 228 N. Y. 296.

Cow 173(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Matters pleaded in

lower court not available.-Seidman v. McAGENCY.

Cahill, 800. See Principal and Agent.

(B) Objections and Motions, and Rulings


Cro197(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Claim cannot be made

first on appeal that evidence was inadmissible

under pleadings.--Biggs v. Steinway & Sons, Cw68 (N.Y.Sup.) Certificates from Department 101. of Justice do not entitle enemies to naturaliza- Cam 205 (N.Y.) Court must be adequately intion.-In re Schuster, 357.

formed of purpose of evidence offered.-BonEnemies must obtain certificate before apply- sall v. Shiverick, 127 N. E. 475. ing for naturalization.-Id.

On 231 (3) (N.Y.Sup.) General objection to evidence sufficient, where evidence in any event

incompetent.-United Steel & Metal CorporaALTERATION OF INSTRUMENTS. tion v. Cateyenis, $79. ww30 (N.Y.Sup.) Whether indorsement was

E 232(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Objection to testimony on check when received held for jury.-Hoerst on untenable ground effective, if evidence not v. Forest Box & Lumber Co., 903.

competent.-Treadwell v. City of Yonkers, 675.

(C) Exceptions. ANIMALS.

Ow251 (N.Y.) Question of law not reviewable 2012 [New, vol. 20 Key-No. Series]

without exception.-McKellar American (N.Y.Sup.) Registry rule of association Synthetic Dyes, 127 N. E. 895, 229 N. Y. 106. held not to warrant cancellation of record for Oww263(1), (N.Y.) Defendant, who did not exfraud.--Cabana v. Holstein-Friesian Ass'n of cept to charge, cannot complain.-Greenberg America, 658.

v. Schlanger, 127 N. E. 896, 229 N. Y. 120. Registery rule of association held to author. Em 280 (N.Y.) Exception and request to ize rejection of records based on dishonest charge not necessary to present error in subtests.-Id.

mitting two grounds of liability, one unsupRegistry subject to cancellation on notice.-Id. ported. Greenberg v. Schlanger, 127 N. E. Registry not subject to cancellation on vote 896, 229 N. Y. 120. of objectionable officials.-Id.

Registry not subject to cancellation with- XIII. DISMISSAL, WITHDRAWAL, OR out cross-examination of witness.-Id.

ABANDONMENT. Registry subject to cancellation without Ca 805 (N.Y.Sup.) Abandoned appeal dismissregard to common-law rules of evidence.-Id. ed.-In re Atkinson's Adm'r, 780.

Registry subject to cancellation on ex parte statements and hearsay evidence.--Id.

XVI. REVIEW. Cmw 69 (N.Y.Sup.) Injury by wild animal kept in zoological garden under legislative author

(A) Scope and Extent in General. ity not actionable on theory of nuisance.-Guzzi Cam 864 (N.Y.Sup.) On appeal from judgment v. New York Zoological Soc., 257.

alone, appellant may claim that verdict was

against weight of evidence.-Neubauer y. NasANTI-TRUST LAW.

sau Electric R. Co., 20. See Monopolies, Cw13.

(D) Amendments, Additional Proofs, and

Trial of Cause Anew.

C888(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Testimony for injured

pedestrian, not within pleading, could not be See Courts, Cm 237; Criminal Law, 1066, made competent by amendment on appeal.1184.

Treadwell v. City of Yonkers, 675.



For cases in Dec.Dig. & Am.Dig. Key-No.Series & Indexes see same topic and KEY-NUMBER
(E) Presumptions.

Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. Associated
Paus 927(3) (N.Y.) Evidence viewed favorably Press, 127 N. E. 236, 228 N. Y. 370.
to plaintiff on appeal from dismissal.- Foulke Emo 1094 (2) (Ņ.Y.) Court of Appeals may ex-
v. New York Consol. R. Co., 127 N. E. 237, 228 amine facts where affirmance by Appellate Di-
N. Y. 269.

vision is by divided court.-Woodruff v. R. H.
em 927 (4) (N.Y.Sup.) Facts stated in coun-

Howes Const. Co., 127 N. E. 270, 228 N. Y.

sel's opening taken as true on motion and ap-
peal.-Chysky v. Drake Bros. Co., 459.

Om 1094(2) (N.Y.) Findings unsupported by
93074) (N.Y.Sup.) Where verdict might evidence_disregarded, when affirmance by Ap-
rest on either of two issues, it cannot stand if pellate Division nonunanimous.-Ball v. New

York Cent. R. Co., 127 N. E. 493, 229 N. Y. 33.
there is error as to one issue.-Middleton v.
Third Ave. Ry. Co., 598.

