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51 W. of Greenwich.

represent the grandeur of nature, the stage ne- | difficult to conceive a power more extensive, 58. bds.- Dibdin's Sunday Library, Vol. I. fcp. 5s. bds.-
cessarily falls infinitely short of its object; it and at the same time more liable to abuse, Strangway's Messiah, a poem, 8vo. 105. bd. bds. .- Mil-
can only do so in diminutive and in deprecia- than may eventually be monopolised by such a lingen's Memoirs of the Affairs of Greece, 8vo. 108. 6d.
tion; while over human folly it possesses a society.

hds.- Major Leith Hay's Narrative of the Peninsular

War, 2 vols. 12mo. Il. ls. bds.--Thomas's Serious Poems,
magnifying power, and, by exaggerating, ren. Unicorns. - An Italian gentleman, named 12mo. 68. bds. – Valpy's Classical Library, No. Xlll.
ders it the more palpable for censure or for Barthema, said to be entitled to implicit credit, 19. 61. bds.-Hughes Divines, No. VIII. 25. fd. bes.-
laughter. We cannot, then, without reluc- who has just returned from Africa, states, thers and Daughters, 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 118. (ind. bds.
tance, give up our laugh at this season, which that he saw two unicorns at Mecca, which had Turf, 2 vols. fcp. 168. bds.—Journal of a Nobleman at
pantomimes, in their proper province, were been sent as a present from the King of Ethi- Vienna, 2 vols. post 8vo. 11. 18. bds. - Scenes of Lift,

2 vols. post 8vo. 11. 18. bds.-Moore's Life of Lord Byron,
wont to afford us; while, at the same time, opia to the sultan.Hobart Town Courier.

Vol. II. 4to. 21. 28. bds.-Times' Telescope for 1831, 12mo.
they were wont to be the best periodical satires Original Country of the Golden Pheasant.-9. bds.-M.Leod and Dewar's Gaelic Dictionary, 8vo.
on the fashions and fooleries of the day ; whereas Since the time of Buffon, the golden pheasant 13, 1s bds: --Swain's Beauties of the Mind, post avo. tis.
now they are little else than a display of has been supposed to come originally from 12mo. 6s. bas. Parson's Sermons, 8vo. 128. bds.—National

scenery, machinery, decorations, and dresses.” China, but upon what authority is unknown. Library, No. V. 12mo. Gs. bds.
Mother Carey and her Marine Stores, together A passage in Pliny notices this bird by a charac-
with a burlesque upon Black-eyed Susan, com- teristic feature, which has been overlooked by METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1830.
pose the introduction to the harleqninade; and, naturalists, but which cannot be mistaken. December.

Thermometer. Barometer.

From 36.
truth to confess, the tricks, changes, tum- The golden pheasant has, on each side of the Thursday: 15

bles, &c. &c. &c. are, if any thing, duller than head, beautiful orange-yellow feathers, which Saturday
at Covent Garden. In the dioramic views by curve into a sort of conch, or ear, and are Sunday

Monday.... 20
Stanfield, the Pass of the Simplon, and the susceptible of voluntary motion. The common


Schalbet by moonlight, are probably the highest pheasant does not possess this ornament. Now Wednesday 22
efforts to which scenic painting has hitherto Pliny expressly says: Phasianæ in Colchis Wind variable, prevailing N.W. Except the 16th,
attained, though the picture altogether is de- geminas ex pluma aures submittunt subrigunt- 20th, and 21st, generally overcast; a little rain and snow

at times. Rain fallen, 2 of an inch.
fective in the want of an adequate termination : que.Froin these facts, Dureau de la Malle,
the Lago Maggiore, with the Boromean Islands, in the Annales des Sciences Naturelles, fixes Thursday... 23
though fine, are not a fine finale.

the country of the bird at Colchis or Mingrelia, Friday
whence we have also the common pheasant, Saturday

29.34 Stationary
whose name is derived from Phasis, the prin- Monday

Sunday.... 26

29.16 Stationary
cipal river of Colchis. M. Gamba, French Tuesday
New Moving Power. - M. Zgiersky, of St. consul at Tiflis, is stated to have seen and Wednesday 29

29.61 Stationary
Petersburg, the author of several ingenious chased the golden pheasant in the chain of the

Prevailing winds N.W and E. Except the 23d and
inventions and scientific works, is preparing a Caucasus, where large flocks are found in com-

24th, generally cloudy, with frequent snow and rain.
publication which will shortly appear in Latin, pany with the common pheasant.

Latitude...... 51° 37' 32" N.
in Russ, and in French, and which will un- Gold Mine. The Charlestown Gazette an-

fold some secrets of a nature calculated to be nounces the discovery of a gold-mine in South Aurora Borealis.-On Christmas Day, at half-past
generally useful. This publication will con- Carolina, which is so productive that it employs A., a very remarkable aurora borealis was observed
tain the description of a new system for impel. about five hundred workmen. The metal is tended from north to west through a sky for the most
ling air-balloons against the wind; and of the said to be of singular purity.

part clear, and almost eclipsed by their brilliance the re-
application of the same principle to put in mo-
tion carriages and agricultural instruments, that, in Prussia, there is one soldier in eighty glow arose in the west, like the dull light of some vast

National Armies. — It has been computed splendence of an unclouded and frosty moon. These re-
without the assistance of horses, or other inhabitants ; in Austria, one in a hundred and and distant conflagration; and from this

, as a centre,
draught animals, and without steam-engines. eighteen; in France, one in a hundred and began to diverge "streamers of fantastic form, which

seemed to be composed of bundles of arrowy beams, for
Cholera Morbus.--The Austrian government forty-two; in England, one in two hundred ever shifting like the movements of a mighty loom. At
has sent several physicians into Russia to and twenty-nine; and in Russia, one in fifty- times, these appeared to press forward on the gaze with
study the symptoms of the cholera morbus, and seven.

almost dazzling lustre; and then again they faded, as the

light leapt from cloud to cloud, into a pale saffron efful-
ascertain the nature of that dreadful malady. French Porcelain... From the year 1810 to gence. Once they assumed the likeness of Greek cha-
A similar mission is contemplated by the go- the year 1814, a beautiful piece of porcelain, facters traced out upon the sky. The stars were seen
vernment of France. At a recent meeting called “ The Tablet of the Marshals,” which changes, in awful beauty, for about half an hour, the
of the French Academy, M. Moreau de Jonnes was placed in the museum at Paris, attracted streamers ceased to play, but for some hours afterwards,
read a paper on the subject, and drew from the the attention of all the amateurs of the arts. that quarter of the sky retained a softened light, and the

cloud-like archés were still perceptible.
facts already established the following conclu- The painting upon it was considered to be Keswick, 27th Dec. 1830.
sions :-Ist, That there is reason to hope that Isabey's master-piece. It was a monument to
the cold of winter in the Russian provinces, the glory of the warriors who contributed to TO CORRESPONDENTS.
which are situated between the 45 and 57 the triumphs of the memorable campaign of L.'s lines, though pretty, are inadmissible.
degrees of latitude, will arrest the effects and Vienna. In the midst was Napoleon on the We do not thik the reclamation of Amed Pichot, re-
the propagation of the pestilential cholera ; throne; from which emanated rays, bearing specting the fragment taken from the Mercure de France
2dly, that, nevertheless, numerous and uniform the names of the various battles fought before to make a stir alwut ; though we are decidedly of opinion
examples give reason to fear that it will only the victory of Austerlitz. Between these rays that fair and candid dealing in such matters is not only
be suspended during the winter, and that it were the portraits of twelve of the French the most honest, but also the most beneficial line of
will recommence its ravages in spring; 3dly, marshals. On the restoration of the Bourbons, Messrs. George Barret and John Pye seem to complain
that if, unhappily, such should be the case, this magnificent work was expelled from the with more cause, that a print published in the Amulet
the whole of Europe may be invaded, one part museum. It is now the property of an indi-off for the Anniversary. Not even sieel can do justice to
after another, according to the opinion of Lord (vidual in Paris, who has offered it for sale. artists in this way.
Heytesbury, the English ambassador at Peters-

Mr. Montague Burgoyne's petition to parliament for

enclosing 12,000 acres of Epping Forest, does not fall
burgh ; an opinion confirmed by the consider-
ation that the contagion must acquire new


within the plan of the Literary Gazette. We neverthe-

less heartily wish well to every project for the improve-
strength in passing into climates of a higher

(Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. I. Jan. 1.] ment of the condition of the poor.

