English comedy: a collection of the most celebrated dramas, since the commencement of the reformation of the stage by sir R. Steele and C. Abber, 1권


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63 페이지 - Man. Nor I, neither, upon my faith, cousin. But you, perhaps, may have better fortune : for I suppose my lord has heard of what importance you were in the debate to-day You have been since down at the house, I presume : Sir Fran. Oh, yes ! I would not neglect the bouse for ever so much. Man. Well, and pray what have they done there?
257 페이지 - That I am bound to do, and after the happiness I shall have in sheltering a father's age from the vicissitudes of life, my next delight will be in offering you an asylum in the bosom of your country.
218 페이지 - I'll have nothing to do with that. Dudley would be your fittest ambassador on that occasion, and, if I mistake not, the most agreeable to the lady. STOCK. Why, indeed, from what I know of the matter, it may not improbably be destined to find its way into his pockets.
191 페이지 - tis no wonder : your mother, I'm told, was a fine lady : and according to the modern style of education you was brought up. It was not so in my young days ; there was then some decorum in the world, some subordination, as the great Locke expresses it. Oh ! 'twas an edifying sight, to see the regular deportment observed in our family ; no giggling, no gossiping was going on there ; my good father, Sir Oliver Roundhead, never was seen to laugh himself, nor ever allowed it in his children.
228 페이지 - Most gladly ; any friend of yours cannot fail of being welcome here. Stock. I flatter myself you will not find him totally undeserving your good opinion ; an education not of the strictest kind, and strong animal spirits, are apt sometimes to betray him into youthful irregularities; but a high principle of honour, and an uncommon benevolence, in the eye of candour, will, I hope, atone for any faults, by which these good qualities are not impaired.
218 페이지 - Why, you are become wonderous circumspect of a sudden, pupil : and if you can find such a prudent damsel as you describe, you have my consent — only beware how you choose ; discretion is not the reigning quality amongst the fine ladies of the present time ; and, I think, in Miss Rusport's particular, I have given you no bad counsel.
49 페이지 - That women, sometimes, lose more than they are able to pay ; and, if a creditor be a little pressing, the lady may be reduced to try, if, instead of gold, the gentleman will accept of a trinket. Lady T.
220 페이지 - ... bankrupt in constitution as well as fortune, nature no longer serves as your excuse for being vicious, necessity, perhaps, will stand your friend, and you'll reform. Bel. You are severe. Stock. It fits me to be so — it well becomes a father — I would say, a friend — How strangely I forgot mvself!
139 페이지 - Only into the next room. My curiosity would not let me stir a step further. I heard it all, and was never more diverted in my life, 'pon honour. Ha, ha, ha!
214 페이지 - Arm. O'Fla. Rest yourself upon my arm ; never spare it ; 'tis strong enough ; it has stood harder service than you can put it to. Lucy. Mercy upon me, what is the matter ? I am frightened out of my wits — Has your ladyship had an accident ? Lady R.

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