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In making choice of lessons for exercises in reading, it has been the aim to introduce those of that character, whicn might serve to impart practical instruction, awaken interest, excite inquiry, and inspire pure, virtuous, and noble sentiments. While this object has constantly been kept in view, another of equal importance has not been lost. sight of, which is, that they possess a pure and chaste style, as well as elegance of expression.

The monotonous method of reading, so often acquired in consequence of reading successive lessons which present one uniform style, such as historical and the like, has led to the adoption in the present work of that variety, which is calculated to prevent the acquisition of such a sameness, and afford the greater pleasure to the reader. The prevalence of the colloquial style, which characterizes the former numbers, has also been regardled in the present.

Experience has fully shown that the most ready and judicious means of imparting a knowledge of the meaning and use of words, consist in giving their signification in connection with their use in a well formed


Those words, therefore, of each lesson, the import of which is not already understood, are previously defined, generally, according to their use in the sentence in which they are employed. Also those worus, whose correct orthoepy miglit be mistaken, are divided into syllables, and their true pronunciation pointed out.

The notation, adopted in the elementary part, has, to some extent, been carried out in the lessons for reading, especially in instances where there might be a liability to err in regard to the true inflection and the like, and in such portions as were peculiarly illustrative of some elementary principle.

The principal object had in view throughout the work, has been to render ii in every respect a book calculated to teach the art of rearling. Teachers will perceive, however, that the plan of instruction herein presented, is by no means designed to dispense with their efforts, but rather to facilitate thein.

The Fourth Book completes the proposed Series of School Reailers; and the very great favor, manifested by the put:lic in the ready approval and acceptance of the foriner numbers, has encouraged the Author to spare no efforts in endeavoring to render the present number equally acceptable and worthy of patronage.

The Author would take this opportunity to express his grateful acknowledgment for the many assurances, with which, from time to time, he has been favored on the part of those having the supervision of schools, and others interested in their welfare, chat his labors have proved acceptable. And should the present number be found calculated to subserve their interest, and promote the advancement of the great object for which it is designed, his desire and purposes will be fully realized.

New York, March, 1842.

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14. The Calling of Samuel.....

Bible. 72

15. Leaving Home


16. No Excellence without Labor..

Wirt. 76

17. The Penitent Son at the Death Bed of his Father.... Wilson. 7€

18. The Compass...

London Evangclical Mag. 81

19. Vision of Belshazzar..

..Byron. 85

20. The Righteous Never Forsaken

.N.Y. Spectałor. 84

21. T'he Venomous Worm.......

John Russel. 81

The Serpent of the Still......

Milford Bard. 87

22. Mrs. Credulous and the Fortune Teller....

..Anon. 89

23. Sorrow for the Dead..

.W. Irving.


24. Contrasted Soliloquies

Jane Taylor.

25. Christ Talketh with the Woman of Samaria..

Bible. 97

26 Remembrance....

..Smulhey. 99

27. The Winged Worshipers....

.C. Sprague. 101

28. Contrast between Peace and War...

Atheneum. 102

29. Arachne and Melissa, or the Art of Happiness ... ....... Harris. 105

30. Nobility of Labor..

.O. Dewey. 108

31. Speech of Ho-na-yu-wus, or Farmer's Brother..


32. Patriotism and Integrity-Story of Regulus

Abbott. 111

33. My Country ....

..Anon. 113

34. The Philosopher's Scales..

..Jane Taylor. . 115

35. Desirable Olujects of Attainment.

..J. Sloughton 117

36. Great Effects result from Little Causes...

Porler. 120

37. Description of Niagara Falls.........

Flint. 121

38. Scene on the Banks of the lsudson

..Bryant. 124

39. The Rich Man and the Poor Man

..Khemilzer. 125

40. Time and the Traveler........

N.Y. Mirror. 127

41. Joseph making Flimself known to his Brethren..... Bible. 129

42. The Dead Mother....

...Anon. 131

43 Field Flowers.....

.Blackwool's Mag. 133

44. The Power of Conscience -A true Narrative.. .Fordyce. 134

45. Midnight Musings in a Large City...

Goldsmith. 137

46. Another Old Clock.

.Boston Regisler. 139

47 Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers....