A Popular Sketch of the History of Poland, by Mr. P., of Crukhowel, is wroth with Dr. Hibbert, or the
temperature than that of Russia.

W. J. Thoms, editor of the “Early Prose Romances." writer of a paragraph in the Literary Gazeite of Dec. 1,
The French Press.-Le Globe says, “ Under -The Incognita ; or, Sins and Peccadillos, a Tale of for imagining that the dark features of the natives of
the title of “ Patriotic Association of the Press, Spain, by the author of The Castilian," &c. -Obser- Auverne shewed them to be of a Celtic origin. He

vations on the present defective State of English Tim- declares there is no authority or sanction for such a sup-
a society is at present forming, for the pur. ber, the Causes which retard its Growth, together with position. Non nostrům, &c.
chase of all the brevets d'i rimeur vacant at the Means which ought to be immediately adopted to E. M., who impugns our grammar occasionally “in
Paris and in the departments, in order to re- Description of Property, by P. Lauder, of Cardif. –We the same time, tells us he is "NO grammarian,"

prevent the further premature Decay of this valuable the use of the subjunctive, or future imperfect," and, at
tain for the French people the means of pub- announce with pleasure that the comedy of The Chancery would, we think, be inuch puzzled to adduce examples of
Jishing, by journals, by pamphlets, or other Suit, which entertains us, we know not why, too rarely what he contends for. We cannot, however, enter upon
on the stage, is about to appear in print.

the controversy.
wise, all that may be serviceable to the public

Mr. James's letter shall have due attention in our next.

interest, conformably to law. Every thing

A second review of the Life of Lord Rodney is pre-
which issues from these patriotic printing - Natural Philosophy), fcp. 6s. bds. ; Library, Vol. I. (Life

Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia, Vol. XIV. (Herschel's pared.

We will endeavour to bring up the arrear of Advertise-
offices will be sold at the cost price." It is lof Duke of Wellington, by Capt. Sherer,"Vol. 1.), fcp. ments next week.


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the great Advantage of sending their Advertisements and Bill FOREST SCENES and INCIDENTS in
PANORAMA, of MADRAS, painted by the Publisheri"

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R. STRUTT begs leave to inform his

4th edition, in 3 pocket vols. to correspond with the Family

Library, price only 12s.
Friends and the Public, that he has removed from

Duke Street, St. James's, to Carlton Chambers, 8, Regent Street, EATH-BED SCENES and PASTORAL
Connected with Literature and the Arts. where his Sylsa Britannica, Deliciæ Sylvarum, and other Works

on Forest Trees and Woodland Subjects, may be seen.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

An 8vo. edition of
Spring Course of Lectures will commence on Wednesday,

For Schools and Young Persons. Post 8vo. 6s. 6d.
The Sylva Britannica is now published, price
Jan, 19th, 1830.

Theory and Practice of Medicine-Dr. Williams and Dr.
Two Guineas.

GREEK CLASSIC POETS, for the Use of Young Per.

The Third Number of the Deliciw Sylvarum,

sons at School or College,
Materia Medica-Dr. Roots.
containing Scenes at Kenilworth, Birchwoods, on the Banks of

Chemistry-Dr. Burton.

the Dee, at Llangollen, Abeles, on the Banks of the Thames, and * Mr. Coleridge has done himself infinite credit by this little
Anatomy-Mr. John F. South and Mr. Tyrrell.
Aged Oaks at Epping, is ready for delivery.

volume, which displays striking proofs of judgment, learning,
Surgery-Mr. Green.

and good taste. It is designed for the use of young persona at
Midwifery-Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Ashburnam.
Comparative Anatomy-Mr. John F. South.

DINBURGH REVIEW.-Advertise- school or college, though, in truth, it may be used with advantage

by persons of all ages. The present volume is only the first of a
Botany--Mr. Prost.
Clinical Lectures will be given.
tising Sheet of No. 104 of the Edinburgh Review, are requested

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Pupils entering to the Surgical Practice of this Hospital are to be sent to Longman and Co. Paternoster Kow, by Saturday,
allowed to attend that of Guy's.
Jan. 8; and Prospectuses, Catalogues, Bills, &c. to be stitched in

Post 8vo. 83. od.
For Particulars, apply to Mr. Whitfield, Apothecary to

the Number, not later than the 14th. Advertisers will perceive
St. Thomas's Hospital.


“ We have been led to talk of Robinson Crusoe hy the narra-
William Daniell, R.A. and E. T. Parris, now exhibiting

tive of Mr. Head, who is a sort of Robinson Crusoe in his way.
in the New Road, nearly opposite Gower Street.

We have perused his work with considerable pleasure."-West.
Admittance, One Shilling.-Open from Ten till Dusk.
The Gallery is well warmed.

M U S I C.

minster Review.

" The Rough Notes' of Captain Head on his gallop across
Popular Journal of Musie.

South America, are not more unlike ordinary travels than this

Price 3s. the first Number for 1831, of

diary of a winter's journey in British America, and a summer

devoted to the Publication of Vocal and 'Instrumental lively and agreeable spirit."- Quarterly Review.
already been received.
Music, and offering a Medium for the Union of Music and Lite.

In post 8vo. 98. 6d. 3d edition,
The volumes of the National Library' already before the rature, by means of Essays, Memoirs, and Criticisms on Musical
world may be contidently appealed to as proofs of zeal on the part Subjects; together with Periodical Reports of the State of the

Rough Notes, taken during some rapid Jour-
of the Proprietors, to engage, without regard to expense, the as. Art in all Parts of the World.

neys across the Pampas and among the Andes. By Captain F.
sistance of writers of high celebrity, and to present to their read. Each Number will contain-1. An Original Biography of some Bond Head.
ers a series of productions, which, as they are connected not with distinguisheal Composer or Performer – 11. Interesting Corre.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
ephemeral, but with permanent subjects, may, years hence as spondence, or original Dissertations on Subjects connected with
well as now, be consulted for lively amusement as well as solid the Science-111. Detailed Accounts of the Opera, Concerts,

Present State of Greece.-3 vols. 8vo. 21. 58.

and other Musical Performances of the past Month-IV. Copious RAVELS in the MORE A.
The Life of the illustrious Byron, by Mr. Galt, who was per- Extracts from the Foreign Musical Journals, giving the Reader
sonally known to the poet, has been stamped by the concurrent the latest Information of the Progress of the Art and its Profes.

Foice of the public with the character of a standard work, au: sors throughout Europe-V. Liberal and unbiassed Accounts of

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
thentie in particulars, and dispassionate in judgment. That it all Musical Works as they appear--and VI. Six

or Seven Pieces

of whom may be had, by the same Author,
should have met with opposition, was an inevitable consequence of Music, Vocal and Instrumental, English and Foreign, selected The Topography of Athens, with Plates,
of the task-since the very name of Byron conjures up at once a with care, and printed with a beauty and accuracy that may 8vo. 11. 10s.
host of angry disputants, who, having each his own theory to safely challenge competition.
support, cannot all concur in the statements and opinions of the London: Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor, with Map,
biographer, be these what they may. The memoir in question Green, (to whom Communications for the Editors may be ad. 880. 18s.
has, however, been so fortunate as already to rise superior to its dressed), and regularly forwarded with the Magazines to all

Booksellers and Dealers in Music in Town and Country, with Printed uniformly with Mrs. Markham's Histories of England
Is speaking of the Rev. Mr. Gleig's History of the Bible, it has whom Specimen Numbers of the Harmonicon may be seen.

and France, 2 vols. 168.
been said in a contemporary Journal, (Lit. Gaz.) that it would

be some ground of reproach to the friends of truth, if they had en.
tirely neglected the new species of monthly publications as a means


Young Persons.
of diffusing religious knowledge among the higher and middle


classes of society; and the present volume shews, in the happiest A Third Set of Six Songs, the Words selected, by permission,

With Wood Engravings.
manner, how well they are adapted to convey that knowledge froin the Poems of Mrs. Hemans, the Marquess of Montrose, Sir

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
which makes faith more sure, and piety more enlightened." To Walter Scott, Bart., and Thomas Campbell, Esq. Price 108. 6d.
this has been elsewhere added a commendation which the writer containing the " Pirate's Farewell," " Alice Brand," the “ Two

2d edition, 3 vols. Svo. 36s.
may reflect on with unqualified happiness during his life, namely, Voices," * Love Song," " Treasures of the Deep," “ Eternal
that "the replies which he has given in different stages of bis Hope."
History to the cavils of sceptics, are likely, with the blessing of

Single Songs.