(K) Subsequent Appeals.
cm 931 (1) (N.Y.) Appellant entitled to benefit
of favorable findings.-Ball v. New York Cent. Om !099(6) (N.Y.Sup.) Former decision
R. Co., 127 N. E. 493, 229 N. Y. 33.

clusive on second appeal on same evidence.

Gutman v. Weisbarth, 688.
(F) Discretion of Lower Court,

w961 (N.Y.Sup.) When discretion of judge,

granting order for examination before trial, will
not be disturbed.-Pierce v. Morris, 132.

(D) Reversal.
Discretion in limiting scope of examinationcm 1169(6) (N.Y.) Judgment reversed, where
before trial not interfered with.-Id.

it cannot be determined whether based on

ground of liability properly or improperly sub-
(G) Questions of Fact, Verdicts, and Findmitted.--Greenberg v. Schlanger, 127 N. E. 896,

229 N. Y. 120.
996 (N.Y.Sup.) Finding on conflicting evi-1180(1). (N.Y.Sup.) Riparian owner, filling
dence conclusive.--Housman V. Waterhouse, in land below high-water mark, held' not a

trespasser, after reversal of judgment in his
w997 (3) (N.Y.Sup.) Finding, on both parties favor:- Tiffany v. Town of Oyster Bay, 738.
asking directed verdict, held conclusive.-Dur-lo 1180(3) (N.Y.Sur.) Reversal inures to
ham v. Stuyvesant Ins. Co. of the City of New benefit of all jointly interested, though not all
York, 887.

appealed.-In re Schaefer's Estate, 732.
em 1008(i) (N.Y.Sup.) Findings supported by (E) Rendition, Form, and Entry of Judg-
evidence as to ownership binding.-Reimer v.
Naughton, 70.

Cara I 182 (N.Y.) Appellate Division, reversing
(H) Harmless Error.

finding of trial court or making new findings,

must set out such finding in its order.-Green-
Om 1033(9) (N.Y.Sup.) Defendant cannot com-

taner et al. v. Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. of
plain that proof warranted larger judgment for Hartford, Conn., 127 N. E. 249, 228 N. Y. 388.
plaintiffs. -Pearlberg v. Levisohn, 615.
Om 1041 (3) (N.Y.Sup.) Denial of motion to
amend harmless, where amendment would be ARGUMENT. OF COUNSEL.
unavailing.-Durham v, Stuyvesant Ins. Co. See Trial, Cm109.
of the City of New York, 887.
E 1060(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Introduction of evi-
dence of conversations had with defendant, con-

trary to stipulations made by counsel, prejudi-
cial error.-Szunyog v. Kiss, 898.

See Taxation, 376–422.
m 1064(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Submission of attor-
ney's action for retainer, without placing bur-

den of proving fraud in procuring contract on
clients, held reversible error.--Hayden v. Pur- I. REQUISITES AND VALIDITY.
cell, 293.

(A) Property, Estates, and Rights Assign-
Om 1067 (N.Y.Sup.). Refusal to give requested

instruction held prejudicial in close case.-Letz-
ter v. Ocean Electric Ry. Co., 649.

C 19 (N.Y.) Contractual rights involving per-

sonal credit or confidence cannot be trans-
(J) Decisions of Intermediate Courts.

ferred.-Paige v. Faure, 127 N. E. 898, 229

N. Y. 114.
Ca 1083(1) (N.Y.) Court of Appeals will re- Bilateral contract for services cannot be
instate judgment reversed on question of law, assigned without consent.-Id.
there being no exception in lower court.-
McKellar v. American Synthetic Dyes, 127(B) Mode and Sufficiency of Assignment.
N. E. 895, 229 N. Y. 106.
1094(2) (N.Y.) Where affirmance by Ap- for property need not be fiied.–Vilbig v. Kyle

m46 (N.Y.Sup.) Assignment of wages to pay
pellate Division is not unanimous, evidence may
be examined.-Greentaner v. Connecticut Fire & Purdy, 905.
Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn., 127 N. E. 249, 228
N. Y. 388.

1094(2) (N.Y.) Findings of fact conclu-
sive where there is evidence to sustain them.-'See Insurance, Ow770–797.




181 (N.Y.Sur.) Lien cannot extend to two

separate actions.-In re Eno's Estate, 571. See Work and Labor.

A general or retaining lien may extend to any

number of actions.-Id.


