The Magazine of Magazines: Compiled from Original Pieces, with Extracts from the Most Celebrated Books, and Periodical Compositions, Published in Europe... The Whole Forming a Complete Literary and Historical Account of that Period..., 2-3권

Andrew Welsh, 1759

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60 페이지 - Queen, to all our sight, much rejoiced thereat : and gave testimony to us all, of her Christian and comfortable end. By this time, it grew late ; and every one departed : all but her Women that attended her. This that I heard with my...
109 페이지 - Had fcratch'd th' impetuous captain's hand, Had torn the lawyer's gown and band, And gold refus'd from knights and...
60 페이지 - He answered, Pretty well. I bade him good night. He replied and said, ' Sir, if you will come in, I will give you my word and credit, you shall go out again at your own pleasure.
17 페이지 - ... any thing in it, beginning with the king, and then naming the great lords according to their rank and dignity. The other volume is in quarto...
162 페이지 - ... he was accordingly taken into the boat, where he had his hands bound up as well as the place and circumstances could permit.
91 페이지 - The traveller visits in age those countries through which he rambled in his youth, and hopes for merriment at the old place. The man of business, wearied with unsatisfactory prosperity, retires to the town of his nativity, and expects to play away the last years with the companions of his childhood, and recover youth in the fields where he once was young.
141 페이지 - I made all the haste I could to court, which was then at Hampton Court. I arrived there on St. Stephen's Day in the afternoon. Dirty as I was, I came into the presence, where I found the lords and ladies dancing. The Queen was not there. My father .went to the Queen, to let her know that I was returned. She willed him to take my message or letters, and bring them to her.
109 페이지 - ORINNA, in the country bred, Harbour'd ftrange notions in her head, Notions in town quite out of fafhion ; Such as that love's a dangerous paffion, That virtue is the maiden's jewel, And to be fafe, the muft be cruel. Thus arm'd fhe'ad long fecur'd her honour From all aflaults yet made upon her, Had fcratch'd th...
109 페이지 - Thus bent to be a fordid whore, She knock'd at Proftitution's door : * * '* arofe and let her in, And ftroak'd her cheek, and chuck'd her chin ; While far from whimpers, fobs, or weeping, Doll...
343 페이지 - Of cafual pudding and of praife. Others again, who form a gang, Yet take due meafures not to hang. In magazines their forces join, By legal methods to purloin : Whofe weekly, or whofe monthly, feat is Firft to decry, then fteal, your treatife.

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