ENGLAND, from the Accession of Henry VII. to the
Providence, to arrest the spread of disbelief."

Death of George II.
Beth Gelert, 3s.

Rose, thou art the sweetest
The History of Chemistry, which forms the third volume of the Greek Exile, 2s.


Flower, 9s.
National Library, is from the pen of the learned Dr. Thomson: One Hour with Thee, 25.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Then be it so, 2s.
of the University of Glasgow; who, in recording the wonderful Pirate's Farewell, 25.

Treasures of the Deep, 25.

Middle Ages, 4th edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 368.
incidents and effects on society which marked the progress of Poor Louise, 2s.

Xarifa, or the Bridal of An.
Chemistry--in telling of the strange lives of its early students, Roland the Brave, 2s.

dalla, 38.

Family Library.
(the Alchemists and others,) and in describing at full the useful
labours and discoveries of more recent professors-has written a

Published by J. Power, 34, Strand.

With Portrait, Maps, and Woodcuts, 58.
book which, while it' is characterised by scrupulous truth, and

by practical information in every part, possesses much of the
attraction of romance.

By Major F. B. HEAD,
The remaining volumes of those hitherto published, are occu-

Author of “ Rough Notes made during some rapid Journess
pied by the History of Chivalry and the Crusades; and Festivals,


across the Pampas and among the Andes."
Games, and Amusements, Ancient and Modern, by Mr. Horace

Volumes published up to the present time, price 5s, each,
Smith,-which latter is just issued to the public. Of the charm

bound in canvass:
of the former subject in an imaginative point of view, and of its three Plates, imperial 4to. on a new Plan, coloured, 21. 26.; full
great utility in illustrating the annals of European nations, it is coloured and half-bound, 21. 154.

1 and 2. Life of Buonaparte 11. Irving's Columbus
Deedless to speak; while, as regards the present author's trent. Index to the Eton Atlas, 7s. boards.

8. Alexander the Great

12. Souther's Nelson
ment, the numerous readers of " Richelieu" and “Darnley"

14. British Physicians
have, no doubt, from its first announcement, formed high espect. Geography, in 67 Plates, medium 110. reduced from the

above, 2. Insects
A Comparative Atlas of Ancient and Modern 5, 6, and 9. History of the Jews 15. British India

16. Demonology and Witch-
To these, many other original works will immediately succeed; and including two complete Indices of the Ancient and Modern 8. Court and Camp of Buona- craft, by Sir Walter


among which may be mentioned the History of the Royal Navy Names, 30. coloured; In green cloth, full coloured and half.
of England, from its first existence; and that of the British bound, 21. 21.
Army and its Services, Histories such as these, seem, of especial

An Atlas of Ancient Geography, in 26 Plates being Vols. 1. and 11. of the Works of Philip Massinger, illus.

The Family Dramatists, Nos. I. and II.,
right, to belong to an English National Library; and it is con: medium 4to. with an Accentuated Inder of all the Names, 15s.
fidently believed by the Proprietors, that the great public interest coloured and half-bound.

trated with Explanatory Notes, and adapted to the Use of Fami.
ef these subjects will appear not to have been confided to hands

lies and Young Persons, by the omission of exceptionable Passuges.
incompetent to the importance of the task. In Biography, too,
An Atlas of Modern Geography, in 30 Plates,

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
the Proprietors hope to fulfil the expectations regarding this medium 4to. with an Index of all the Names, 16s. coloured and
branon of Literature, which they understand bave been excited half-bound.

Edinburgh Cabinet Library, No. 11.- Africa.
by the universal success of their firat volume, the Life of Byron; Compiled from original Authorities, and containing the latest in small 8vo. containing above 500 Pages, price 6s, cloth boards,
in justification of which hope, they may specify two works as Discoveries. By A. Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to the King,

illustrated by a Map, and Plans of the Routes of Park, and
forthcoming, namely," a New Life of Shakspeare," and "Lives Soho Square.

of Denham and Clapperton, with numerous Engravings by
ef Distinguished Travellers."

Such are the principal features of the National Library as far

Price 3d.
as it has already proceeded; and such the nature of some of those

ADVENTURE in APRICA, from the earliest Ages to
works in preparation. But, impressed with the belief that it
would be an ill-judged and unthrifty economy in the production

of KENT, on the Present State and Recent Actions of the present Time, with Illustrations of the Geology, Mineralogy,

and Zoology:
of such valuable works, not to give ample scope to the eminent the Agricultural Labourers.
writers who are engaged upon them, and who have, in the vo-



lumes already before the public, increased the size beyond what

P.R.S.E. and HUGH MURRAY, Esq. F.R.S. É.
was first contemplated, the Proprietors have resolved to fix the The Kentish Pocket Companion for 1831 ;

Being No. 11. of the Edinburgh Cabinet Library.
price of the work at Sir Shillings per Volume being the same as particularly adapted to the Inhabitants of the County of Kent.

On the 1st of October was published, No. I.
Is charged for a contemporary series of a similar nature; and the
Price 28. 6d, sheep.

Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in
previous volumes will consequently for the future be sold also at
the new price.

Ward, Canterbury; and Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. the Polar Seas and Regions, with Ilustrations of their climate,
In conclusion, the Proprietors trust they shall not be accused

Ave Maria Lane, London.

Geology, and Natural History; and an Account of the Whale
ef anjustifiable pride in expressing their belief, that, in the pro.

Fishery. By Professor Leslie, Professor Jameson, and Hugh
press of their undertaking, they shall be the means of publishing,

Price 191. cloth boards,

Murray, Esq. F.R.S.E. With a Chart, and Engravings by Bran-
fastructed many, and amused all; and, above every other species

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and
of culogs, of being fit to be introducerl, without reserve or excep. Complete in 1 small 8vo. vol.

the Notes and Biographical Illustrations of Malone.

Simpkin and Marshall, London.
ton, by the father of a family to the domestic circle.

This 'ypographical gem will be found more especially adapted
Yer Burlington Street, Jan. 1, 1831.

In 8vo. price 108. Od, boards,
for the boudoir or drawing-room table than any other volume of
To Booksellers, Stationera, and Printers.
a similar class hitherto published.

BSERVATIONS on the History of the
YOUNG MAN, who has for some years

Also, price 41. each, in cloth boards,

Preparation for the Gospel, and its early Propagation;
had the management of an extensive Concern in the The Lyre and the Laurel, 2 vols. of the most from the Dedication of Solomon's Temple, to ihe end of the
above Branches, is desirous of obtaining a Situation. The most beautiful Fugitive Poetry of the Nineteenth Century; being the

By the ker. J. COLLINSON, M.A.
Texpeetable references, and security (if required), can be given. Third and Fourth Volumes of Sharpe's Library of the Belles

Rector of Gateshead, Durhamn.
Letters (post-paid), M. C., 9, Craig's Court, Charing Cross, Lettres.

London : Printed for C., J., 6., and P. Rivington, St. Paul's
Londen, will be immediately attended to.

Published by John Sharpe, Piccadilly.

Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.


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Scenes of Life and Shades of Character.

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Price 5s.
Works on Natural History.

Interesting Works just published.

1. EDUCATION. No. I. Contents: Introduction -on University Education: Oxford – Earth's Surface, by reference to Causes now in operation. Bro.

the Year 1830. In 3 vols. post 8vo. Elementary Instruction in Scotland, United States, Silesia, Ba- illustrated with numerous Woodcuts, Plans, &c. 'Vol. 1. 156.

