The Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates that Have Occured in the Two Houses of Parliament, 2권


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747 페이지 - ... taken with the ufual care and attention, the actual balance in favour of the bank has not been materially varied, but, if at all, has been rather increaftd. In proceeding to...
240 페이지 - Adair moved, that the Order of the Day, for going into a Committee on the Bill for Relief to Quakers, be read.
320 페이지 - I also think it necessary to remind gentlemen, that the objects which it comprehends, form the grounds of my motion for the appointment of the committee which has been this night chosen by ballot. I stated in general terms, previous to my bringing forward that motion, the various points to which the attention of the committee -was to be directed ; but I could not, until I had appointed that committee, proceed to offer, in a specific manner, each of these points.
296 페이지 - One great cause of this phenomenon, however, was, that the commercial part of the country derived additional accommodation from the liberality of the Bank in discounts. If, previous to this order, the country was impoverished by the war to a degree that was not fully known, the prevalence of certain opinions upon this subject tended to conceal the reality of our situation. It was, no doubt, true that individuals, possessed of actual property, might be embarrassed...
503 페이지 - I would therefore concede; and if I found I had not conceded enough, I would concede more. I know of no way of governing mankind but by conciliating them ; and according to the forcible way which the Irish have of expressing their meaning, " I know of no mode of governing the the people, but by letting them have their own way.
612 페이지 - ... of so much importance ; whereas they will then have the materials before them, from which such information is to be collected. If the honourable gentleman contends that the information of which they are at present in possession, is sufficient to enable them to form a correct judgment of what ought, or of what ought not to be done, why does he not move them to come to an immediate decision without going into a committee at all ? In short, it was as superfluous in one view, as it is inconsistent...
299 페이지 - The sentiment of Demosthenes, so often quoted, was one which was particularly applicable to our present circumstances. If we were reduced to our present distress without error or misconduct, the state of the country was desperate and there was no chance of retrieving our affairs.
19 페이지 - Powys moved for leave to bring in a bill to explain and amend the act of 1774, commonly called the Quebec bill.
750 페이지 - England, fhall be paid into the receipt of the exchequer, to be applied from time to time to fuch' fervices as (hall then have been voted by this Houfe in this feffion of Parliament.
301 페이지 - William provides, that the bank, under the penalty of forfeiting triple the amount, should not make any advances to government but on funds granted by parliament. This tied up their hands from too liberal advances, and continued with great advantage till within three years, when a clause to repeal it was thrust, by a...

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