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Redrench evry Place where he has Grounds : | Mary Queen of Scots, though new to the me- in the classical form of a hungry vulture. and they all talk about Pooling Mesurs; but tropolis, has been sometime a favourite in the Wisdom, however, prompts Pandora again to the Wetterun Bishop Sincurers and Cloaths provinces, and is adapted from Sir Walter examine the box: Hope is discovered at the borrowers show pourfull Oppisishun and per- Scott's novel of the " Abbot," by Mr. Calcraft, bottom; she advances, leaning on her anchor, pdix and embrace all his Plans — Pettyshuns the manager of the Dublin theatre. Miss and, after propitiating Jove, intercedes with come in from all Parts for Necromancypassion, Foote sustained the character of Mary, for the the audience for “ Prometheus and little Panwich I take to be some new plan for washin first time. Her reception was most fattering. dora." We need scarcely add that her interthe Blackamer wite - also for the vote by She was respectably supported by a Mr. Fre- cession is effectual. Madame Vestris's deli. Ballad which Mr. Hum supports and likewis dericks, in the part of George Douglas ; and a cious voice is heard to great advantage in this Mr. Oconl che Hireish mimber wich wants the young lady named Langley sang a ballad with little theatre, and she enacted the part of PanOnion to be repeeled and caws all Hireland much sweetness and feeling. Mrs. Knight, dora with all her accustomed grace and spirit. Watery eyes; but I hop sich Cryses will niver late of Drury Lane, played Lady Douglas ; and Her gradual animation in the first scene is arive — 1 supose youve herd Hunt is returnd in Catharine Seyton we recognised the pretty admirably expressed. Mr. Cooper, as Promefor Prestun wherby Im sorry to heer of a in- little dark-eyed Miss Pincott, from the same theus ; Mr. T. Knight, as Jupiter ; Mr. Newcindery sittin in the ows, for he not only first establishment. After Mary Queen of Scots, combe, as Mercury ; and Mr. Beckwith, as barat the Corn but sold it after to the pure a new and very appropriate jeu d'esprit was the Swiss Boy-exhibited considerable humour. Peeple—but is Blackin his good — Our new performed, the joint production, we understand, Madame V. was called for at the conclusion, and lord Canceller Brevem gives us Hops that he will of Mr. Planché and Mr. C. Dance. It is of announced the Olympic Revels for repetition put a end to all the Old Suits without making the Midas genus, and founded on Mr. Colman's every evening. We have no doubt of its running any New Breeches wich wrong Incisions wold whimsical version of the story of “ Pandora." the whole season. The performances concluded show Shear bignoranc — but hes no Goos !

—The curtain rises on an “Olympic game at with the Little Jockey, alias Youth, Love, and Mr. Grant wants to Mancypate the Jews – whist." Jupiter holds bad cards, and is an- Folly ; and Clarissa Harlowe, alias the Old Porkreetchers ! my next Nabor Levy says noyed by bad jokes, and breaks up the party in Maid. One piece too much perhaps : but, as they are a Pursycutish Race thogh they have a huff. He calls for music, but Apollo is at a Miss Foote played in one, and Mrs. Glover Nnmbers of Genesis among them fit for Trusts glee-club. He inquires for Bacchus ; he is in in the other, we could scarcely make up our en Securitys; but let who will be in or out the chair at the Punch-bowl, and not present. minds to spare either. Murmetbin must be done. Winters com and the able—Mars is at drill--Momus “ eating fire at ale Country wants instant Releafing thoug I Troy fair" - Esculapius has been suddenly

THEATRES AND THEATRICAL PROPERTY. hop to Treesunable acts will be manny fisted sent for to bleed king Priam - Somnus is As we are probably on the eve of a decision on be the Peeple - Nobody now cant sell nothing “yawning o'er the last new play"- and Juno the question of theatrical patents, or monopoly, Guds hangs on hand and Malefactors are is in the laundry ; “ 'tis washing day !" Mer- which will put the stage upon a new, and we dropping in every line- Soverins is scars and cury is eventually sent on a message to Vulcan, trust a better footing, it may not be amiss to Peeples ready to tear each other to peeces for respecting “ the lady” ordered by Jupiter, and throw our contribution into the general data, im-We want some change - In the Nabor- returns with an answer from the " lame old though we have for years, upon insulated points, hood of Manshister thirty thousn Wafers are tinker, promising his speedy appearance said all that we can say on the question, and in a state of Risibility which is no laughin with his work. Bacchus is now brought home especially in our No. 569, Dec. 15, 1827, pointed matter, barin struck for more Wags tho' they by Pan and Silenus, “ so drunk he cannot out what we deemed a remedy for the evils most get therty sbilling a Weak and are always in sit his barrel, without being held there.” felt. Labue ! - this abolition of feelin shold be Momus enters to the laughing chorus from The drama is far gone in a decline, and chekt, for if it is to go on it will most likly Der Freyschüts ; and Apollo also making his neither authors nor actors can cure it. continew — As you observe, the Rag for appearance, Jupiter prepares for frolic, when The large patent theatres have been mere Chang is grate - as they say The Scullmasters his thoughts are recalled to business by the wild or sordid speculations, and withal unproAbroad and the Scull all in confushon - Old ascent of Vulcan with his " lass of mettle:" fitable, since we remember them. Head devices done away with and Hairy Cassles she is pronounced a chef d'æuvre, and Vulcan The minor theatres have, accordingly, been supplyin the place -- Aspics on the Continence tenders “ his little bill." The deities then gradually creeping on. Some have been prosem very embracing-tho the Trials in France proceed to bestow their various presents on the sperous, and others have been bankrupt, simply is over the People are in Truble - I hope the stranger. Love animates and music instructs because they deserved no other fate, either Rising in the Low Kantrys is over_The Poles her; and health, wealth, lasting charms, and from the principle on which they went, or the terID to be makin head again the Rusbons in endless mirth, are promised, in appropriate management by which they tried to gull the grrat Armd Bodis_bent on Deth or imprisen- airs, by their respective divinities. Jupiter town. Ibent to get Liberty - In short all Eurups in then names her Pandora, and presents her The competition, as carried on, has been Harms; but nothing so Barberus as Civil co- with the famous and fatal box. She is about to disgraceful, as well as ruinous, to all parties ; Dashins Hopin all is over with You, and descend to earth in the care of Mercury, when and has utterly prevented excellence in any Textin asshurd Stuck Puggys is not likely to Juno enters in a rage, and, after a laughable branch of the drama. rise again, I conclude remaining Your sincer altercation with the king of gods and men, What we recommended was, to limit different Fread and well wisher A HUMPHRIES. bestows on Pandora - woman's dear passion, houses to different species of entertainments,

curiosity.” The gods go to dinner, and Mer- tragedy, comedy, and farce here; opera there ; DRAMA.

cury and Pandora seek the abode of Prometheus. spectacle, melodrame, or vaudeville, at other

A Swiss milk-boy—“ a great anachronism, places. Then should we see good companies for OLYMPIC THEATRE.

according to the bill, meets with them, and is all, instead of mixed companies fit to execute Tuis now beautiful little theatre opened its told by Mercury that the lady is a star who is nothing perfectly. donan on Monday evening last to as eager and thither flown,

But we are not now going again into the zealmus a crowd as we ever witnessed in the " To light a little system of her own

general question, which would lead us into the pit-going days of our youth, when to be Feeling her way, twinkling

'midst hope and doubt: folly of the present licensing system : we would lieezed as flat as a pancake was considered as

Who would be the man to put her out ?"

rather put in our word on the specific matter one of the principal delights of the evening. The gallant milk-boy declares he would not, to be immediately decided, and on which the About ten minutes past seven the curtain rose, and assures them that he bears

fate of English opera depends. London is the and Madame Vestris made her courtesy amidst