II. varia, &c.-Education at Rome; Gregorian or Roinan College

By CHARLES LYELL, F.R.S. Medical School of Paris - Dissenting Academies - Education

Foreign Secretary of the Geological Society.
among the Early Dissenters-Polytechnic School of Paris-Edin. It is very interesting and amusing, and should be read by Edited by A. A. Watts, Esq. In 9 vols. past 8vo.
burgh Sessional School-Education in the Ionian Islands.
every one who takes an interest in this rising branch of natural

Reviews : Zumpt's Latin Grammar-the Modern Traveller; history." -Jamesn's Philosophical Journal.
Egypt, Nubia, &c.-on the Polity and Commerce of the Chief

By L. Lloyd, “This is a work of no ordinary mind. It bears deeply stamped

Field Sports of the North. Nations of Antiquity, by Professor Heeren; Egypt-Tables of upon it the impress of talent, knowledge, and research: and Esq. 2d edition, in 3 vols. 8vo. with great additions, and sevedifferent species for facilitating Calculation-Elements of Arith independent of the interesting and important nature of the sub- ral new Plates.

metic, by A. de Morgan-Dr. Butler's Ancient Atlas--Lessons on ject, the depth and general justness of the author's views come
Objects, as given in a Pestalozzian School at Cheam-Heeren's recominended to us by the perspicuous and elegant language in Maxwell. By the Author of " Sayings and
Manual of Ancient History--Greek Grammar--the Anabasis of which they are clothed. We cannot conclude this notice of the
Xenophon – Pinnock's Catechisms - Miscellaneous : Foreign; volume without strongly recommending it."-Atheneum.

Doings." In 3 vols.
London : Charles Knight, Pall Mall East.

2. The Journal of a Naturalist. 3d edition, The Persian Adventurer, forming a Sequel foolscap 8vo. with numerous Additious and Improvements, Plates to the Kuzzilbash. By J. B. Frazer, Esq. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

and Woodcuts, 13s. Princess Esterhazy.


Plants, trees, and stones, we note, A BELLE ASSEMBLEE for January.

Birds, insects, beasts, and many rural things.

Stories of American Life. Edited by Mary The First Number of a new Volume is enriched hy " The author of the charming volume before us has produced Russell Mitford. In 3 vols. post 8vo. a splendid Engraving by Dean, from an exquisite miniature by one of the most interesting books we remember to have seen for a

Holmes, of the beautiful Portrait of Her Serene Highness the long time."- New Monthly Magazine, June 1829.
Princess Esterhazy.

The Life of Titian, with Anecdotes of the The success of this interesting book, which has now reached The Two Plates representing the most fashionable Dresses - a third edition, is a tolerable pledge of its merits. No one can Distinguished Persons of his Time. By James Northcote, Esq. the Letter-press D.partment from Contributors of acknowledged have looked through its simple unassuming pages without plea: R.A. In : vols. dro. with a fine Portrait of Titian. merit, and executed as it is with all the aids of modern improve. surable feelings."- Asiatic Journal, Sept 1828,

VIII. inents in typography-will combine to render this Number as 3. Consolations in Travel; or, the last Days The Heiress of Bruges, a Tale, by T. Col. attractive as any of its predecessors. Price 35. 64.

Philosopher. By Sir Humphry ley Grattan, . Traits Lady Durham's Portrait, from a Painting Royal Society.er in vol: Printed uniformly with Salmonia.Travel, " &c. New and cheap edition, in 3 vols. post svo. by Sir Thomas Lawrence, will embellish the February Number. 6. a new edition..

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street. Published by Whittaker and Co. London ; Waugh and lunes, “We have been greatly delighted with this work."-Monthly Edinburgh; and J. M. Leckie, Dublin. Review.

In small 8vo. 5o. cloth boards, with a Portrait (to be continued The Proof's by M. Colnaghi, 23, Cockspur Street. “The work is of a very superior character, elaborately written,

every other Month), Vol. I. of
full of most ingenious thoughts, with some passages of great
Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Library.
beauty."-Asiatic Journal.

THE SUNDAY LIBRARY; or, the ProIn small 8vo. price 53. the First Volume of the

Also, by the same Author,

of Sermons from the most eminent Divines of the Church of Eng. 4. Days of Fly-Fishing, a new edition, with land, chiefly within the last Half Century; with occasional BioMARSHAL the DUKE of WELLINGTON, in 2 vols. Plates and Woodcuts, 12s.

graphical Sketches, and short Notes.
5. The Zoology of North America, Part I.

By the Rer. T. P. DIBDIN, D.D.

Rector of St. Mary's, Bryanston Square; and Vicar of Being the First Volume of Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Library. containing the Quadrupeds. By John Richardson, M.D. Surgeon

Exning, Suffolk.
To be published,

of the late Expedition under Captain Franklin. Illustrated by Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Feb. 1. Annual Retrospect of Public Affairs in 1830. 1 vol.

Twenty-eight spirited Etchings, by Thomas Landseer, 4to. price March 1. French Revolution of 1630, by T. B. Macauley, Esq. 16.118.01.

Sir Walter Scott's New Tales of a Grandfather. M.P.

Published under the Authority and Patronage of

In 3 small vols. half-bound, Plates, price 10s. 64. uniform with April 1. Military Memoirs of Wellington. Vol. II.

His Majesty's Governinent.

Tales from Scottish History, May l. Life and Reign of George IV. 3 vols. Vol. I.

6. The Zoology of North America, Part II. PALES of a GRANDFATHER; being Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. containing the Birds. ®ky John Richardson, M.D. With Fifty coloured Engravings, drawn on Stope, by W. Swainson, Esq.

Stories taken from the History of France.

By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. Works published during the week by Longman, Rees, and numerous Woodcuts. 4to. In the press.

Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Whittaker Orme, Brown, and Green. 7. The Natural History of Insects, embel

and Co. London.

Of whom may be had, new editions of vols. 9d edition, small 8vo. 38. Hon. GEORGE CANNING, from his Acceptance of the Seals of the Foreign Department, in September 1829, to the

8. Outlines of Geology ; being the Substance Third Series; being Stories taken from Scottish History. '9 vals.

Tales of a Grandfather, First, Second, and Period of his Death, in August, 1827; together with a Short Ke- of a Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution, a new 11. 11.. 64. half-bound. view of Foreign Affairs subsequently to that Event. edition. By W. T. Brande, F.R.S. Post 8vo. 74. 6d.


9. Houker's Botanical Miscellany, Numbers The Sea Kings in England, a Romance, of In 3 vols. 8vo. price 11. 16s. boards. The Annual Biography and Obituary for the Number. A few Copies of Nos. I. and II. with Plates coloured, 3 vols, price Il. 11s. 6d.

1. II. III. forming Vol. I. Kogal 8vo. with 75 Plates, 108.6d. each the Time of Alfred. By the Author of the Fall of Nineveh." Year 1831, containing Memoirs of celebrated Persons who have price 15s. died in 1829, 30. In 8vo. 158. boards. Contents.- Sir Charles Vinicombe Penrose--the Right Hon. with Plates and Woodcuts, 6s, 641. 10. Journal of the Royal Institution, No. I.

Christmas Presents and New Year's Gifts.

Published by Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. dve Maria Lane. George Tiernes-Sir George Montagu-His Majesty George the Fourth-Lord Redesdale-Sir Charles Brisbane-Dr. Gooch-Sir

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

In 3 vols. 18mo. with Plates, price 10s. 64. neatly bound, Thomas Lawrence, Bishop James-Sir Thomas Staines- Dr. Somerville-Sir Charles Morice Pole, Bart.-William Bulmer, Published by Messrs. Treuttel and Co. 30, Soho Square,

Collected by MISS MITFORD, Exq.--Sir Eliab Harvey-the Righe Hon. William Huskisson

and to be had of all Booksellers.

Author of Our Village."

In : vols. foolsoep 8vo. with 20 Engravings and a Map, Rennel, &c. &c. della LINGUA ITALIANA, per ordine di Diffi.

16s. in handsome cloth, Also may be had,

cultà, &c. Da F.C. ALBITES, di Roma, &c. &c. The preceding 14 volumes, 15s. each.

2. The Picture of India, Geographical, His.

In 1 vol. 12mo. price 7s. The Talba ; or, door of Portugal. By Mrs. and will be found extremely useful in Epistolary CorrespondIn 18mo. with 89 Engravings and 5 Maps, 5s, bound and lettered,

This elegant work is principally intended for Young Ladies, torical, and Descriptive. Bray, Author of the “ White Hoods," “ Fitz of Fitz-Ford," &c. ence, &c.

3. Pinnock's Geography of the British Empire. In 3 vols, post 8vo. 11. 78. boards. " Mrs. Bray sees with the eye of a painter; and one great merit,

8vo. 8s. 6d.

In 12mo. with Frontiepiece, 6s. half-bound, that of historical accuracy as regards manners, costuine, &c. her pages invariably possess. These volumes must add, therefore, to

4. The Young Wanderer's Cave, and other LIFE and SERVICES of CAPTAIN THILIP BEAVER, R.N. late of H.M.S. Nisos.

Tales. her already high popularity."-Literary Gazette.

