The School for Fathers, Or, Lionel & Clarissa: A Comic Opera

proprietors, under the direction of John Bell, British Library, Strand, Bookseller to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, 1797 - 107페이지

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89 페이지 - Love, madam, love — In short, madam, I believe he has thought of nothing but your ladyship ever since he left Lisbon. I am sure he could not, if I may judge of his heart by my own.
11 페이지 - Till I went after him I was little better than the devil ; my conscience was tanned with sin like a piece of neat's leather, and had no more feeling than the sole of my shoe; always a roving after fantastical delights ; I used to go every Sunday evening to the Three Hats at Islington ; it's a public-house ; mayhap your ladyship may know it.
12 페이지 - I'll make you. Fred. Restore her, my lord ! where shall I find her? Lop, I have those that will swear she is here in your house. Fred. You are misinformed, my lord ! Upon my reputation I have not seen Donna Isabella since the absence of Don Felix. Lop. Then pray, sir — if I am not too inquisitive, what motive had you for those objections you made against her marriage with Don Guzman yesterday ? Fred.
74 페이지 - Tis I, and only I, am to blame ; while I took advantage of the father's security, I practised upon the tenderness and ingenuity of the daughter ; my own imagination gone astray, I artfully laboured to lead yours after it : but here, Madam, I give you back those vows which I insidiously extorted from you ; keep them for some happier man, who may receive them without wounding his honour or his peace.
9 페이지 - His father was a general officer, a particular friend of Sir John's, who, like many more brave men, that live and die in defending their country, left little else than honour behind him. Sir John sent this young man, at his own...
93 페이지 - I am an entire stranger to her name and circumstances — would I were so to her beauty too. [Aside.] \ commit her, madam, to your care, and fly to make her retreat secure if the street be clear: permit me to return, and learn from her own mouth if I can be further serviceable. Pray, madam, how is the lady of this house called ? Flo. Violante, signior He is a handsome . cavalier, and promises well. . [Aside. CoL Are you she, madam ? Flo. Only her woman, signior.
11 페이지 - Well, Master Jenkins ! don't you think now that a nobleman, a duke, an earl, or a marquis, might be content to share his title — I say, you understand me — with a sweetener of thirty or forty thousand pounds, to pay off mortgages ? Besides, there 'sa prospect of my whole estate ; for I dare swear her brother will never have any children.
79 페이지 - Is poison to the dearest sweets of love: To please my niceness, you must separate The lover from his mortal foe — the husband. Give to the yawning husband your cold virtue ; But all your vigorous warmth, your melting sighs, Your amorous murmurs, be your lover's part.
35 페이지 - I could die to reconcile my duty to your favour: yet, on the terms his villany offers, it is merit to refuse it — but, sir, I'll trouble you no more; to-day is his, to-morrow may be mine.
83 페이지 - And the most unhappy woman in the world. Oh, Sir ! if I have any power in your heart, if the tenderness of a father be not quite extinct, hear me with patience. Lop. No objection against the marriage, and I will hear whatsoever thou hast .to say.

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