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Attention is called to the following headings in this Index, under which are grouped related articles.
some of which might otherwise be searched for under other titles: Balkan Situation, Canada, China,
Congress, Cuba, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Jopan, Labor, Politics and the Campaign of
1912, Russia, Trusts.

Pp. 1-128, July; pp. 129-256, August; pp. 257-384, September; pp. 385-512, October; pp. 513-640, No

vember; pp. 641-768, December.

Bourne, Jonathan, Jr. The growing American bu-

reaucracy, 201.
Brazil, An empire without a university, 100.
Brazil and the valorization of coffee. 21.
Bryce, James, British ambassador, to America, 662.
Buckley, Dr. James M., Retirement of, as editor

of Christian Advocate, 28.
Bulgaria and the modern spirit, 671.
Bulgaria (See also under Balkan situation).
Bureaucracy. The growing American, 201.
Business, Big, and the citizen, 49.

ADACHI Kinnosuke. Japan's late emperor and

his successor, 322.
Adachi Kinnosuke. The new woman in China

and Japan, 71.
Adams, Cyrus C. The doom of the lion in Afri-

ca, 219,
Aerial warfare, The Prospects for, 491.
Aeronautics: Miss Harriet Quimby's fatal accl-

dent, 154; Wreck of Vaniman's dirigible, 154.
Albanian question, Austria and, 737. (See also

under Balkan).
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence, 130.
American government: The growing American

bureaucracy, 201.
American governmental system, as compared

with the English, 645-646.
American mind, the, Bliss Perry on, 749.
American people, and the mind that it lacks, 353.
Americans as a lawless or law-neglecting peo-

ple, 481.
*Amherst College, New President of, (Dr. Alexan-

der Meiklejohn), 15.
Angell. Norman, and his gospel of peace, 741.
Animals, Altruism among, 735.
Archbald, Robert W., Judge, Impeachment of, 151.
Art: Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence, 130.
Art: The scientific man as an art critic, 110.
Atwood, Albert W. The borrower and the money

trust, 207.
Atwood, Albert W. The middleman, 577.
Australia, Caring for the children in, 733.
Australia: Census of, 27; The new capital, 27;

Future of, 103.
Austria and the Albanian question, 737.
Austrian army, Increase of, 162.


CALCIUM salts as body builders, 372.
Camorra, The, Conviction of, 163.
Canada, A government-owned railway in, 585.
Canada and women emigrants, 91.
Canada: Railroad construction question in, 532.
Canada: Reciprocity and its effects, 649.
Canada: Regina, Saskatchewan-an old-newcap-

ital. 98.
Canada's contribution to British defence, 281; 532.
Canalejas, Premier of Spain, Assassination of,

Carrel. Dr. Alexis, winner of Nobel Prize for

Medicine, 514.
Cartoons of the Month, 35, 169, 293, 421, 547, 68O.
Children, Caring for, in Australia, 733.

Church in, A Chinese churchman on, 222.
Financial and political problems of, 285-286; 674.
Railway projects of, 414-415.
Theater in, Contemporary, 734,
Woman, The new, in, 71.
Chinese revolution, The heroine of the, 627.
Church-going, Decrease of, 88.
Church in China, A Chinese churchman on, 222.
Citizen, Educating the, to obey, 626.
Citizens, "automatic," Governor Marshall on, 352.
City government of to-day, 342.
Coffee, Valorization of, 21; A coffee trust, 22.
College: Who should go to, and why, 474.
College, Working one's way through, 344.
(Collins, Wilkie, the romanticist of science, 231.
Appropriation bills in, 152.
Democrats and the navy, 260.
Final work of, 662.
House of Representatives, Good work of, 260
Proceedings in (Chronological record) 30, 164,

288, 417.
Special tariff session to be called, 661.
Troubles of, during present session, 259.
Wool bill again vetoed, 260.
Work of recent session of, 433.



BALFOUR, Right Honorable Arthur J., as a man

of letters, 488.
Balkan situation and the war between the allies

and Turkey: 161-162; 283; 411-413; 515; 534-541;

554; 564; 666-672; 687; 737.
Balkan War: Some underlying causes, 564.
Balkans, The militant democracy of the, 687.
Belgium, Electoral reform in, 23; Elections in, 24.
Belgium, The school and the church in 23.
Bemis, Edward W. Water conservation by cities,

Beveridge, Albert J. Canada's government-owned

railway, 585.
Biological law, a new, The Formulation of, 96.
Birds, National protection for, 705.
Books of the Month, 245, 377, 508, 632, 749.
Booth, William, General, the founder of the Sal-

vation Army, 427.

Cost of living, Increase in, 224.
Cost of living problem: The miadleman, 577.
County problem, Discovery of the, 604.
Cremation movement. The modern, 502.
Crispi, Francesco, The memoirs of, (A review) 113.
Crops of 1912, 153.

Insurrection in, End of, 156.
Intervention (American) in, Possibility of, 17-20.
Menocal, Mario, Gen., elected President of, 663.

cal situation in, 45; 280; 410; 663.
Cummins, Senator: See under Politics.