In 18mo. with many Cuts, 2s, 6d. half-bound, A Memoir of the Life, Writings, and Cor. By, Captain W. H. SMYTH, R.N. K.S.F. F.R.S. and F.S.A.

* There is much in the volume which will be interesting to respondence of James Currie, M.D.F.R.S. of Liverpool, &c. &c. the general reader, and a professional student may derive from its

5. The Toy Shop; or, Sentimental Preceptor. Edited by his Son, William Wallace Currie. 9 vols. 8vo. with perusal many valuable hints for his conduct."- Monthly Review

In 12mo. the ed edition, 6s. in cloth, Portrait, price 11. &.

« The volume before us deserves the honour of ranking with 6. The Wonders of the Vegetable Kingdom Pen Tamer; or, the History of an Old Maid. the lately published Memoir of Lord Collingwood, between whose Displayed. By the late Mrs. H. M. Bowdler. Post 8vo. with Plates, 10s. 61, character and that of Captain Beaver there exist some points of

In 12mo. with coloured Plates, ss. in cloth, similitude. We predict that it will become popular, and we Instructions to Young Sportsmen in all that trust that it is the harbinger to other works of the same kind from

7. Letters on Entomology. relates to Guns and Shooting. By Lieut.-Col. P. Hawker. 6th the same pen." -United Sirrice Journal.

In foolscap &vo, with 4 Plates and a Map, 78. in cloth, edition, in 8vo. 184. cloth boards.

See also the Quarterly Review, No. LXXXII.

8. Stories of Travels in South America. “ Colonel Hawker is one of the best shots in England, and his

John Murray, Albemarle Street. Instructions to Sportsmen' the very best book we have on the

Almanaca fur 1831. subject."- Blackwood's Bisgazine, August 1830.

In 3 vols, post 8vo. price 11. 114. 6d.

Published at Stationers' Hall, London,

HE ENGLISHMAN'S ALMANAC; nal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorologs.

Historical Romance of the Time of Alfred.

price 28. 6d.: consisting of Seventy-two closely and ele. Conducted by J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. (.S. Z.S. &c. No. 17. (to

By the Author of the Fall of Nineveh." be continued every Two Months, alternately with the Gardener's Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Whittaker

gantly printed pages, and containing, with an unusual number

of necessary and useful Lists, Tables, &c., a series of curious and Magazine), 3. 6d.

and Co. London.

important Information, now for the first time introduced into an Also may be had,

Who have very nearly ready,

Almanac, and calculated to render this a publication of permaVol. III. just completed, 21s. boards; and Tales of a Grandfather; being Stories taken nent value to all classes of the community, Vols. I. and II. 188. each. from the History of France. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart. 3 small

2. The Tradesman's and Mechanic's Almavols. uniform with Tales from Scottish History.

nac, price 21. 6d. ; with the same number of pages as the former,

and which is destined for the use and acronimodation of that vast Now publishing, in Ten Monthly Parts, price 26. each, Body of the State which is engaged in Comtuerce or the MechaCOUNTRY, price 95. 6d. The January Number contains-The Camp of Wallenstein, a

VIBBON'S DECLINE and FALL of the cal. Arts. The contents of this Almanac have been selected

with the view of affording to these important Classes information new Translation, expressly for this Magazine-n the Punish.

ROMAN EMPIRE With a LIFE of the Author.

and advice directly bearing on their most serious interests. mnent of Death-After the Battle-Narratives of tbe French Re.

And a Portrait, engraved on Stee', handsomely printed in

3. Moore's Almanac improved ;
volution-Dr. Phillpott, the Bishop-Cruthers and Jonson, or the
Outskirts of Life- Epigrams from the French-Galt's Third Let

I portable vol. demy 850.

Farmer's and Countryman's Calendar: comprising a vast deal of ter on West Indian Sla ry- ing's Letter to Oliver

Part II. will be published on the 1st of Jan. atormation useful for the Farmer, Gardener, &c.; and Directions Literary Sketch of Dr. Maginn, with a full-length Portrait-Par.

founded on the newest Discoveries in Practical Agriculture and London: Printed for T. Cadell, Strand; and the

Rural Economy. liamentary Reform, and the Vote by Ballot-Some Passages from the Diary of the late Mr. St. John Long--Inscriptions; Life,

other Proprietors. Death, and Hope-Boaden's Life of Mrs. Jordan--the Polish In

Part I. of the Works of William Robertson, Royal Paper, with an Engraving of the Garden Front of the New

4. The Stationers' Almanac, on a Sheet of surrection--Luther's Psalm-L'Envoy-Ourselves, Grey Adminis. D.D. with a Life of the Author, bs Dugald Stewart, F.R.S. Edin. Palace, Pimlico. Price 35. 64. tration, and things in general--Literary Intelligence--Index, &c. and a Portrait, engraved on Sevel, will be published on the 1st of Also the usual variety of Almanacs published by the Company. James Fraser, 215, Regent Street, London; John Boyd, February next. To be completed in Ten Monthly Parts, forming • Lists of the New Ministers are printed for the various Edinburgh; and Grant and Co. Dublin, I vol. demy 8vo,

Almanacs, and may be had of all Booksellers.


a hobeneral David Stewart-William Hazlitt, Esq. — Major Bus

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or, the


H ISTORY of the war of INDEPEND THE POETICAL PRIMER, consisting of





Volume Nineteenth, which completes in the MEMOChe Ringet

EMOIR of an EMPLOYÉ, addressed






In 19mo. price 9s. in boards,

Constable's Miscellany.

38. half-bound, a 3d edition of MANUAL of the RUDIMENTS of Price 7s. or on a fine paper, price los. Vols. 60 and 61, containing THEOLOGY, containing an Abridgment of Bishop

Short Extracts from Ancient and Modern Authors, Tomline's Elements, an Analysis of Paley's Evidences, a Sum.


selected and arranged progressively, for the Use of Children. mary of Bishop Pearson on the Creed, and a Brief Exposition of


By Mrs. LAWRENCE. the Thirty-nine Articles, chiefly from Bishop Burnet, together London: Hurst, Chance, and Co.; and Constable and Co.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. with other Miscellaneous Matters connected with Jewish Rites

and Ceremonies, &c. &c.
By the Rev. J. B. SMITH,
Where may be had, jast published, Vols. 57, 58, and 59,

2 vols. foolscap 8vo. 10s. Of Christ College, Cambridge; Rector of Sotby, Perpetual Curate

containing a complete edition of

RACTICAL LECTURES on HISTO. of Bamburgh, and Head Master of Horncastle Grammar School. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, French of M. Fauvelet Bourrienne, Private Secretary to the Em

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
peror. By John S. Memes, LL.D.

Perpetual Curate of Wimbledon, Surrey.
“ We know, from the best political authority now living in

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
CAVERLEY NOVELS. New Edition. England, that the writer's accounts are perfectly corroborated by
This edition has now been Nineteen Months in the
facts."-Literary Gasette.

3d edition, foolscap 8vo. 5s. 6d. course of publication, and the following complete Works have

'ASTERN SKETCHES, in Verse. appeared :

In 1 vol. foolscap 8vo. price 108.

By HENRY GALLY KNIGHT, Esq. Waverley, in 2 vols.-Guy Mannering, in 2 vols.-The Anti

E M S.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. quary, in 2 vols.-Rob Roy, in 2 vols.- The Black Dwarf-Old

By SAMUEL ROGERS, Esq. Mortality-The Heart of Mid-Lothian--The Bride of Lammer. moor, and the Legend of Montrose, in a Series of 7 vols.; and edition, embellished with Fifty Engravings on Wood, from the

Including Pleasures of Memory, Human Life, &c. &c. A new Royal 8vo. with a Portrait and Fifty-two Illustrations, 21. 2s. Ivanhoe, in 2 vols.

Designs of T. Stothard, Esq. R.A. Volume Eighteenth of the Edition, which

Printed for T. Cadell, Strand.

By JOHN FLAXMAN, Esq. R.A. commences the Monastery, with an Introduction by the Author,

It is unnecessary to recommend this volume as an acceptable

As delivered by him before the President and Members of the and illustrated by G. S. Newton and A. Chisholm, was published

present to young persons at the present season.

