Reorganization Plan No. 7 of 1950: Hearings Before the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments, House of Representatives, Eighty-first Congress, Second Session, on H. Res. 545, Resolved, that the House of Representatives Does Not Favor the Reorganization Plan Numbered 7 of 1950 Transmitted to the Congress by the President on March 13, 1950


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99 페이지 - Roosevelt addressed a letter to the commissioner asking for his resignation, on the ground "that the aims and purposes of the Administration with respect to the work of the Commission can be carried out most effectively with personnel of my own selection," but disclaiming any reflection upon the commissioner personally or upon his services.
56 페이지 - It is hereby declared to be the national transportation policy of the Congress to provide for fair and impartial regulation of all modes of transportation, subject to the provisions of this Act, so administered as to recognize and preserve the inherent advantages of each...
49 페이지 - The authority of Congress, in creating quasi-legislative or quasi-judicial agencies, to require them to act in discharge of their duties independently of executive control, cannot well be doubted; and that authority includes, as an appropriate incident, power to fix the period during which they shall continue, and to forbid their removal except for cause in the meantime.
82 페이지 - Legal obligations that exist but cannot be enforced are ghosts that are seen in the law but that are elusive to the grasp.
49 페이지 - The Commission is to be nonpartisan; and it must, from the very nature of its duties, act with entire impartiality. It is charged with the enforcement of no policy except the policy of the law.

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