“ The milk of human kindness."

only capital in Europe which does not enjoy an Beatening acclamations. It was some time These sallies were received with shouts by the opera in the native language, and that which bele silence could be obtained, and during audience. The rest is soon told. Prometheus has the foremost privileges every where else, thy period she appeared labouring under ex- receives the lady with delight, but his ardour is is with us the least favoured of the drama. Cute emotion. Order at length being a little damped by the discovery that she has no Surely, Mr. Arnold, who has done so much for fratured, she spoke an occasional address, luggage except a little box. He leaves her for a the improvement of our national music, ought ritten by Mr. J. H. Reynolds. It is full moment, and, mastered by her curiosity, Pan- to have every encouragement to pursue his de point and pleasartry, and was received dora lifts the fatal lid. Envy, hatred, malice, laudable course, such as length of season, with considerable applause. “God save the and all uncharitableness," issue from the box, and at times when the town is full--facilities Kirkes followed, the solo parts being sung amidst discordant crashes. Prometheus enters for rebuilding his theatre, and a convenient site; by lears, Spagnoletti and Hodges (pupils of in dismay; and the vengeful Thunderer appear- in short, the most liberal patronage of every the Royal Academy) and Madame Vestris

. ing, condemns Pandora to die an old maid, kind. We trust he will have all this: we are The fint burletta of the evening, entitled) and inflicts on Prometheus" a liver complaint,” | sure his efforts have deserved it.




Thermometer. From 20. to 42. 36.


Barometer. 29.52 2.22 29.14 29.36

.... 31 January.



The Jeu d'Esprit. Published by E. Wallis.

tal, corrects a common error as to its founda. Extraordinary Productiveness.-- In the month

tion; and assigns it, not to the year 1160, but of September, there were sown, in a garden A new game, and a nice amusing trifle for the to the interval between the years 1202 and near Silberberg, in Silesia, 287 grains of wheat. holydays. It possesses the merit of being 1220, when Albert the Second held sway. The At the ensuing harvest they actually produced simple and easy for young folks; and is, be- same work mentions that in 1640 the popula- 117,644 grains, fully and perfectly matured! sides, quite a novel way of introducing them tion of Berlin did not much exceed 6000 souls: There were two ears, amongst the rest, one of to an acquaintance with the best authors, in 1688, they amounted to 20,000 ; and at the which contained 1055, and the other 1077 per. whose pictures, and quotations from their beginning of the eighteenth century, to 30,000. fect grains. The longest halm measured six works, form the playing cards, The game in 1687, the king's library had already accu- feet two inches in length, inclusive of the ear, ends rather abruptly, and depends on chance ; mulated '1618 MSS., and 20,600 volumes ; but and some of the leaves were two feet and more still, we would recommend it especially to fa- in 1827 the collection had grown to 4611 MSS. in length. mily, and youthful circles. It is the inven- and 250,000 printed books. Adverting again tion of a very active-minded individual, Mr. to the population, we add, that in 1713 it had F. W. N. Bayley ; to whom we are indebted risen to 50,000 souls ; in 1741, to 90,000; in

LITERARY NOVELTIES. for the game of “ York and Lancaster ;" for a 1773, to 133,580 ; in 1797, to 183,960 ; and in

(Literary Gasette Weekly Advertisement, No. II. Jan. 8.] great deal of pleasing lyrical composition ; and 1827, to 220,277, who were housed under for Chimneys, for the purpose of rendering them Fire,

A Description of a Patent Metallic Lining and Damper for a clever work on the West Indies.

13,511 roofs. But apropos of the Jeu d'Esprit. In unison with its name, and to try its merits in another in France public telegraphs, for the conveyance, before in any volume, edited by Mr. Weekes, of Drury

New Telegraph. It is proposed to establish Climbing-boys: The Shamrock, a Collection of the best way, we asked a remarkably ingenious child, throughout the kingdom, of communications the other night, what he thought of some of between merchants and other persons. A new the pictured authors. The following was part telegraph, consisting of four lamps, and of 11. 66. bds.-Annual Biography and Obituary for 1831:

Dr. Currie's Memoirs, by W. W. Currie, 2 vols. 8vo. of our colloquy, and if mamma's pet does not course capable of being worked day and night, 8vo. 139. bds. – Matthew on Nava! Timber and Arboricul turn out a punster, then have we no skill in has lately been invented for the purpose. By sure, 8vo. 129; bids --Parsey on Miniature Painting hema phrenology

a recent experiment, it appears, that in ordi- - Picture Exhibition, 18.no. 2s. Gl. hf.-bd. - Juvenile Q. What do you think of Swift? A. That he must have run better than any body else? or Young? That nary weather, this telegraph can communicate Rambles through the Paths of Nature, 18mo. 28. ht.-bd. he was like, procrastination.” How do you mean? “The between three and four signals a minute ; that --Grant's Beauties of Modern Poetry, fop. 78. 6d. cloth: Thief of Time!" (This is the apposite quotation on his is to say, above two hundred an hour. Two Day, 12mo. 2s. 61. sewed. - Tom Thumb, with Cruik. card.) Of Congreve? A. A rocket! better than To wield the sword, to hurl the pointed spear,

hundred signals comprehend above five hun shank's designs, 12mo. Is. 62. sewed.- Bennett's Practice To stop or turn the steed in wild career.

dred words. It is practicable, therefore, to tee's Horseman's Manual and Law of Warrantry, 12mo. of Spenser? That he could not be a Turncoat. Or Ra- forward, in an hour, at least ten communica- 58. bds. — Simson's Manual of Religious Instruction, leigh? I don't know:..of Cowley? He should have been tions, each of twelve or fifteen words ; a num- 18mo. 6s. bds. a pastoral poet. of Steele?

That he was, nevertheless, ber sufficient for important intelligence, when glorious Milton--oyster. of Bacon? That he is one of brevity is indispensable.

METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1831. the have-beans.

Naples.-By a recent census, published un.

Thursday.. 30 We could stand it no longer; and giving the der the direction of the Abbé Petroni, it ap- Friday precocious brat a cuff, we dismissed him to his pears, that in a population of 5,456,664 persons, admiring mamma. which is that of the kingdom of Naples, there Saturday ..


29.79 are 37 above a hundred years of age, 93 pre- Monday

29.83 Stationary The Game of the History of France, from lates, 27,912 priests, 8455 monks, and 8185 Tuesday Pharamond to the Accession of Louis Phi. nuns. It also appears, that the city of Naples Wednesday 6 lippe 1. London. E. Wallis. contains 349,190 inhabitants, 3 cardinals, 1

Wind variable, S.E. prevailing.

Except the 1st and 2d, cloudy; a little rain, at times, This is one of the ingenious and pleasing archbishop, 8 bishops, 1751 priests, 610 monks, on the 30th and 31st. devices by which historical knowledge is in- 827 nuns, 18,100 state-pensioners, 9450 persons

Rain fallen since the 22d, 5 of an inch. fused into the young, by means of an apparent in public offices, and 114,519 workmen : 1627 Latitude...... 51° 37' 32" N. (and indeed real) amusement,-a pack of cards persons are employed in the business of edu- Longitude.. and set of counters so constructed as to afford |cation, from the academicians down to the the players a fair insight into French bistory, masters of schools for infants.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. and at the same time exercise their memory Tehuantepec. The 87th No. of the Bulletin and faculties

Parry Parry will not do for us. Album verses rarely, if We recommend the game de la Société de Géographie, of Paris, contains ever, mend by publication. heartily.

an important article in the shape of a recon. The individual who calls upon us to review a " Hisnoissance of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, made was not worth sending to a Journal like ours, was not

tory," must send it. We have long found out, that what by the engineer-general of brigade, D. Juan worth seeking; and we have many interesting works beVARIETIES. Orbegoro, in conformity with the orders of the fore us, to which we can barely do justice.