Royal Academy. With a brief Memoir of the Author. on lot of Norember.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

With a Portrait, 9 vols. 8vo. 948. Monastery, illustrated by David Wilkie, principal Painter in Or. dinary to His Majesty, and A. Fraser, was published on Ist of


Of the Foreion Office.

the late ADMIRAL RODNEY. Volume Twentieth, which commences the

" Rien n'est plus dangereux que d'avoir raison quant les

Edited by his Son-in-Law, MAJOR-GENERAL MUNDY. Abbot, will appear on the 1st of January.

gens accredités ont tort." - Voltaire,

John Murray, Albemarle Street. The above Novels and Romances are illustrated with thirty.

Printed by S. M‘Dowall, Leadenhall Street. eight Designs, by the tirst Artists, engraved on duplicate Steel

In royal 8vo. (printed uniformly with the Clerical Guide), Plates, and sell for 5s. each volume, in crimson cloth.

New Year's Presents, &c.

price 183. boards, la order to meet the wishes of many who desire to possess the In 1 vol. small 8vo. neatly bound, with Plates, price 5s, to be Waverley Novels, if they can procure the same in monthly vols.

ready with the Magazines, on the 1st of January,

the Patrons of the Dignities, Rectories, Vicarages, Perthe Proprietors have resolved to commence a Re-Issue on the 1st ESTIVALS, GAMES, and AMUSE- petual Curacies, Chapelries, endowed Lectureships, &c. of the January next, beginning with Volume First, to be continued regularly on the 1st day of each month, till the whole is com

MENTS, Ancient and Modern.

United Church of England and Ireland; with the Valuation pleted.


annexed of all Livings not exceeding 1501. per Annum, as returned

to Parliament in 1818. The New Edition will be distinguished from the present

Author of "Brambletye House, ' &c. by a coloured label, but without differing from it in any other

Forming the Fifth Number of the National Library.

Printed for C., J., G.. and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. respect.

The Book of the Seasons, by William and Subscribers will be so good as to give in their Names as early Mary Howitt. In small 8vo. with numerous Vignettes.

as possible to their respective Booksellers. Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Whittaker The Historical Traveller, by Mrs. Charles

Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature.

This and Co. London.

Gore. In small 8vo. Specimens of the Work and Engravings are to be seen in the

Work is complete in 24 closely printed 4to. Volumes, and is illus

Philosophy in Sport made Science in Earnest, trated with 1526 Engravings. Price 21. each vol. Shop of every Bookseller in Great Britain and Ireland. being an Attempt to illustrate the First Principles of Natural

London: Published by Jones and Son, 17, Ave Maria Lane. Philosophy, by the Aid of popular Toys and Sports. 2d edition, CHE THEATRICAL LIBRARY, 29 vols. in smali 8vo. with numerous Engravings.

Literary Presents. price 61. 136. boards.

Also lately published,

JOURNAL of a NATURALIST. Cumberland's British and Minor Theatres, an elegant Pocket Edition of the Acting Plays, containing 917 of on Facts, and intended to correct an injudicious predilection in 2. Lyell's Principles of Geology, Vol. I. with the best Tragedies, Comedies, Operas, Farces, Melo-Dramas, and Boys for the Life of a Sailor. In 1 vol. post 8vo. with beautiful Plates, 8vo. 158. Interludes, now performing in the London Theatres, embellished Frontispiece. with 30 highly finished Portraits of celebrated Performers, and

The History of Africa, Ancient and Modern,

3. Washington Irving's Works :-
200 Engravings of interesting Scenes.
Published by John Cumberland, Camden Town; and sold by
with several Engravings. In small 8vo, neatly bound, price 4s.

1. The Sketch Book. 2 vols, post 8vo. 158.
Strange, Paternoster Row.
The Lives of Remarkable Youth. In small 2. Bracebridge Hall. 2 vols. 16s.

3. Tales of a Traveller. 9 vols. 16s. A new Play is published regularly every Tuesday, price 6d.

8vo. price 4s. neatly bound, with Portraits of the Princess Victo- 4. Life of Columbus. 4 vols. 8vo. 91. 2s.
ria, Sir T. Lawrence, &c.

5. The Conquest of Granada. 9 vols. 8vo. 24s. In 1 beautiful vol. foolscap 8vo. price 48. cloth,

Historic Anecdotes of France. In small THE SONNETS of SHAKSPEARE and 8vo. price 4s. with Portraits of Marie Antoinette, Francis I.,

4. Hallam's Middle Ages, 4th edition, 3 vols. MILTON.

8vo. 364.
Henry IV., and Louis XIV.
Also, price ls. with 6 humorous Designs,
Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street. 5.

History of England, 3 vols. 36s. Satan in Search of a Wife, with the whole

6. Bp. Heber's Indian Journals, 3 vols.

In 8vo. price 6s. Process of his Courtship and Marriage, and who danced at the

8vo. 36s. Wedding. By an Eye-Witness.

7. Southey's Life of Nelson, pocket vol. 5s. London : Edward Moxon, 64, New Bond Street.

Fellow of the

Royal College of Physicians, Lecturer on the The- 8. Modern Voyages and Discoveries :
The Keepsake.

ory and Practice of Medicine, and on Clinical Medicine in, and
Price One Guinea, bound in crimson silk,
Physician to, the London Hospital, &c. &c.

1. Captain

Parry's Five Voyages to the North Pole, with very Printed for T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

many Plates. 6 pocket Pols. 24s.

9 Captain Franklin's Two Journeys to the Polar Sea. Four London : Published for the Proprietor, by Hurst, Chance,

pocket vols. 20s. Price 17. gs. boards, illustrated by above Forty Vignettes, from

3. Depham's and Clapperton's African Discoveries, now first and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard; and Jennings and Chaplin, the Designs of Messrs. Stothard and Turner, R.A.

printed in 4 pocket vols. with Illustrations, 20s. Cheapside. Where may be had,

a Poem.

9. Captain Head's Rough Notes across the A few Copies of Large Paper, for 1829,

Printed for T. Cadell, Strand; and E. Moxon,

Pampas, and among the Andes._9s. 6d. 1830), 181, with Proof Impressions on India paper, price 91. 12s.6d.

64, New Bond Street.

10. George Head's Forest Scenes and Adeach.

It is unnecessary to recommend this volume as a most

ventures in the Wilds of America. Be. With One Hundred Engravings on Wood, Vol. I. price 218.

splendid Christmas Present.

11. Author of the Subaltern's Campaign at boards, of

Rivington's Miniature Editions.

Washington and New Orleans. 88. 6d.

12. Byron's Works, complete in Six pocket the ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY DELINEATED; being Descriptions and Figures in Ilustration of the Natural History of

to the HOLY SACRAMENT, with the Communion Vols. 274. with the exception of Don Juan. the Living Quadrupeds in the Society's Collection. Service annexed.

13. Romances of Eastern Life: Vol. ll. which is in preparation, will complete this DepartWilson's (Bishop) Sacra Privata.

1. Adventures of Giovanni Finati. 2 vols. 14.. ment of the Work. The whole will be comprised in Three Vols. ;

9. Anastasius; or, Memoirs of a Modern Greek, 3 vols. crown Two of Quadrupeds, and One of Birds. Andrews's (Bishop) Devotions, translated by

Bvo. 11. 113. 6d. The Work te also publishing in Numbers. No. XIII. contain Dean Stanhope.

3. Adventures of Hajji Baba. 3 vols. 218. ing Three Sheets of the Volume of Birds, is now ready, 3s. 6d.

.." The above are neatly and uniformly printed, and have London : Published by John Sharpe, Piccadilly.

4. Hajji Baba in England. 2 vols. 155. each a Portrait, engraved by Dean, price 4s. each, bound in black 5. Sir John Malcolm's Sketches of Persian Life and Manners. sheep; 25. 6d. in black calf; and is. 64. in morocco. The two

2 vols. post 8vo. 158. Printed on the best large post, in 4to. price, half-bound, extra first, or two laat Works, may be had bound together, price enlarged, 98.; enlarged, 65.; small edition, 48, 6d.; sewed,

3s. 3s. 6d. in black sheep; 4s. in black calf; and 66. 6d. in morocco. 14. Croker's Irish Fairy Legends, 3 vols. 368.

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, ICHARDS'S UNIVERSAL DAILY

15. Hon. Agar Ellis's True History of the REMEMBRANCER for 183), comprising a Diary for

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

Man in the Iron Mask. 108. 60.
Memoranda, Appointments, Bills Due, &c.' and a Variety of
Information, adapted to the Use of Attorneys, Bankers, Mer.