DEMOCRATIC Party: See under Politics.
Democracy throughout the world, Development

of, 409.
Denver, Rejuvenation of, 365.
Dickens, Charles, as a criminologist, 500.
Dramatic museum at Columbia University, 67.
Dunn, Arthur Wallace. The direct primary:

promise and performance, 439.

Gleason, Arthur H. The investor's viewpoint, 465.
Going, Charles Buxton. The efficiency of labor,

Government: A growing American bureaucracy,

Government, American, as compared with Eng-

lish, 645-646.
Government-owned and operated railway in Can-

ada, 585.
Governor of an American state, The new role of

the, 109.
Great Britain:

Canada's contribution to British defense, 281.
Germany, England s distrust of, 358.
Great Britain as affected by Continental condi-

tions, 107.
Imperial conference, The third, 281,
India, England's position in, 234.
Insurance law. The new. 281.
Labor class, Increasing solidarity of, 22.
Literature of Greater Britain, 617.
Lloyd-George and social reform in. 364.
Mediterranean situation, Great Britain and, 158.
Parliamentary affairs in. 157, TM1, 534, 664.
Post-office, History of. 65.
Social legislation in, 364, 406-407.
Suffragists, A working program for. 93.
Trade routes, British, Protecting, 163.

EASTERN question, Agreement on, between Ger-

many and Austria, 411-412.
Education: Brazil, an empire without a univer-

sity, 100.
Education, Rural, in the South, 16.
Education: See also under College.
Egypt, Modern, under Lord Kitchener, 226.
Electricity as a factor of latter-day civilization, 609.
Elner, Joseph. Working one's way through col-

lege, 344.
Elson, Henry W. Making a new constitution for

Ohio, 83.
Esquimos, white, Professor Stefansson's discovery

of, 415.
Eucken, Dr. Rudolph, German philosopher, 698.
Express business, Investigation of, by Interstate

Commerce Commission, 152-158.

HARPER, Ida Husted. Votes for three million

women, 700.
Hart, Albert Bushnell. A new party: Do the peo-

ple want it? 197.
Hippopotami, Pygmy, at the New York Zoological

Gardens, 360.
Hungary, Electoral inconsistencies in, 24.
Hyacinth, Père, and his work, 231.
Hygiene, Public, 530.
Hygiene, World's Congress on, 593.

FINANCIAL News for the Investor, 125, 254, 381, 510,

638, 766.
Fire prevention, Increasing efforts toward, 530.
Florida Everglades, 451.
Ford, Henry Jones. Woodrow Wilson: A charac-

ter sketch, 177.
Foster, Jeanne Robert. Andrew Lang and his

work, 375.
France, Anatole: a review of his "Les Dieux ont

Soif," 507.

A republican's plea for a monarchy in, 495.
African activities-occupation of Fashoda, 97..
Churches in, Preserving, 612.
Electoral reform in, 409.
Franco-Russian alliance, Perfecting of, 282-283.
Morocco, France's task in, 25.
Population problem in, 240.
President, Choosing a, 693.
Protestantism, French, Status of, 357.
Terror, The, as seen by a modern Frenchman,

Third Republic, Secret diplomacy under, 25.
Young France and physical culture, 356.
Freeman, George. The Balkan War: Some under-

lying causes, 564.
Frenssen, Gustav, Personality of, 742.

IGLEHART, Ferdinand Cowle. The new Methodist

bishops, 42.
India, England's position in, 234.
India's social advance, Woman's part in, 77.
Indians, Red, of Newfoundland, 628.
Industrial Workers of the World, Aim of the. 6'3.
Insurance law for working people in Great Brit-

ain, 281-282.
Investor's viewpoint, The, in the trust problem,

Irrigation, Beneficial results of, 457.
Islamism: The menace of Pan-Islamism, 621.
Italy and Pan-Hellenic ambitions. 101.
Italy and the Dardanelles 161.
Italy as a world power, 113.
Italy: Camorra, the, conviction of, 163.
Italy, voting list, Increase in, 370.

Change of rulership in, and the new emperor, 286.
Korea, Japan's task in, 81.
Mutsuhito, Emperor, An audience with, 362.
Mutsuhito. Emperor, and his successor, 3.2.
Mutsuhito, Emperor, Character of. 287. .
Mutsuhito, Emperor, Debt of Modern Japan to,

Russia. Agreement with regarding Mongolia

and Manchuria, 283-284.
Woman, The new, in, 71.
Johnson. Hiram: Political revivalist. 303.
Jordan, David Starr. Japan's task in Korea, 81.

KOREA, Japan's task in, 81.


Battleships and passenger liner, New, 17.
Effect on, of Austro-Hungarian army increases,

Elections in Psychology of, 241.
Prussian idealism in German politics, 95.

Social politics in, 408.
Gilbertson, H. S. Discovery of the county prob-

lem, 604.
Gilman, Bradley. The keynote of Roosevelt's

character. 303.
Gladden, George. Shall Uncle Sam protect the

birds? 705.


Efficiency of, 329.
Industrial Workers of the World, Aim of the,

Labor class in Great Britain, Increasing solidar-

ity of, 22.
Minimum wage in Massachusetts, 16.

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