Our “ Friend" N. does not seem to be aware that the Danish Army.—The military education of Mexican government. The result is, however, mere notice of a book in three or four lines, is the result the soldiers and subalterns of the Danish army by no means favourable as to the practicability, of, perhaps, more hours', and sometimes days', considerahas long been carefully attended to; but there só frequently discussed, of forming a navigablecion. The publications inost eligible for extract are not has been no school for instruction in the higher canal for the passage of vessels from the one on the contrary, we often expend much of comparison branches of military knowledge. That want sea to the other.

and research on a subject which only occupies a few has been recently supplied by the establishment Longevity._Russia is the country for won character, popular works, we can afford to be fully ex

lines; while on attractive, temporary, and, from their of a school at Copenhagen, founded and sup- derful longevity. In the year 1827, there died planatory at a very small expense of thought. We hope, ported by the king ; the pupils of which are to in Russia 947 persons above a hundred years inerefore, not to be judged by quantity, but by quality,

We are again obliged to postpone our note on Mr. go through various courses, the duration of old, 202 above 110, 98 above 115, 52 above James's letter. which is fixed at four years. 120, 21 above 125, and 1 above 135 !

We are sorry that we have not space to devote to the Paris.-- Politics usurp almost the entire at. The Creation of the World. The Russian controversy which Mr. T. Price's second letter must promosphere of Paris, and we read fifty journals Almanac counts 7338 years since the creation able to adduce the slightest authority, either ancient or without acquiring one paragraph of literary or of the world.

modern, in support of the principle that a dark complex. scientific intelligence.

ion is a decisive mark of Celtic origin; but, on the conWe observe with satis. Saw-Mills. - There are in St. Petersburg trary, that the whole can be proved to be nothing else faction, however, that these amenities are not three saw-mills worked by steam ; two belong. than an utter fallacy, founded upon mere gratuitous altogether abandoned. M. Cuvier and Le Duc ing to individuals, and one to government. In assertion;

The plan of Swing Town, which our respectable corde Luynes have just been elected honorary the course of the year 1829, these mills turned respondent wishes us to engrave, is really such a stretch members of L'Académie des Inscriptions et out 456,326 planks of various kinds.

of philanthropy, that we could hardly help laughing at Belles-lettres. At the meeting of the Aca. Prussian Periodical Literature. - In the the iden. To choose a beautiful, picturesque, and fertile démie des Sciences, of the 15th November (the seven provinces of which Prussia is composed, and furnish neatly pretty little cottages for the reception latest reported) the principal paper read was there are published no fewer than 262 periodical of individuals convicted of machine breaking and incenone by M. Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, on some parts works. Of these 27 are political gazettes, 60 diarism, together with their families: --seems to us to be of the organisation of kangaroos and other ani- scientific journals, 55 advertising sheets, 100 sport, &c. &c. &c. would be enormous. mals which have bags or purses. purely literary, 10 devoted to religion and ERRATUM. - In the poetry, "Teinpus

fugit, et tempus

non fugit," a fortnight ago, the lines Tempus fugit and Berlin.-Mila's recent account of the origin, ethics, 3 legislative, 3 journals of the arts, and Terpres non fugit, through the carelessness of the writer, progress, and actual state of the Prussian capi. 4 agricultural and technological.

and owing to inadvertence on our part, were transposed.

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0 3 51 W. of Greenwich.

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INTRERUCTION Sets, the best of you of the




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Price 12s, elegantly bound,

In &ro. price 14.. cloth boards,

for 1831. The Music composed by J. Addison, Henry R.

Connected with Lilerature and the Arts. Bishop, John Barnett, T. Haynes Bayly, T. Cooke, J. B. Cra.

Physician to the London Fever Hospital. mer, C. E. Horn, Henri Herz, J. N. Hummel, G. Linley, J. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

« This Treatise on Fever stands, without competition, at the Yware to or the attention of thonc engaged in teaching, ford, Miss Pardoe, J. R. Planche, R. Ryan, Mus. C. Baron Wil. tine, &c. &c. &c. The Poetry by T. Haynes Bayly, Miss Mil head of all that has been written on this abstruse disease."

Westminster Review, Jan. e Globes, as being eminently calculated for Geographical son, &c. &c. &c. 'The Embellishments by L. Haghe , G. Childs, "There is no man in actual practice who should not possess d Anrenorical Tercises, possessing very superior advantages :

himself of Dr. Smith's work."-Lond. Med. and Surg. Journal, atheir Globular form, a more correct idea of the relative Sharpe, &c. &c. dar..an of countries, &c. is to be attained, than is possible from

R. Ackermann, 96, Strand.

February. surface. Toe Parallels and Meridians are permanently

The general reader will find it perfectly intelligible, and of

great practical utility."- Monthly Repository, March. The surface is precisely similar to slate, and is marked

" With a mind so trained to accurate observation and logical the common slate-pencil.

BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. Práce, 10 inche diameter, 11. 11. ; 12 inches, ll. 101.

deduction, Dr. Smith's delineations are peculiarly valuable."

Medico-chirurgical Review, March.
on nent Mahogany Stands.

For Schools and Young Persone.-Post 870. 68. 6d.
Sold by C. Smith and Son, 179, Strand.
NTRODUCTIONS to the STUDY of the description."--London Medical and Physical Journal, March.

“Of the morbid phenomena he has given a most masterly

" The author merits the reward of a double service, by arrive New and Improved Globes. sons at School or College.

ing at important truth amid much popular error, and by laying PAIR of TWELVE-INCH GLOBES,


this truth before the world in a diction, and with a demonstra. admirabis adapted for Schools and Private Instruction.

" Mr. Coleridge has done himself infinite credit by this little tion, which most powerfully recommend it to the judgment." The Terrestrial is drawn from the most recent authorities, and volume, which displays striking proofs of judginent, leaming, Westminster Review, April.

"The work just analysed is the best which we have ever pe. Urlaus the abole of the discoveries and

improvements to the and good taste. It is designed for the use of young persons at present time. The Celestial is laid down from the

catalogues of school or college, though, in truth, it may be used with advantage rused on the subject of fever, and in our conscience we believe it item celebrated Astronomers. Price, mounted on Mahogany series intended to be put forth from time to time."-Sun.

by persons of all ages. The present volume is only the first of a the best that ever flowed from the pen of physician in any age or Standı, ., or, to land chair high, with Compasses, 61. 104.

country,"-Medico-Chirurgical Revien, April. A 'r of Eighteen-loch Globes, containing all the latest Geo

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Crown 8vo. 126. bound in canvass, papbal and Astronomical Improvements. Price, in Black Frawen, & Guideas; or, on Library Stands, with Compasses,

4. Gd. bound and lettered,

HE ANNALS of MY VILLAGE; being Sold by C. Smith and Son, 179, Strand.


By the Author of " Select Female Biography," Globe exchanged and lent on hire. Several pair of " This is an instructive volume for the youthful student, in

"Conchologist's Companion," &c. Second-hand Globes at a considerable reduction. tended as a Supplement to Pinnock's Grecian, Roman, and En

Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. glish Histories. The first half of the volume is occupied with the primeval and classical periods; in which the author has par.

In foolscap 860. price 7s.

ONGS of the AFFECTIONS; with Sithout Increase of Price.

which school-books are frequently deficient, although directly The goal and increasing success of the Court Journal has in-llustrative of the general course of study. Among these topics

other Poems. Cuced the Proprietor to spare no expense in meeting the many may be instanced, the Histories of the Persians and Carthageni.