In 1 vol. 12mo. price 6s. boards, with a Memoir of the Author, 16. The Gold-Headed Cane, in post 8vo.

and Portrait, the 11th edition of chants, and all Persons of Business.

108. 60. Printed by and for C. Richards, St. Martin's Lane, Charing

17. Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England, Cross; and sold by Simpkin and Marshall, and Suttaby and Co.

exemplifying Female Virtues.

new edition, 3 vols. only 10s, half-bound. Stationers' Court; Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Church.

By Mrs. KING. yard, Low, Lamb's Conduit Street; and all Booksellers and Printed for C.,J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, for Young Persons, with Wood Engravings. vols. 12mo. 165.;

18. Mrs. Markham's History of England Stationers in Town and Country.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by Hatchard and Son, and History of France, 2 vols. 16s.

850. 12. a 3d edition of
Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

19. History of Spain, upon the Plan of Mrs. LEMENTS of RHETORIC; comprising

1. The Rector's Memorandum Book; being

Markham's Histories. By Mrs. Calcott. 9 vols. 163. the Substance of the Article in the Encyclopedia Me. tropolitana, with Additions, &c. the Memoirs of a Family in the North. 12mo. 78.

20. Stories from the History of England, By RICHARD WHATELY, D.D.

2. The Beneficial Effects of the Christian for Children, 10th edition, 3s. half-bound. Principal of St. Alban's Hall, and late Fellow of Oriel College,

21. Death-bed Scenes and Pastoral ConverTemper on Domestic Happiness. 12mo. 38. 64. Oxford. 3. A Tour in France, in 1802. 2d edition, Library. In 3 pocket vols

. price

only 125.

sations, 4th edition, printed to correspond with the Family John Murray, Albemarle Street, London; and J. Parker, Oxford. 3s. 6d,

John Murray, Albemarle Street.



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Price 12s. in rich crimson silk,
Published by R. Ackermann, 96, Strand, a new Annual,

In January will be published,


for 1031, with Twelve splendid Line Engravings.
Wood Engravings and numerous Vignettes, from Draw.

3 vols. post 8vo.
Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS.
ings by the late Thomas Rowlandson.. In post 8vo. price 12s.

“ He looked, and saw wide territory spread * A limited number of Copies in post 8vo. with Proofs on bound in morocco.

Before him, towns and rural works between; India paper, price 945.; Proofs of the Plates, in a Portfolio, imp. · The Humurist,' an entertaining and pleasant book for a

Cities of men, with lofty gates and towers, folio, 304.; colombier Proofs before letters, 31. 31. family circle; curtains closed, a bright fire, candles lighed,

Concourse in arms, fierce faces threatening var, London: Printed for Longman, Kees, Orme, Brown, and Green chairs drawn to the table, and people predisposed to be merry, Giants of mighty bone, and bold emprise." or whom may be had, because they are first comfortable." -Literary Gasctte.

The Chapiero of Vol. I. The New Year's Gift for 1831, with Nine Ackermann's Forget Me Not for 1831,

1. The Ship and the Galley 12. The Senators Line Engravings. Edited by Mrs. Alaric Watts. Price 8s. ele. price 12s.

2. The venerable Mother of 13. The Island of Pertility gantly half-bound in Turkey morocco. “This very pretty volume is the first to take the field, and, as


14. An Hour of Diemay usual, does equal credit to the taste and industry of the publisher,

8. Fane of a dread Potentate 15. The Pruits of Pestilence who alludes with most justitiable vanity to its success, not only

4. The Mistress of the Sea

16. The llill of Vision 5. An Eastern Palace

17. The Bloody Ransom A retrospect of the progress of the New Monthly Maga. well beguile even a sultry day by the Ganges."--Literary Gazette.

6. Festival of a Divinity

18. Bani liment of a Seer rine during the present year, has been a source of gratification to Ackermann's Juvenile Forget Me Not for 7. The House of History

19. Threatening War its proprietors;-but, although they hope and believe that no 1831, price 8s.

8. The Archives of Prineval 20. Conflagration among the prominent defect has existed, they conceive that the work inay


Mountains “We cannot but think our young friends ought to be very he improved by adding one or two new features to those by which happy in the prospect before then. Here is a little book with a

9. The Dispersion

21. The Destroyer it is already distinguished, and by increased activity in the

99. The Land of Poetry. beautiful outside and an entertaining inside; pretty pictures, 10. An Exodus general manag-inent. pretly tales, and pretty poems."-Literary Gazette

11. The Island of Wealth The New Monthly Magazine will therefore commence the

The Chapters of Vol. II. year 1831 with renewed claims to that public support it has so

tro. 3s. 6d. long enjoyed. Among other improvements, it is the intention of

1. Camp of the Destroyer

11. Proposition of Sacerdo

3. Polly and Treason

N E R; a Tragedy. the Proprietors to introduce into the Magazine a series of Lite

tal Pride

3. Rescue or Honour rery Sketches, or estimates of the genius of the principal authors


12. The Splendid Traitor 4. The Pall of ambition

13. A Royal Interview of the present day, accompanied by engraved likenesses. As, in

John Murray, Albeinarle Street. these times of intellectual fertility, the series must include many

*5. The Game of War

14. Advice to a-Prince

6. A Brunt of Galleys writers comparatively new to fame, the plan must be admitted to

15. The City of Sages SERMON on the PRESENT TIMES. 7. The Maid of Preternatural 16. CoinI18nwealth of Intel possess some novelty.

Ily the Rev. W. M. KINSEY, B.D.

*ligence The Proprietors pledge themselves to the most unremitting

8. Clash of Arms exertions in continuing to secure the co-operation of the most Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, and Lecturer of St. Nicholas.

17. The Ethereal Nations Delivered in the Parish Church of St. Helen, Abingdon, before 9. The losts of the Sky able and popular writers of the day; and the contributors may

18. Adventures of a Voyager.

10. Pall of the Cruel feel assured of being permitted the most perfect freedom from the Mayor and Corporation, on Sunday, December 6th, 1830, and undue restraint in conveying their opinions to the public, published at their desire.

The Chapters Of Vol. III. With regard to the Politics of tbe Magazine, the Proprietors Sold by Messrs. Paldwin and Cradock; Rivington and Co.;

1. A Palace and its Occupauts 14. The Triumph of Benefifeel it scarcely necessary to state that it will persevere in the

and Houghton, 161, Bond Street.

2. The Mistress of Vations

cence course it has so long and so invariably maintained. If its senti

the Land of Permanency 15., The Anchoret; the Valments generally accord with those of ihe individuals who at pre- Knowledge for the People.-Elegantly printed, price lo. 8. The Hope of the World

ley of Love sent intluence the destinies of the country, it is because the go

4. Precincts of Ghostly Power 16. The Devoted Princess verinent has happily taken the form which, for years, has been

5. A Pilgrimage of Captives considered in the pages of the New Monthly Magazine as most Plain Why and Because.

17. A Royal Marriage By JOHN TIMBS, Editor of " Laconics."

6. The Spiritual Chiefs conducive to the best interests of Great Britain. It is, however,

18. The Seer, and a beautiful Part I.- Domestic Science.

7. The Mantle of Strife,

Enthusiast less to men than to measures that its support will be extended :

8. The Sects, and, Fate of a 19. The luisible alignants it will ever be tbe ad socate of such principles as are consistent II.Zoology: Quadrupeds.

Peacemaker with reason and experience, and have the sanction of the great III. --Origins aod Antiquities will be published Jan. 1, 1831.

20. A Sepulchral Hall, and 9. First Assault upon Super.

Celestial Weapon and good of all nations. The sentiments of the great 'mans of the London : Sampson Low, 42, Lainb's Conduit Street; and

stition British people will be echoed freely and boldly, influenced by no Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard.

21. Encounter with a dread 10. Further Assaults upon Su.

Stranger other considerations than those of wisdom and justice.


99. The Progeny of the San N.B. The First Number for the New Year will be published on

8vo. 68. Od.

