Staff Study, 15호

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1938 - 99페이지

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89 페이지 - It is a cardinal principle of our system of government, that local affairs shall be managed by local authorities, and general affairs by the central authority...
95 페이지 - Morgan. 11. Library Service. Carleton B. Joeckel. 12. Special Problems of Negro Education. Doxey A. Wilkerson. 13. The National Youth Administration. Palmer O. Johnson and Oswald L. Harvey. 14. Educational Activities of the Works Progress Administration. Doak S. Campbell, Frederick H. Bair, and Oswald L. Harvey. 15. Public Education in the District of Columbia. Lloyd E. Blauch and J. Orin Powers. 16. Public Education in the Territories and Outlying Possessions. Lloyd E. Blauch. 17. Education of Children...
18 페이지 - Columbia, which deals v/ith all legislative matters pertaining to the District. Issues in Federal-District Relations There are several important issues at present relative to the government of the District of Columbia and its relationship to the Federal Government. One of these relates to the organization of the District government. The last general reorganization of the government was in the 1870's. » The record of hearings on the District of Columbia appropriation bill for the fiscal year 1939...
49 페이지 - Determine all questions of general policy relating to the schools." 2. Appoint a secretary. 3. Appoint a superintendent of schools. 4. Appoint executive officers, teachers, and other employees; define their duties; provide for their promotion and removal. 5. Transmit to the Commissioners an estimate of the amount of money required for public schools for the ensuing year. 6. Govern school expenditures under the direction and control of the commissioners. 7. Supervise expenditures for the instruction...
57 페이지 - No appointment, promotion, transfer, or dismissal of any director, supervising principal, principal, head of department, teacher, or any other subordinate to the superintendent of schools, shall be made by the board of education, except upon the written recommendation of the superintendent of schools.
95 페이지 - Frederic. 4. Federal Aid and the Tax Problem. Clarence Heer. 5. Principles and Methods of Distributing Federal Aid for Education. Paul R. Mort, Eugene S. Lawler, and associates. 6. The Extent of Equalization Secured through State School Funds. Newton Edwards and Herman G. Richey. 7. Selected Legal Problems in Providing Federal Aid for Education. Robert R. Hamilton.
7 페이지 - ... of steady and favorable conditions of business. It is common opinion, seldom contradicted, that general business conditions in the District during the depression beginning in 1929 were less unfavorable than those of other cities. This opinion is supported by a comparison of sales in 1933 and 1929.18 The percentage that wholesale sales per capita in 1933 were of wholesale sales per capita in 1929 in the District was 69; in 16 comparable cities it was only 49. Likewise, the percentage that retail...
93 페이지 - Editor Alexander, Fred M. Alves, Henry F. Asserson, Grace P. Baer, Joseph A. Bagley, William C. Bahr, Clarence L. *Bair, Frederick H. Barrett, Edwin J. Benjamin, Hazel C. *Bentley, Jerome H. Blander, Margaret *Blauch, Lloyd E. *Bradford, Minnie B. Bridgman, Ralph P. *Broach, Howell H. *Brown, Clara M. Butler, Clare W. *Campbell, Doak S. Carpenter, OF *Cocking, Walter D. *Cooper, Thomas P. Cornell, Francis G. Coyle, David Cushman *Crawford, Finla G. Daoust, Joseph H.

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