By FELICIA HEMANS. er dins hich the existence of the New Court has put forth ans, the antagonists and rivals of Greece and Rome. In the

Also, by the same Author, on the space and attention of the Journal. Accordingly, new modern division especial attention is paid to the Feudal System 1. Records of Woman; with other Poems. arrangements have been made, by which, in the first place, the and the Crusades, and afterwards to the English empire in India, The ad edition, foolscap 8vo. Bs. 6d. teader will guia ivo entire pages of additional original matter in and British commerce in general. Then follows a series of Bri. #arh Sumber and, in the second place, new and exclusive tish biography; and, in conclusion, a view of the British consti.

2. The Forest Sanctuary; with other Poems. Surces of information have been opened and secured in contution. Prefixed to the volume is a union map: exhibiting, in

2d edition, with additions, foolscap 8vo. Bs. 6d. Br! Wild Court and fashionable Life ; and new and sure one sheet, the ancient divisions of the world in red, and the mo. Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and T. Cadell, enn bare buren adopted for obtaining carly political informa- dern in black-an ingenious and very useful plan." -Gentleman's

Strand, London. of a kid and character inaccessible to any otber weekly Magazine.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. & The first Number for 1831 contains, among other articles *colar interest, a Second Part of the Garland of Beauty,-8

By the same Author,

Nobility and Gentry are respectfully informed that they peper which, in the publication of the First Part, excited so History of France and Normandy, from the can be supplied with all the modern Novels and Romances, Voy. of the Number in which it appeared. attention, as to call for the reprinting three several times Accession of Clovis to the Battle of Waterloo. izmo. 6s. bound ages and Travels, 50 per cent, and in many instances 75 per cent,

below the published price, at Smith's Repository, 28, Southampand lettered. Ang the distinguished Names who figure in this ingenious

May be had, gratis,

ton Kow, Bloomsbury; all warranted perfect, and in good con

dition. dwton are Her Majesty - The Princesses Esterhazy and The Duchesses of Gordon and Canizzarro-Marchion.

Whittaker and Co.'s New School Catalogue. The Catalogue for 1831 will be delivered on Monday, containing sesligo, Ormonde, Salisbury, Westmeath, Hertford --Coun.

the Works of the most esteemed Authors, in all amounting to te of Chesterheld, Jermyn, Errol, Sheffield, Kinnoul, Clan

Mr. Hone's New Periodical Work,

nearly 500 productions. w, Wilton, Cork, Warwick, Denbigb, Normanton, Dart. With Engraving, Part I. price ls. and No. I. price 3d. N.B. A Discount of 10 per cent on all the New Publications. tech, Claremont - Ladies Egerton, Tullamore, Kilderbee, Ek, Rothven, ComberinETC, Sidney, Poulet, C. Low ther, E.

Family Library. Amer, C. Nugent, Somerset, F. Normanby, Walsh, Ryder,


With Plates and a Nap, 58. 1. Walerourt, Brougham, Brabazon, Willoughby-Mrs. Lit.

An entirely new Publication, in Monthly Parts and Weekly ot Line, stanley, Panther, Bồng. Dundai Misses De Roos, Book."

being the Voyages and of ;

of Columbus. By, Bagot, Meade, Cadogan, Bawardes, Feilding, Burdett,

" Many things for use, several things worth thinking over, various articles of much amusement, and nothing that I have


Forming a Sequel to the Life of Columbus. The Court Journal is published every Saturday Morning, and brought together before."-See Preface to Part 1. ker by the Newen, free of postage, to all parts of the Kingdom.

Printed for Thomas Tegg, 73, Cheapside; and sold by all

No. XVI. Letters on Demonology and Otice 19, Catherine Street, Strand.

Dealers in Books.

Witchcraft. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

And No. VIII. the Court and Camp of
The Rick Burnert.
Price 4d. a oth edition of

Buonaparte, with a Portrait of Tallegrand. enlarged for January, 1831, price 38. 63. contains HE RICK-BURNERS; a Tale for the

No. XVII. contains the Life of Bruce the Roteries of Mues Minden and his friends, No. 1.-2. Some Semaks ea tbe Ships of the Ancients_3. The New Year; a

Present Times.

Abyssinian Traveller. By Major Head, Author of Rough Notes Ders Allepury-1 Newcome's Journey to Head Quarters near

"• The Rick.Burners' ought to be liberally distributed among

of some Rapid Journies across the Pampas and among the Andes. Burs. The Young Soldier's Parewell—5. Journal of the Sur those who are able and wish well to their country. We trust the poorer classes in every shed and cottage in the kingdom, by

John Murray, Albemarle Street. Time To Espolltlea, composed of his Majesty's Ships Beagle and clergymen, magistrates, landlords, and the wealthy generally,

Printed uniformly with Mrs. Markham's Histories of England Asventare concluded)-7. Flemish Heroics, or the Day before will look Estry of the Dutch Troops into Brusse's--8. Letters from forth salutary fruits." --Literary Gazette, Nov.99th, 1830.

this little work, and spread it where

and France, 2 vols. 166.

may bring Greitas, Xo. VII.-. A Recollection of the Old School, by a London: Hurst, Chance, and Co.; Cowtan and Co. Canterbury;

SHORT HISTORY of SPAIN, for rozeich Pensioner-10. Denominations of Modern Shipping

Young Persons. 1. Ti Lost Vale-19. A White Squall off the Chesapeake, by and sold by all Booksellers in the Kingdom.

By MARIA CALLOTT. er os ogrd a British Prigale-13. Bayonne revisited, by

With Wood Engravings. T of tbe British Guards 14. On correcting the Courses

Price 6s. the Seventeenth Number of

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Thouzu on the General Principles of Field Manoeuvres 18.

Logan's Highlands and Highlanderi.
Luder Shooting in Peru, addressed to Christopher North, Esq. RECORD.

In : vols. demy 8vo. price 30s. ; royal 880. price 21. 31. -1. Erey. by & Half-pay Officer-19. Critical Adventure of Contents: Scripture Revelations concerning a Future State

Dedicated, by permission, to His Majesty, Psard it is; by a Polish Nobleman-21. Biographical ence of the English Universities - Burckhardt's Notes on the

Manners as preserved ainong the Highlanders. Being Woman of Captain the Hon. Sir Robert Spencer, R.N. K.C.H. Bedouins and Wahabys; and Arabic Proverbs- Miller's Sermons an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Inhabitants, Antiterkar System of Fortification-23. History of the Polish -Coleridge's Introduction to the Greek Classic Poets- Bishop quities, and National Peculiarities of Scotland; more particu. Lexander Haonaparte-24.00 Outpost Duties and Patrolling Sandford's Diary and Correspondence--Lyell's Principles of Geolarly of the Northern, or Gaëlic parts of the Country, where the - (teral Carrependence, in which will be found a consider logs --Bishop of London's Charge-Reasons for seceding from the singular Habits of the Aboriginal Celts are still most tenaciously save irease to the usual dumber of Letters on a great variety of Dissenters-Hours of Devotion - State of the Dioceses in England retained. Illustrated by upwards of Sixty descriptive Plates, and

1 connected with the interests of the United Service and Wales Proceedings of the Universities. Ito Editor's Portfolio and Naval and Military Miscellany, Printed for C., J., G., and P. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard; Clans; with correct Specimens and Descriptions of their respect

accurately coloured Engravings of the Costumes of the Highland ( Warttal, Naval and Military Promotions, Appointments,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. bation of the Entire Army on the 1st of January, 1831,

iFe Badges, Tartans, &c. &c. Awto Parliamentary Debates, General Orders, Circulars, &c.

By JAMES LOGAN, Ta clar Vies of the Privy Pensions, &c. of the Officers of the

Cheap and elegant Monthly Periodicals.

