Bernard Lile: an historical romance, embracing the periods of the Texas revolution and the Mexican war

J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1856 - 287페이지

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96 페이지 - And tall, and strong, and swift of foot were they, Beyond the dwarfing city's pale abortions, Because their thoughts had never been the prey Of care or gain...
116 페이지 - Heaven ! he cried, my bleeding country save ! Is there no hand on high to shield the brave ? Yet, though destruction sweep these lovely plains, Rise, fellow-men ! our country yet remains ! By that dread name we wave the sword on high ! And swear for her to live ! with her to die...
285 페이지 - Far as the eye could reach, no tree was seen, Earth, clad in russet, scorned the lively green. The plague of locusts they secure defy, For in three hours a grasshopper must die. No living thing, whate'er its food, feasts there, But the chameleon, who can feast on air.
285 페이지 - No bee was known to hum, no dove to coo: No streams, as amber smooth, as amber clear, Were seen to glide, or heard to warble here...
36 페이지 - This should have been a noble creature: he Hath all the energy which would have made A goodly frame of glorious elements, Had they been wisely mingled; as it is, It is an awful chaos — light and darkness, And mind and dust, and passions and pure thoughts, Mix'd, and contending without end or order, All dormant or destructive.
214 페이지 - The people look greasy, their clothes are greasy, their dogs are greasy, their houses are greasy — everywhere grease and filth hold divided dominion, and the singular appropriateness of the name bestowed by the western settlers, soon caused it to be universally adopted by the American army. (pp. 36-37) Clemens' etymology is still widely accepted and is kept current by the art of Hollywood make-up men.
117 페이지 - And such they are — and such they will be found : Not so Leonidas and Washington, Whose every battle-field is holy ground, Which breathes of nations saved, not worlds undone. How sweetly on the ear such echoes sound ! While the mere victor's may appal or stun The servile and the vain, such names will be A watchword till the future shall be free.
275 페이지 - ... ready poised for its bloody work. A little nearer, and without a word of command, without a signal, save the example of their leader, they poured in their deadly fire, and with a wild shout burst with irresistible fury upon the Mexican ranks. Down went horse and rider — down went lance and guidon. Like a tempest, the men of the States swept over them, and the gay uniforms of the lancers — their red bonnets and gaudy plumes, carpeted the stone pavements of the Plaza. For the success of this...
89 페이지 - I'd grow an Atheist in these towns of trade Wer't not for stars. The smoke puts heaven out: I meet sin-bloated faces in the streets, And shrink as from a blow. I hear wild oaths, And curses spilt from lips that once were sweet, And sealed for Heaven by a mother's kiss. I mix with men whose hearts of human flesh, Beneath the petrifying touch of gold, Have grown as stony as the trodden ways.
214 페이지 - An American whose ill fortune has made him for any number of days, a sojourner in the city of Metamoras [sic] can have no difficulty in tracing the origin of the term "greaser...

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