..Mrs. Hemans. 140

48. Rudbari and Hassan..

Woods. 142

49. Character and Decay of the North American Indians... S!ory. 144

50. Difference between Man and the Inferior Animals Jane Taylor. 116

51. Anecdote of Sir Matthew Hale........

...Anon, 118

52. I have seen an End of all Perfection... .Mrs. Sigourney. 152

53. To the Rainbow.......

.Campbell. 155

54. Christ Stilling the Tempest..

Anon. 156

55. Scenery of Snake River...

W. Irving. 158


56. Trial of the Faith of Abraham ....

.W. B. Collyer. 160

57. The Study of History, or a Solid and Superficial Education




58. The Grave a Place of Rest..

..Mackenzie. 165

59. The Grave

.Montgomery. 167

60. Influence of the Wise and Good after Death. ..Norton. 170

61. The Sun......

..Sturm. 172

62. The Spirit-World...

.Knickerbocker. 174

63. The Eagle........

..Percival, 178

61. The Destruction of Sennacherib's Host.

....Byron. 180

65. Rural Occupations favorable to Devotion...... .Buckminster. 182

66. Sublime Appearances of the Ocean in a Slorm. Cox and Hoby. 184

67. The Free Trapper's Indian Bride...

..Bonneville. 186

68. The Power and Providence of God..

.Bible. 187

69. Constant Fear of Death......

.Pollok: 190


.R. H. Dana. 191

70. Industry necessary to form the Orator....... ..H. Ware Jr. 192

71. Reflections on the Burning of the Lexington... Wm. C. Brown. 194

72. The Art of Memory.

..Imperial Mag. 197

73. Disagreeable Talkers..

..Mrs. Ellis. 200

74. The Young Mariner's Dream..

..Dimond. 203

75. The Treasure that Waxeth not Old............D. Huntingdon. 205

76. Select Sentences....


77. Wisdom and Goodness of the Creator manifested in his 203


78. The Soft Answer......

..T. S. Arthur. 212

79. Advantages of Reading.

Harces. 216

80. Remarkable Animals...

..Bible. 218

81. The Scul's Defiance..

Anim. 220

82. How a Student is Known...

..Stuart. 221

83. Scotland in Summer and Winter...

Wilson. 223

84. Dedication of the Temple...

.Milman. 224

85 Harmony among Brethren

Percival. 227

86. Imperishable Wealth...

Jane Taylor. 229

87. Napuleon at Rest...

.Pierpont. 230

88. What is Ambition ?........

.N. P. Willis. 231

89. Character of Pitt.......

Robertson. 233

90. Extract of Mr. Pitt's Speech in Parliament in praise of the

Congress at Philadelphia

91. Charles II. and William Penn.....

Heems: 630

92. Chverfulness ......

..Addison. 238

93. The Ocean....

Quarterly Review, 241

94 Palace in the Desert...

r.. Southez. 243

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? 234


95. Parable of the Sower...

..Bible. 245

96. Time and Place of the Savior's Advent ....... ..Abbolt, 247

97. Reflections on the field of Waterloo............Lady Morgan. 249

98. Love of Country Strengthened by the Observations of



99. Blessings of Providence Equally Dispensed......... Golusmilk. 253

100. The Bird of Paradise.......

...C. B. Farnsworth. 256

101. A Mighty Good Kind of Man..

Thornton. 257

102. Death of Hamilton.......

.Nott. 259

103. Forest Scenery.

Paulding. 260

104. Forest Hymn

Bryant. 263

105. T'he Leviathan.....

..Bible. 266

106. Love of Applause .......

.Hauces. 268

107. Moslem Rule in Spain..

.W. Irving. 271

108. The Eternal River....

..Husporian. 273

109. Dialogue between the Body and Spirit............ Mrs. Gilman. 275

110. Extract of a Speech of Patrick Henry, in the Convention,


of Delegates of Virginia, March 230, 1775....

111. Death of President Harrison.......... Willis G. Clark, 279

112. Burial of Sir John Moore..........

.Wolfe. 282

113. Dialogue between Rolla and Sentinel before the Dungeon 283

of Alonzo

Kolzchnie )

114. Soliloquy of a Murderer.......

Shakspeare. 286

Advice to a Son going to Travel.

Do. 287

115. Select Paragraphs........


116. Effects of the Modern Diffusion of Knowledge...... Wayland. 290

117. The Goings forth of God....

.Hesperian. 293

118. What is Time ?.........

Marsden. 295

119. The Raising of Samuel.

.Byron. 296

120. Responsibilities of the American People........... . Story. 299

121. The National Hymn....

.Words by S. F. Smilh. 302

122. There's not a Tint that Paints the Rose....W. W. Brigham, 303

123. I would not Live Alway....

George Kingsley. 304

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