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Briab Array, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, Notices to Corre THE POCKET ALBUM and LITERARY

This Work may be justly designated "The Celtic Cyclopædia,"

as every thing connected with the History of the Ancient and

SCRAP-BOOK; containing a variety of Articles by Modern Gael, and the different branches of the same Race, in Reary Colbens and Ricbard Bentley, New Burlington Strect. talented living Writers, and embellished with a Portrait of Lord the British Isles, and elsewhere, is minutely described, illus

Brougham, engraved on steel, from a Likeness taken expressly trated, and traced to the primitive Inhabitants of Western Eu

for this work, and Three other Engravings, price 64. MUS I C. The Parisian Gem of Fashion; with Four faithfully i literature-his work beart in every page the unequi.

* Wr. Logan has acquitted himself loyally to his country, and coloured Prints of Paris Costumes-An Original Letter from vocal evidence of obtervation and research. To all Scotchmen verted, by permission of Mr. Murray, from "Moore's ous other Articles, price 6d.

-We recommend Mr. Logan's book."-Aikendum. Lord Eyren"- tbe Music composed by Henry R. Bishop, The Lady's Pocket Magazine ; embellished many doubts, and of shewing the Celts and Lowlanders in a more e Clarke, Charles E. Horn, and G. Kiallmark.

with a splendid Engraving on steel of the Tame Robin, from distince light than they have hitherto been relatively placed; it

.. d. Design by H. Singleton, R.A., a Woodcut, and Two coloured possesses also the merit of being accurate, patieni in details, Lomar G'ory.

20 My Sister, my sveet Sister 2 0 Plates of London Fashionable Costumes, price 6d. - Lore.. Those fazen locks........ 90

highly descriptive, and always entertaining. Wherever there is wondo

To Country Bookselleri.-That every person may have an oppor. a small collection of books pretending to the character of a libra. We'll go no more a Roving 3 o tunity of inspecting the merits of these Publications, the Trade ry, this History of the Scottish Gaël should be added to it without Young Oak ........

90 3 sun the shore .. 1 Young friendship

are informed that they may order the Nambers for the present loss of time."--Allos.

Month, and at any period during the Year return whatever may "A production of inuch research and ability, and replete with Sacred Songs remain unsold.

interesting investigations into our northern antiguities. It defapt the World. ........ 90 | Pether of Light!........... 30 letter, post-paid, or through an, London Correspondent, to the curious, and sterling performance."--Literary Gazette.

Shew-boards and Prospectuses may be had on application by serves the warmest patronage of the public, as a most meritorious,
Published by J. Power, 34, Strand,
Publisher, J. Robles, Bride Court, Bridge Street, London.

Smith, Elder, and Co., 65, Cornhill.






NEW VOCAL MUSIC- the Words Paris on the State of Society and Pashions in that City-and vari and lovers of Scotland. Ito crering wired into the history of man



Τ Η.


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CHEMICAL MANIPULATION.; being changes to Pin babae southes, LL.D. Fort Laurent



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of the senden Meckanies Institution, formed forf Investigating A SUPPLEMENT


Rev. W. Trollope's Ovid, with English Notes.

Price 7a. 64.

Library of Classical English Poetry.
In 12mo. price 30. 68. bound,

HE COOK'S ORACL E. Complete in I vol. 8vo. for Schools, &c. 188. boards,
XCERPTA ex OVIDIO. With English


Notes and an Introduction, containing Rules for Con.

A new edition, being the Bth.
struing, a Parsing Praxis, &c.
The whole of this work has, a seventh time, been carefully

POETS, with Biographical and Critical Prefaces.

By the Rev. W.TROLLOPE, M.A.

revised. One Hundred and Thirty new Receipts are added,
One of the Classical Masters of Christ's Hospital.
which will greatly improve the comfort and economy of all, espe.

Also, in 10 vols.royal 18mo. to match the British Essayists

and Novelists, 31.; and in 10 vols. post 18mo. 21,
Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, cially of Catholic Families.
and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; Whittaker

"We have noticed with pleasure the appearance of a coinpila-
and Co. London; and all Booksellers.

tion which places before us the best poems of our best poets in a
"We venture to prophesy that the Cook's Oracle' will be con-

very arcessible form, and in the selection of which we have the
Rollin's Ancient History, New Stereotype Edition, sidered as the English institute of cookery."—Edinburgh Review, long and so usefully known to the world of letters as Dr. Aikin.

benefit of the sound taste and critical abilities of a gentleinan so
In 6 vols. 8vo. price 21. 143. boards, with Maps and other March 1891.
Engravings, a new Edition, carefully corrected, of

The plan of the present work is both comprehensive and judi-

cious."-Monthly Revier.
For the Use of the Chemical Student and Manufacturer.

and Persians, Macedonians and Grecians.

A new and improved edition, 8vo. 188.

Select Works of the British Poets, from
Late Principal of the University of Paris, Professor of Eloquence

Instructions to Students in Chemistry on the Methods I vol. 8vo. uniform with the above.
in the Royal College, and Member of the Royal Academy of In- of performing Experiments of Demonstration or of Research Printed for Longinan, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.
scriptions and Belles Lettres.

with accuracy and success.
Translated from the French.

Withering's Botany, the only complete Edition.
Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, J. Nunn, J. and A.
Arch, J. and W. T. Clarke, Longman and Co, T. Cadell, J.
Also, 3d edition, compressed into 3 vols. 8vo. only 308.

In à vols. 8vo. price 21. 168. boards,
Richardson, J. M. Richardson, R. Scholey, J. Booth, Baldwin 2. Brande's Manual of Chemistry,
and Cradock, J. Bohn, Hatchard and Son, J. Booker, Hamilton,

PLANTS, according to the latest Improvements of the
Adams, and Co., J. Duncan, Whittaker and Co., J. Bigg, Par.

3. Tables in Illustration of the Theory of Linnean System, with an Easy Introduction to the Study of
bury, Allen, and Co., T. and W. Boone, Simpkin and Marshall, Definite Proportionals. 8vo. 8s. 6d.

J. Bain, J. Nisbet, J. Dowding, W. Mason, E Hodgson, T. Hum.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

pus, J. Templernan, W. J. and J. Maynard, J. Capes, Smith,

The 7th edition, including the most recent Discoveries, and nume-
Elder, and Co., J. Collingwood, Poole and Edwards, Sustenance

rous Annotations, illustrative of Vegetable Economy,
and Stretch, and Houlston and Son; also, for J. and J. J. Deigh-

In I vol. post 8vo. price 10s. 64. boards,

ton, Cambridge: Wilson and Sons, York; G. and J. Robinson,

ESTIMONIES in Proof of the Separate London: Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; J. Nunn;
Liverpool; and A. Black, Edinburgh.

Existence of the Soul in a State of Self-consciousness Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; T. Cadell; J. Rich.
or whom may be had,
between Death and the Resurrection. Accedit JOHANNIS ardson; J. M. Richardson; Hatchard and Son; R. Scholey:

S. Bagater ; Baldwin and Cradock; Hurst, Chance, and Co.,
A neat edition in 12 Pocket Volumes, price

Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; Whitmore and Fenn; Whittaker,
21. 8. boards.


Treacher, and Co.; J. Duncan; J. Cochran; Simpkin and Mar.
A few Copies remain of the 8vo. edition, in 8 vols. large

Vicar of Kempsford, Gloucestershire.

shall; W. Mason, G. Cowie and Co.; T. Bumpus; f. Wilson;
type, price 31. 43. boards.

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, T. and W. Boone; J. Dowding: W.J. and J. May.
and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

Elder, and Co.; J. Bain; E. Hodgson; and Houlston and Son:

Stirling and Kenney, Edinburgh; and G. and J. Robinson,
Price Sixpence,

NORRESPONDENCE between the Right

Important to Chemists and Druggists.

In 8vo. price 14.
Hon. R. W. Horton and a Select Class of the Members

New Pocket German Dictionary.
to the PHARMA.