Owl (N.Y.) Depends on possession and duty On 223 (N.Y.) Sheriff can sue to enforce chose to act, and not on contract.-Foulke v. New in action belonging to attachment debtor.- | York Consol. R. Co., 127 N. E. 237, 228 N. Y. Castriotis v. Guaranty Trust Co. of New York, 269. 127 N. E. 900, 229 N. Y. 74.

I (N.Y.Sup.) Purchaser of towel from em. Complaint held to show property was chose ployé in station held not entitled to recover for in action which could not be taken into pos- | loss of coat handed to such employé.-Fischsession.-Id.

man v. Sanitary Toilet Co., 809. Exemption of goods for which negotiable Cm14(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Judgment against bailee warehouse receipt was given is for benefit of for nondelivery of goods destroyed improper, warehouseman.-Id.

where plaintiff's counsel conceded destruction

without defendant's negligence.-Hale v. PlatATTORNEY AND CLIENT.

ek, 750.

Om 14(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Counterclaim for damage See Trial, Cm109.

to automobile repaired by plaintiff held improp

erly dismissed.-Kendrick v. Rolle, 775. I. THE OFFICE OF ATTORNEY. em 14(4) (N.Y.Sup.) Turkish_bathing estab(C) Suspension and Disbarment.

lishment bailee of clothes in locker of which m41 (N.Y.Sup.) Preparation of bogus decree

bather had key.-Fischer v. Roman Baths Co.,

S90. ground for disharment.-In re Bunt, 434. 42 (N.Y.Sup.) Attorney for wife, who had 32 (N.Y Sup.) Measure of damages for imagreement for half of alimony, which he did not proper repair of coat difference in value before disclose, suspended.-In re Dangler, 471.

and after.-Prince v. Finkelstein, 160. em 44(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Attorney converting

On32 (N.Y.Sup.) Owner not required to acfunds of client disbarred.-In re Boughton, 440. cept part of goods from bailee in reduction of Omw 53(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Evidence held to estab: damage after trial.-Hale v. Platek, 750. lish attorney's preparation of bogus decree.In re Bunt, 434.

BANKS AND BANKING. m58 (N.Y.Sup.) Attorney for wife, who had agreement for half of alimony, wbich he did not III. FUNCTIONS AND DEALINGS. disclose, suspended.--In re Dangler, 471. Cart 58. (N.Y.Sup.) Attorney censured for speech (B) Representation of Bank by Officers reflecting on decision of federal District Judge. -In re Markewich, 653.

Om 116(2) (N.Y.Sup.) By reason of relations

with depositor, bank held to have constructive II. RETAINER AND AUTHORITY.

notice of defects in title of notes negotiated.

Title Guarantee & Trust Co. v. Pam, 824. Om 86 (N.Y.Sup.) Stipulations binding on clients.-Szunyog v. Kiss, 898.

(C) Deposits.

Om 138 (N.Y.Sup.). Not liable for payment to III. DUTIES AND LIABILITIES OF AT-person intended, though he used fictitious name. TORNEY TO CLIENT.

-Strang v. Westchester County Nat. Bank, 41. Cow 128 (N.Y.Sup.) Complaint to recover mon forged indorsement, unless protected by estop

Om 148(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Liable for payment on ey covered by lien held demurrable.-Young y. Bijur, 803.

pel.---Strang Westchester County Nat.


Representing payee as actual person estops ATTORNEY.

depositor.-Id. (A) Fees and Other Remuneration. (F) Exchange, Money, Securities, and In

vestments. www 166 (3) (N.Y.Sup.) Burden of proving that attorney, procured contract for retainer by Cw188/2. (N.Y.Sup.) Bank's telegram that it fraud held on clients.-Hayden v, Purcell, 293. is remitting money does not raise contract.

Carpenter v. Sparta Savings Bank, 172. (B) Lien. 174 (N.Y.Sur.) As to attorney's liens, Sur

V. SAVINGS BANKS. rogate's Court in same position as other tribu-C301 (1) (N.Y.) Unwillingness or inability to nals.-In re Eno's Estate, 571.

protect itself by interpleader does not relieve Com 175 (N.Y.Sur.) Attorney who conducted a savings bank from liability to rightful claimant successful contest against probate of will has of deposit.-Scheffer v. Erie County Sav. Bank, no lien.-In re Eno's Estate, 571.

127 N. E. 474, 229 N. Y. 50. Cow 177 (N.Y.Sup.) Layman has no lien on Cm301 (5) (N.Y.) Donee of deposit can reproperty recovered by attorney furnished.-- f'over it from savings bank.-Scheffer v. Erie Sadden v. Sebring, 1.

County Sav. Bank, 127 N. E. 474, 229 N. Y. 50.


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