11. The Fiery Pit of Purga. 23. A Path of Glory the 1st of January; and those who desire to avail.themselves of EMOIR of the LIFE of 'HENRY


24. Overthrow and Bestorathe occasion for commencing the Work, are requested to transınit their orders to their respective Booksellers or Newsvenders. FRANCIS D'AGU ESSEAU, Chancellor of France; 19. A Phantom

tion of an Empire and of his Ordonnances for Consolidating and Amending certain

13. A Desperate Band Printed for Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, .

25. An Act of Faith. New Burlington Street.

Portions of the French Law. and an Historical and Literary
Account of the Roman and Canon Law.

In a few days, a new edition, foolscap 8vo. 63. .


John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Last Days of a Philosopher. MAGAZINE, No. CLXXV. for January 1831.

By Sir HUMPHRY DAVY, President of the Royal Sociers. Contents. I. Noctes Ambrosianet', No. 53-II. On the late

John Murray, Albemarle Street. French Revolution, No. 1-III. A Scene on the “ Costa Firme"


Of whom may be bad, by the same Author, -IV. Oa the Military Events of the late French Revolution-V.

Family Library.

Days of Fly.fishing, a new edition, with Dr. Parr and his Contemporaries-VI. The Local Government of the Metropolis--VII. Passages from the Diary of a late Physi: On the 1st of January will be published, with Plates and a Map, 5s. Plates and Woodcuis, 191. cian, Chap. 6. The Turned Head. The Wife-VIII. Thom. XVIII. of the LIBRARY,

Nen Works. son's Birth-place. By Delta-IX. The last Song of Sappho. By Mos Hemans-X. The Penitent's Keturn. By the same-XI.

Nearly ready for publication by Messrs. Colburn and Bentles, of Columbus. Remembrance. By a Modern Pythagorean--XII. Parliament.

New Burlington Street.

By WASHINGTON IRVING. ary Sayings and poings-XIII. L'Envoy..

Forming a Sequel to the Life of Columbus.

HE LIFE of SIR HUMPHRY DAVY, Printed for William Blackwood, No. 45, George Street,


Edinburgh; apd T. Cadell, Strand, London.

In I vol. with a fine Portrait.
Witchcraft, by Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

870. 98. 60.

And No. VIII. the Court and Camp of Buo.
WO ESSAYS on the GEOGRAPHY of naparte, with a Portrait of Talleyrand.

The Turf, a Satirical Novel. 2 vols.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Campaigos of Alexander, and the Anabasis of Xenophon.

Narrative of a Journey across Two Passes By the Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS,


Portrait of the King. Vicar of Lampetar, and Rector of the Edinburgh Academy, Jan. 1st will be published, price (ne Shiling, the First Nuřber of the Balcan, and of a Visit to Aizani, and other newly dis

covered Ruins in Aula Vinor, in 1829, 30. By Major the 11oo. John Murray, Albemarle Street,

of a Second Series of

George Keppel, F.S.A. In 2 vols. 8vo. with Maps and Plates.

KNOWLEDGE for the PEOPLE; or, the




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No. XVII. Letters on Demonology and

TWORCESA XSI 2,"intended partly en Alustrate the,






Monthly Record of Religious, Philosophical, Historical,

The Tuileries, an Historical Romance. In
Biographical, Topographical, and General Knowledge, embracing
January, the first Number of a New Volume contains Literature, Science, and Art.

3 vols. post 8vo. -I. Merlin's Prophecies for 1831-1!. Brougham's New Law

Edited by SAMUEL DREW, A.M.
Court-III. A Moore-ish Nelody--IV: Poland, past an'l present

To perpetuate in the New Series the character which, through The Siamese Twins, a Satirical Tale of the -V. Mrs. Jordan and her Biographer-VI. A Glance at Tetuan twelve years, the Imperial Magazine has acquired, no diligence | Times. By the Author of "'Pelham," " Paul Clifford," &c. --VII The Epitaph of 1830--VIII. De Poe, his Life and Writ

will he oniitted, no expense will be pared. ings-IX. St.Croix, a Tale of the Days of Terror-X. Last Words

small 8vo. In announcing, therefore, the First Number of the Second

VI. of a Moth-XI. Mismanagement of the Colonies-XII. Notes on

Series, the Proprietors have great pleasure in informing their the Month: the French Ministers- Paupers of the Pension List numerous Friends and Subscribers, that, by the kind permission

The Book of the Seasons, by William and --Rubbish of the Clapharnite Hypocrites-Expense of the Army of Mr. Daw, ther are enabled to embellish it with an undoubted Mary Howitt. In small 8vo. with numerous Vignettes. ---Luxury at Algiers-Peake's Comedy-Economy in the StrandLikeness of His Majesty, William the Fourth, engraved by Mr.

VII. Prodigality at Pimlico-La Belle Alliance r'. Tottenham Street

Cochran, from a large and beautiful Print, the original of which, Appropriate Presents from Norocco-Col. Rowan's Salary-Qua: painted by the late Henry Dawe, Esq. is in the possession of Her

The Historical Traveller. This work will rantine for the Cholera-Bishop of Bath and Wells, and the Coto Alajesty the Queen.

consist of a Series of Narratives, connected with the most curings tage System-Jekyll's Jokes--a certain Marquess and the Prize.

A Portrait of ller Majesty, Qucon Adelaide, will be given in an epochs of European History, and with the plienomena of EuroRing ---Price of Votes at Liverpool-Honourable Distinctions and earls Number of the same Voluine; hoth Portraits will be accom- pean Countries. It is expressly designer for the Use of Young the Royal Society--Knavery of the Anti-Slavery Gans-Sale luy panied by interesting Memoirs, derived from the most authentic Persons, to whom the study of the Universal History can only be Auction--the Duke of Devonshire's Estates in Ireland -Reviews

partially presented. By Mrs. Charles Gore. In I vol. small #vs. of New Books, Fine Arts, &c.

London : Fisher, Son, and Co. 38, Newgate Street; Simpkin London: Whittaker and Co.; Waugh and Innes, Edinburgh;

and Marshall; and Sherwood and Co.

In a few days will be published, in foolscap Bro. and J. M. Leckie, Dublin.

O N G S.

The Second Volume of
Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia.


Now first collected.
OORE'S LIFE of BYRON will be pub-

lished on Wednesday. STUDY of NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.

Lately published, by the same Author, in 2 vols. 1?mo. price 14s. By J. F. W. HERSCHEL, Exq. A.M.

The Shepherd's Calendar.
Being Vol. XIV. of “ Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia."

Early in January will be published, in l thick vol. large 8vo.
price 258. boards;

In foolscap 8vo.
The preceding Volumes of the Cabinet Cyclopedia are-

GREEK and ENGLISH and ENGLISH 2. Songs of the Ark, with other Poems. By XIII.--History of the Western World. Vol. i.United States of America


Henry S. Riddell. XI.-History of Prance, 3 vols. By E. E. Crowe. Vol. I.

By PROFESSOR DUXBAR, of Edinburgh, and

Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and II. XI. History of Maritime Discovery. Vols. I. and II. E. H. BARKER, Esq. of Thetford, Norfolk.

T. Cadell, Strand, London. X.--History of the Netherlands. By T. C. Grattan.

Printed for Maclachlan and Stewart, Edinburgh; and IX.Outlines of History. I Vol.

Simpkin and Marshall, London. VII.-Sir James Mackintosh's History of England. Vol. I.

LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W.A. SCRIPPY, at 1. IV. History of Scotland, 2 vols. By Sir Walter Scott.

In a few days will be published, in 18mo.

the LITBRARY GAZETTB OFFICE, 7, Wellingt Street, III.--Domestic Economy. By M. Donovan, Esq. Vol. I.

of the PROOF of the Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 13, South Moultor Street, Oxford V.-Mechanics. By Capt. H. Kater and Dr. Lardner.

CHRISTIAN RELIGION, with a Statement of the

Street; sold also by J. Chuppell, 98, Royal Exchange E. VI.--Lives of British Lawyers. By H. Roscoe, Esq. particular Evidence for it. Designed for the Use of the more

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill; A. Black, YII.--Cities and Towns of the World, 2 vols. Vol. I.

Educated Classes of Inquirers into
Religious Truth.

Edinburgh ; Smith and Son, D. Rolerloon, and Alkiak
To be published,

and Co. Glasgom; and J. Cumming, Dublin, -- Agent for London: Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Peb. 1.-History of France. Vol. II.

Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; Hatchard and Son, America, 0. Rich, 19, Red Lion Square, Lordon. Printed for Longman and Co.; and John Taylor, Piccadilly; sold also by Deighton and Son, Cambridge.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.

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