Printed uniformly with Nugent's and Graglia's Dictionaries,
the most efficient Remedies for the present Distress among the including not only the Drugs and Preparations used by Practi-
COPEIA, and Treatise on Pharmacology in general,

price 13s, bound,
Labouring Classes in the United Kingdom; together with the
Resolutions adopted by the Class. Also, a Letter from the Right mical Arts; together with a Collection of the most useful Medi-

tioners of Medicine, but also most of those employed in the Che-
Hon. R. Wilmot Horton to Dr. Birkbeck, President of the Insti: cal Formula, Veterinary Drugs, Patent Medicines, and other LANGUAGES

tution, and his Answer. Dedicated to the Right Hon. R. Wil Compounds; an Explanation of the Contracuons used by Physi.

mot Horton.
Printed for Baldwin and Co. Paternoster Row; and sold also at Latin, of the various Names by which the Articles have been
cians and Druggists; and also a very copious Index, English and The 3d edition, revised and improved by H. E. LLOYD.

Printed for Longman, Roes, Orme, Brown, and Green ; T. Ca-
the London Mechanics' Institution, No. 29, Southampton Build-known at different Periods; being a complete Dispensary and dell; T. Boosey and Sons; Baldwin and Cradock; J. Booker;
ings, Chancery Lane.

Book of Formulæ, for constant reference in Medical and Veteri. Simpkin and Marshall; Treuttel, Würtz, and Co.; and W. and

nary Practice, and Manual for Retail Druggists. 5th edition, J. Maynard.
New Week's Preparation, with considerable Improvements, considerably enlarged, including the new French Medicines, and
by the Rer. Samuel Wir.
Selections from Foreign Pharınacopoeias.

of whom may be had, also by Dr. Noenden,
In Two Parts, each 2s.6d. neatly bound in black, or complete, 58.


A Grammar of the German Language, 6th
neatly bound in cali,

Lecturer on Materia Medica, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, edition, 19mo. price 108. 6d, boards.

and Botany.
Printed for T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

Exercises for Writing German, according to

the Rules of Grammar, 5th edition, 12mo. price &s. boards.
PER, as recommended and appointed by the Church of England;
and a Companion to the Altar, directing the Communicant in his

Thaddeus of Warsaw. A New Edition.
Behaviour and Devotions at the Lord's Table; with Instructions

The 11th edition, in 3 vols. 18s.

In 6 vols. 850. with a 41o. volume of Plates, price dl. 4. boards,
how to Live well after receiving the Holy Sacrament.

the 6th edition of
Revised by SAMUEL WIX, A.Ü. F.R. and A.S.

Vicar of St. Bartholomew-the-Less, London.


"Miss Porter has availed herself of a very interesting period in YOUNGER in GREECE, during the Middle of the Fourth
Printed for C., J., G., and F; Rivington: Longman, Rees, history for the foundation of her tale. Often have we felt our

Century before the Christian Era.
Orme, Brown, and Green; H. T. Hodgson; J. Richardson; heart rent by indignation and pity at the dismeinberment of Po-

J. M. Richardson; Hatchard and Son; Baldwin and Cradock; land, and the cruel fate of Stanislaus. Truth and fiction are

6th edition, translated from, and carefully revised, corrected,
W. Joy, Hurst, Chance, and Co.; J. Duncan; Hamilton, Adams, blended with much propriety in these volumes; and we have

and enlarged by, the last improved Paris edition.
and Co.; Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.; Simpkin and Marshall, turned with sincere pleasure to the pages that praise the valour

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; J. and W.T. Clarke;
Westley and Davis; and Houlston and Son.
Of whom may be had,

of Kosciuszko, and recount, though but as a novel, the adven- Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; T. Cadell; J. and
tures of Sobieski."-Critical Review.

A. Arch; J. Richardson; W. Ginger; J. Booker; R. Scholey;
The Original New Week's Preparation for Printed for Longman, Kees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

T. Tegg; Baldwin and Cradock; J. Bohn; E. Hodgson; J.
a Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper, &c. In Two Parts,

Duncan: Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.; Simpkin and Marshall;

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,
each 18. 6d. bound.

Harding and Lepard; C. Taylor; C. Smith; J. Wicksteed; and
The New Whole Duty of Man. In 8vo. 9s.cions from the Hartz. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 4s. boards.

1. Duke Christian of Luneburg; or, Tradi. F. Mason.
bound, and 12mo. 85. 6d. bound.
2. Pastor's Fireside. 4 vols. 12mo. 3d edit. Edgeworth's Parent's Assistant, complete in 8 rols, with

Fice Engravings.
11. Ils. 6d.

Complete in 3 vols. 18mo. with an elegant Vignette and
Elegant Christmas Presents.

3. Scottish Chiefs. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. lls. 6d.
In cabinet volumes, price 5s, 6d. each,

Frontispiece to each Volume, 105, 6d. half bound,


Stories for Children.
In fancy boards, price 6s.

Minor Poems, by Cowper; Milton's Paradise Lost,' vols. ; Para.

London: R. Hunter, Baldwin and Cradock; .. Booker; Horst,
dise Regained, and Minor Poems, % vols.; the Shipwreck, by

Chance, and Co.; and Simpkin and Marshall.
Falconer, and the Poems of Goldsmith and Gray; each volume

embellished with Six Engravings from the designs of Mr. West « To palliate dulness and give time a shove."--Corper.

Also, by the same Publishers, the following justly esteemed
all, and together forming the most unexceptionable, elegant, and
London : Hursi, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

Works by Maria Edgeworth:
appropriate volumes hitherto offered as Presents for Young Per.

Little Plays for Children, formning an addi.
Uniform with the above, may be had,
In 7 vols. imperial folio, containing nearly 800 Plates,

tional vol. to the above, price 3s. 63. half-bound.

price 1201 and 1751. coloured,
Bacon's Essays; Elizabeth, or, the Exiles of

Early Lessons, 4 vols. Ils. half-bound.
Siberia; Dr. Gregory's Legacy; Mrs. Chapone's Letters; Mason

Rosamond ; a Sequel to Early Lessons, 2 vols.
on Self. Knowledge; Paul and Virginia; Rasselas; and the


56. half-bound.
Vicar of Wakebeld.

The attention of the antiquary and the wealthy patrons of sci.
ence is solicited to this magnificent and elaborate work, a few

Frank; a Sequel to Frank in Early Lessons,

3 cols. 98. half-bound.

To be had of Mr. Aglio, 36, Newman Street, Oxford Street ;
Poetical Series, with Ten Engravings, 94. boards.
or of Messrs. Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. 13, Ave Maria Lane. Part of Early Lessons, 4 vols. 19mo. 176. half-bound.

Harry and Lucy concluded ; being the last
Small octavo editions of the above may also be had, and
are generally kept, in elegant bindings, by the most respectable

Moral Tales, 2 vols. foolscap, 10s. boards.
Booksellers in the United Kingdom; as also of Mrs. Chapone's

In 8vo. price 25.
Letters, 8s.; Bums' Poems and Songs, 9 vols. 185.; Sturm's Re. N INQUIRY into the ALLEGED Popular Tales, 3 vols. foolscap, 12s. boards.
flections, 4 vols. 11. 105; and Pope's Poetical Works, 9 vols. 188.

PRONENESS to LITIGATION of the NATIVES of Comic Dramas, 12mo. 78. boards.

INDIA, with Suggestions for amending some Part of the Judicial
Published by John Sharpe, and the other Proprietors.

Poetry Explained, 18mo. 2s. 6d. half-bound.
System of Hritish India.

By the Author of An Inquiry into the Causes of the long Readings in Poetry, 18mo. 3s. half-bound.
In 4 vols. foolscap, price 11. ds. In cloth boards, illustrated with

contioued Stationary Condition of India," &c.
100 Engravings of curious, rare, and interesting Subjects,

London: Parbury, Allen, and Co. Leadenhall Street.

