Reorganization Plan No. 27 of 1950: Hearings ... on S. Res. 302 ... July 6 and 7, 1950 ...


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93 페이지 - Transfers of other agencies: Director of the Bureau of the Budget is authorized and directed to study activities of other departments and agencies in the Federal Government and report to Congress on whether any of them should be transferred to the new department in the interest of economy and simplicity of administration.
145 페이지 - Under the President, the heads of departments must hold full responsibility for the conduct of their departments. There must be a clear line of authority reaching down through every step of the organization and no subordinate should have authority independent from that of his superior.
76 페이지 - Thank you, Senator. I appreciate having had the opportunity to be heard. Senator IVES. Thank you, Mr. Schiff, it has been a pleasure to have you. We will recess at this time until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. (Whereupon, at 3:55 pm the committee was recessed, to reconvene at 10 am, Friday, July 7, 1950.)
138 페이지 - Source: The Budget of the United States Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1950, Washington, 1949, p. 1386; ibid, for fiscal 1951, p. 207. Without going into the details of the FSA budget, I wish to point out that before that agency was created
145 페이지 - United States Senate, Washington, DC DEAR SENATOR MCCLELLAN: In view of the consideration of Reorganization Plan No. 27, I thought you might be interested in the following resolution adopted by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers at its annual meeting in October 1949: Whereas the

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