Essays on Practical Education, 3 vols. 12mo.

16s. 64. boards.
ONDINIANA; or, Anecdotes, Tracts,

Rev, W, Tyollape'Sallust, mith English Notes.
and Memorials of the Streets, Buildings, and Personages,

In 12mo. price 35. 61. bound.

Nos. I. and II. price 1s. 61. of
connected with the History of London in all Ages.

" Mr. Brayley's Londiniana is indeed a very interesting miscel.

and SCULPTURE, from the Days of Hogarth to the pre.
lany, in which the historian, the antiquary, the typographer, and with English Notes and an Introduction; together with the sent Time, each containing Six Plat si accurately copied from
the man of letters, will find ample and various sources io gratify Bellum Jugurthinum of Sallusta,

the most celebrated English Engravings With Descriptions,
each his peculiar appetite."--Literary Gazette.

By the her. W. TROLLOPE, M.A.

See also Gentleman's Magazine, the Monthly Revier,

One of the Classical Masters of Christ's Hospital.

To be completed in 36 Number, terming Three bandsome
the New Monthly Magasine, &c.&r. &c.
London: Printed for C., J., 6., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's

London: Hunt, Chance, and co. Os, St. Paul's Churchyard,
Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, Y'all Mall.

Charles Tilt, 86, Fleet Street.






Young's Night Thoughts; completing the coloured course which are now ready for delivery;



THE of

ALLEST and Cicero's Four Oration and CM0THE ENGLISH SCHOOL of PAINTING



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Present state of Greece. - Tols. 8vo. 21. 54.
RAV ELS in the MORE A.

In I vol. 4to. price 155.

COUNTRY, price 95. 64.
The January Number contains-The Camp of Wallenstein, a

TABLES, accompanied by Representations of their
Jatin Murray, Albemarle Street.

new Translation, expressly for this Magazine On the Punish Internal Structure, as seen through the Microscope, (12 Plates,
of whom may be had, by the same Author,
ment of Death - After the Battle-Narratives of the French Re-engraved by Mr. Lizars, from Drawings by Mr. M.Gillivray).

By HENRY WITHAM, Esq. of Lartington,
The Topography of Athens, with Plates, Outskirts of ille-Epigrams from the French-Galt's Third Let Fellow of the Geological Society of London, of the Royal and
ter on West Indian Slavery-Swing's Letter to Oliver Yorke

Wernerian Societies of Edinburgh, &c. &c.
Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor, with Map, Literary Sketch of Dr. Maginn, with a full length Portrait-Par. Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and

T. Cadell, Strand, London,
the Diary of the late Mr. St. John Long--Inscriptions : Life,
Post 8vo. 89. Od.
Death, and Hope-Boaden's Life of Mrs. Jordan-the Polish In

In 9 vols. 19mo, with Etchings, price 145. boards,

and STORIES of the IRISH
James Fraser, 215, Regent Street, London; John Boyd,

PEASANTRY, containing Ned M Keown-the Three
* We have been led to talk of Robinson Crusoe by the narra.

Edinburgh; and Grant and Co. Dublin.

Tasks, or the Little House under the Hill-Shane Fadh's Wed.

ding - Larry M'Farland's Wake - the Battle of the Factions-
* Mr. Meant, ho is a sort of Robinson Crusoe in his way.

ed edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 368.

Funeral and Party Fight--the Hedge School-the Abduction of
Whave fernsed his work with considerable pleasure."--West.

Mat Kavanagh-the Station.

" Admirable, truly intensely Irish. Never were the outra-
** The Rough Notes' of Captain Head on his gallop across

ENGLAND, from the Accession of Henry VII. to the geous whimsicalities of that strange, wild, imaginative people, so
D America, are not more unlike ordinary travels than this Death of George II.

characteristically described; nor in the midst of all the fun, fro-
dan winter's Journey in British America, and a summer


lic, and folly, is ihere any dearth of poetry, pathos, and passion."
teine in the woods there. The whole book is written in a

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

-Blackwood's Magasine.
isy and agreeable spirit."-Quarterly Review.

Middle Ages, 4th edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 36s. "Neither Miss Edgeworth, nor the author of the O'Hara Tales,
In past tvo. 96. 04. 3d edition,

could have written any thing more powerful than this."-Edin-
Rongh Notes, taken during some rapid Jour-

burgh Literary Journal.

4th edition, in 3 pocket vols. to correspond with the Family "We do not besitate to affirm, that one of the cleverest and
** stress the Pampas and among the Andes. By Captain F.

Library, price only 128.

most lively sketches in literature may be found in the tale of
Boss Head.

Larry M Farland's Wate.' It has the moral truth of the Cot-
John Murray, Albemarle Street.


tagers of Glenburnie, with the pathos of Mrs. Ople, and the cha-
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

racteristic traits so forcibly drawn by the creator of Aby Now.
Dr. Lerdarr's Cabinet Cyclopedia.

Price is.

8. half-bound, a 3d edition

Dublin: Printed for W. Carry, Jun. and Co. Sold by Hurst,

Chance, and Co. London; and all other Booksellers.

Short Extracts from Ancient and Modern Authors,
B, J. F. W. HERSCHEL, Esq. A.M.
selected and arranged progressively, for the Use of Children.

Berng Val. XIV. of " Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia."


ECONOMY. A new edition, greatly enlarged and
The preceding Volumes of the Cabinet Cyclopædia are-

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

improved, in 1 large vol. 8ro. 166.
$111. History of the Western World. Vol. I.-United States

Smith's Wealth of Nations, with large Addi.
of America
Royal 8vo. with a Portrait and Fifty-two Ilustrations, 21. 2s.

tions, by M'Culloch. 4 vols. 8vo. 91. 128. 64.
XII.- History of France, 3 vols. By E. E. Crowe. Vol. I. ECTURES on SCULPTURE.
IL X-story of Maritime Discovery. Vols. I. and II.

Brown's Philosophy of the Mind, 6th edition,
X-History of the Netherlands. By T.C. Grattan.

As delivered by him before the President and Members of the

8vo. 11. 18.; or in 4 vols. 8vo. 31. 12. 6d.
IT-Jatines of History. 1 Vol.
11. James Mackintosh's History of England. Vol. I.

Royal Academy. With a brief Memoir of the Author. Tytler's History of Scotland, Vols. I. II.
1. IV-Anty of Scotland, 3 vols. By Sir Walter Scott.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

and 111. 8vo. 126, each. Vol. IV. is nearly reads for press.
Domestic Econoray. By M. Donovan, Esq. Vol. I.

The Scottish Songs, edited by R. Chambers,
V.-Mehanies. By Capt. H. Kater and Dr. Lardner.

With a Portrait, 9 vols. 8vo. 948.
"1-Livr. of British Lawyers. By H. Roscoe, Esq.

Author of the Picture of Scotland. 9 vols. royal 18mno. 19.., or
THE LIFE and CORRESPONDENCE of 2 vols. post 8vo. 186. And
VII lines and Towns of the World, 2 vols. Vol. I.

To be published,
Edited by his Son-in-law, MAJOR-GENERAL MUNDY.

The Scottish Ballads. Royal 18mo. 6s. ; or
Feb 1.-History of France. Vol. II.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Post 8vo. 98.
Printed for Loopman and Co.; and John Taylor.

Pitcairn's Criminal Trials, Parts I. to VII.
Literary Presenta.

Ito. each 154. Part VIII. is nearly ready, and Part IX, will
Christmas Presents and New Year's Girs.
Pelisted by Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.

'HE JOURNAL of a NATURALIST. complete the Work.

Printed for William Tait, Edinburgh; and Longman and Co.
taiIero. with Plates, price 103. 64. neatly bound,
Third edition, with Ilustrations, 154.

2. Lyell's Principles of Geology, Vol. I. with
Collected by MISS MIT FORD,
Plates, 8vo. 169.

In 1 vol. post 8vo. price 6s, cloth boards,
Author of Our Village.
3. Washington Irving's Works :-

of the MIND, a Poetical
Is 3 vots. foolscap 80. with $0 Engravings and a Map,
16. in handsome cloth,
1. The Sketch Book. 'e vols. post 8vo. 158.

Sketch, with Lays, Historical and Romantic.

2. The Picture of India, Geographical, His-

2. Bracebridge Hall. 2 vols. 168.
3. Tales of a Traveller. 9 vols. 188.

Author of “ Metrical Essays on Subjects of History and
partat, sad Descriptive.
4. Life of Columbus. 4 vols. Bro. 91. 2s.

in e vith 9 Engravings and 5 Maps, 6s. bound and lettered, 5. The Conquest of Granada. 2 vols. 8vo. 843.

London: Published by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers'

Hall Court, London.
3. Pinnock's Geography of the British Empire.
In mo. with Prontispiece, 6s. half-bound,
4. Hallam's Middle Ages, 4th edition, 3 vols.

Thomson's Arithmetic.
8vo. 384.
4 The Young Wanderer's Cave, and other

The 4th edition, enlarged and improved, 1s. 64. bound,

History of England, 3 vols. 36s.
Is 1amo. with many Cots, 23. 6d. half-bound,

6. Bp.

Heber's Indian Journals, 3 vols. Arithmetic made easy for Children: containing above
5. The Toy Shop; or, Sentimental Preceptor. 8vo. 36s.

900 Examples in the fundamental Rules, the Rule of Three, and
In ilmo, the ed edition, 6s. in cloth,
7. Southey's Life of Nelson, pocket vol. 58.

Practice, a Variety of Miscellaneous Questions, &c. &c.

The Wonders of the Vegetable Kingdom 8. Modern Voyages and Discoveries :

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.

Also, may be had,
I. 12mo. with coloured Plates, 6. in cloth,

1. Captain
Parry's Five Voyages to the North Pole, with very

A Key to the Same.
7. Letters on Entomology.

many Plates. 6 pocket rols. 345.

2 Captain Franklin's Two Journeys to the Polar Sea. Four
is footscap sro, with 4 Plates and a Map, 7s. in cloth,
pocket vols. 203.

To be continued Monthly, price li.
8. Stories of Travels in South America.
3. Denham's and Clapperton's African Discoveries, now first

printed in 4 pocket vols. with Hlustrations, 30s.

9. Captain Head's Rough Notes across the Conducted by Clergymen of the Established Church.

A work calculated, from the information which it will contain
A rettspert of the progress of the New Monthly Maga Pampas, and among the Andes. ss. d.
asing the present yeas, has been a source of gratification to 10. George Head's Forest Scenes and Ad- every member of a family; and peculiarly designed for the reli-

on domestic subjects, and its varied useful matter, to interest
Fors;-bat, although they hope and believe that no ventures in the Wilds of America. Es.

gious instruction and general improvement of servants.
the mer derece has existed, they conceive that the work may
11. Author of the Subaltern's Campaign at

Pablished by J. Hatchard and Son, 197, Piccadilly.
redty adding one or two new features to those by which

N.B. Advertisements for the Cover should be sent to the
> Mreaty during sahed, and by increased activity in the Washington and New Orleans. 68. 6d.

Publishers previous to the 20th of the Month.
1. See Monthly Magazine will therefore comience the Vols. 37s. With the exception of Don Juan.

12. Byron's Works, complete in Six pocket

In I large vol. 8vo. price 41. 148. 6d., in Nine Parts, 108. Gd.
with renewed claim to that public support it has so
... ed. Among other improverneuts, it is the intention of
13. Romances of Eastern Life:

each, or in 36 Numbers, 2s.6d. cach,

Primera la introduce into the Magazine a series of Lite-
$4, or estimates of the genius of the principal authors

1. Adventures of Giovanni Finati, 2 vols. 145.
2. Anastasios; or, Memoirs of a Modern Greek, 3 vols. crown History, Application in the Arts, and every other desirable parti.

comprising the Description, Specific Character, Culture,
my day, accoro panied by engraved likenesses. As, in
of intellectual fertility, the series must include many

8vo. 11. 113. 6d.
3. Adventures of Hajji Baba. 3 vols. 218.

cular respecting all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or intro.
Terlively new to fasne, the plan must be admitted to

duced to Britain; combining all the advantages of a Linnæan
4. Hajji Baba in England. 2 vols. 158.
Proprieton piedige therzselves to the most unremitting
B. Sir John Malcolm's Sketches of Persian Life and Manners. Grammar of Botany, and a Dictionary of Botany and Vegetable

and Jussieuean Species Plantarum, an Historia Plantarum, a
95 Continuing to secure the co-operation of the most

2 vols. post 8vo. 154.

Culture. The whole in English, with the Synonymes of the
polar riters of the day, and the contributors may 14. Croker's Irish Fairy Legends, 3 vols. 36s.com moner Plants, in the different European and other Languages;

of being permitted the most perfect freedom froin
- wet la conveying their opinions to the public.

15. Hon. Agar Ellis's True History of the the Classes, Orders, and Botanical Terma illostrated by Engrave
and to the Politics of the Magazine, the Proprietors Man in the Iron Mask. 10s. 60.
carry necessary to state that it will persevere in the
Sing and to invariably maintained. If its senti. 16. The Gold-Headed Cane, in post 8vo. Pening several Individuals belonging to every Genus included
n'y suurd with those of the individuals who at pre. 104. 6d.

Edited by J. C. LOUDON, P.L.S. H.S. &c.
be destinies of the country, it is because the go 17. Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England, Printed for Longman, Rees, Orine, Brown, and Green.
-12 sypily taken tbe for in which, for years, has been new edition, 3 vols. only 10s. half-bound.

or whom may be bad, in 8vo. Il. l.. cloth boards,
St. Feyes of the New Monthly Magazine as most
teat interests of Great Britain. It is, however,
18. Mrs. Markham's History of England

Loudon's Hortus Britannicus; a Catalogue
telesed to ensures that its support will be extended for Young Persons, with Wood Engravings. 9 vols. 12o. 163. ;

of all the Plants Indigenous, Cultivated in, or introduced to
**** the advocate of such principles as are consistent and History of France, 2 vols. 16s.

Britain. Part I.-The Linnaean Arrangement, in which nearly
SL esperience, and have the sanction of the great
The sentiments of the great mass of the
19. History of Spain, upon the Plan of Mrs. 30,000 Species are enumerated, preceded by an Introduction to

the Linnaran System.- Part II.-The Jussienean Arrangement
;** vive echoed freely and boldly, influenced by no Markham's Histories. By Mrs. Calcott. 8 vols. 16.

of nearly 4000 Genera, with an introduction to the Natural Sys-
pat: * ban those of wisdom and justice.
Tsumber for the New Year will be pablished on for Children, 10th edition, 3s. half-bound.

20. Stories from the History of England, tem, and a General Description and History of each Order.
Joy: od bose who desire to avail themselves of

The Linnaan Arrangement and its Supplement are the work
Love Dencing the Work, are requested to transmit

21. Death-bed Scenes and Pastoral Conver- of Mr. George Don, the Natural Arrangement is founded on that
- It air respective Booksellers or Newsvenders. sations, 4th edition, printed to correspond with the Family of Professor Lindley, with some additions and alterations ren.
True fa Henny Colburn and Richard Bentley,
Library. In 3 pocket vols. price only las.

dered necessary by the plan of this Catalogue; and Dr. Greville
New Burlingtos Sureet.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

assisted in arranging the Cryptogamia.






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