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they will find Mr. Burns an earnest laborerin behalf of needed educational reforms. We are glad to learn that he, at considerable inconvenience to himself, accepted an invitation to address the Central Ohio Association at its meeting in Chillicothe, Oct. 26th and 27th. Mr. Burns will enter upon his duties in Columbus in January.

-THE Northeastern Ohio Teachers' Association met in Cleveland, Oct. 13. The Committee on Revision of the Course of Study made a partial report-reporting on the work of the Primary Grades. The discussion of this report consumed more than half of the session. Dr. S. G. Williams discussed the “Proper Use of Text-books,” and H. R. Chittenden read a paper on ‘Methods of Teaching Spelling.” The rest of the programme was deferred until the next meeting in Cleveland, Dec. 8, when officers will be elected. The following are the names of some of the teachers present:—T. W. Harvey, H. M. Parker, S. Findley, E. A. Jones, W. W: Gist, J. F. Wilson, H. R. Chitt en, T. G. McCalmont, E. F. Moulton, J. H. Lehman, J. Fraise Richard, C. E. Hitchcock, W. R. Comings, T. S. Guthrie, E. B. Wilson, S. H. Herriman, W. W. Ross, I. M. Clemens, D. F. De Wolf, A. J. Rickoff, W. G. Williams, E. A. Avery, S. D. Barr, L. W. Day, H. M. James, and G. N. Carruthers, and Misses Keeler, Dutton, Reveley, Brennan, and many others of Cleveland.

-THE Preble-County Teachers' Association held its first meeting for the year at Eaton, Oct. 20. L. D. Brown, Supt. of the Eaton Schools, opened the meeting with an instructive talk on mathematical geography. He showed that some of the definitions of the books are faulty or false, and that the manner of teaching is often imperfect. Mr. Brown was followed by D. B. Moak of Westwood, Hamilton County, 0., who read a paper on school examinations. The paper was so good, that it was resolved, with Mr. Moak's consent, to have it published in the Eaton Register. The paper contained many new and excellent ideas. Mr. Moak was followed by T. A. Pollok with a talk on reading, after which the queries were read and answered, then adjournment for dinner. Miss Alderman, Principal of the Eaton High School, in her customary liberal manner entertained quite a number of the visitors at her table at the Riechel House.

The afternoon session was opened by Mr. O. Sheppard on Natural Philosophy. He began with a very instructive talk on the position that elementary physics should have in a common-school course, and predicted that in a very few years it would be required as a legal branch. He showed the properties of air, by several simple experiments, as illustrative of what might be done in very little time, and with no very great outlay in any school. The session was closed by a discussion on Mr. W. A. Neal's excellent paper on the Teacher-his life, work, and character. The discussion was spirited as Mr. Neal's paper had plenty of points on which to hang remarks.

-JAMES W. Smith is now Principal of the Toledo High School.
-DR. J. DORMAN STEELE was to sail Oct. 20, for London.

-J. L. LASLEY is now Principal of the Gallipolis High School.
-W. R. BAXTER is Principal of the Public Schools of Burlington, O.

-A. G. Smith is Superintendent of the Public Schools of Perrysburgh, Ohio.

-W. O. Brown is Superintendent of the Public Schools of South Toledo, Ohio.

-D. R. THOMPSON is Superintendent of the Public Schools at Pataskala, Ohio.

-W. J. Cook is Superintendent of the Public Schools of Waynes. ville, Ohio.

-D. ECKLEY HUNTER is now Superintendent of the Public Schools of Washington, Ind.

-0. S. WESTCOTT, formerly of Chicago, is now Principal of the Racine (Wis.) High School.

-W. C. GEAR, Esq., of Carey, is one of the County Examiners for Wyandot County, Ohio.

-Mrs. HATTIE MILNER neé Comings has opened a Young Ladies' Sem. inary at Joplin City, Mo.

-W. R. Comings is now serving his fourth year as Superintendent of the Medina Public Schools.

-PROF. E. S. MORSE has accepted the professorship of Biology in the University of Tokio, Japan.

-HENRY Holton is serving his sixth year as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Moscow, Ohio.

-J. G. MOOREHEAD is serving his fourth year as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Clifton, Ohio.

-C. M. Riggs is serving his fifth year as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Williamsburg, Ohio.

-C. B. METCALFE, of Pataskala, has accepted the Principalship of the Public Schools of Jersey, Ohio.

-DR. VINCENT has succeeded Prof. Ross (deceased) as President of Franklin College, New Athens, Ohio.

-A. M. WILLIAMSON is serving his fourth year as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Mt. Carmel, Ohio.

-W. H. ULREY, of Bethel, has succeeded L. G. Hoover as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Felicity, Ohio.

-W. R. PAGE has succeeded W. H. Ulrey as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Bethel, Ohio.

-J. C. SHUMAKER is serving his eighth year as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Ripley, Ohio.

-T. M. WILLIAMS has succeeded Geo. T. McCord as Principal of the Curry Normal Institute in Pittsburgh, Pa.

-SARAH D. HARMON has entered upon the third year of service as Principal of the High School of Elkhart, Ind.

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-BENJAMIN HALLOWELL, a noted American mathematical author, died a month or two ago. He was a Hicksite Friend.

-C. W. CHILDs, of Suisun City, California, is one of the Associate Editors of the Pacific School and Home Journal.

-F. M. ATTERHOLT, Superintendent of the Schools of West Salam, visited the Akron Schools last month with five of his teachers.

-A. L. Mann, of the Boys' High School, has succeeded H. N. Bolander as Superintendent of the Public Schools of San Francisco.

OLIVER AREY, a well-known teacher, after several years' absence in the West, etc., has drifted back to a position in Buffalo, N. Y.

-JENNIE DEANS, of Ohio, has succeeded Emma Whitaker in the Public Schools of Seymour, Ind., the latter having gone to Rolla, Mo.

-ED. DANFORTH has resigned the Superintendency of the Public Schools of Elmira, N. Y. He has been succeeded by M. M. Merrill.

-C. W. BARDEEN, Editor of the School Bulletin, at Syracuse, N. Y., attended the Pennsylvania Teachers' Association at Erie last August.

-EMILY A. HAYWARD, for the last three years Principal of the Lebanon (0.) High School, is now occupying a like position at Brookville, Ind.

-ABNER J. PHIPPS, late State Agent of the Massachusetts Board of Education, is now Superintendent of the Public Schools of Lewiston, Me.

-PROF. Jas. WALLACE, adjunct Professor of Greek in Wooster University, left in September last for Europe, to spend a year in study and travel.

-W. A. BOLES, Superintendent of the Public Schools of Shelbyville, Ind., has been elected Superintendent of the Public Schools of Lawrence, Kansas.

-The Hon. T. W. Harvey has returned to his old post as Superintendent of the Public Schools at Painesville, Ohio, after an absence of nearly

six years.

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-WM. E. SHELDON, formerly one of the editors of the Massachusetts Teacher, is now connected with the office of the New-England Journal of Education.

-DR. ALEX. CLARK, of Pittsburgh, Pa., is in the lecture field. He is & spicy lecturer and can be secured on reasonable terms by Churches, Institutes, etc.

-The Hon. J. M. McKenzie, formerly State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Nebraska, is now Superintendent of the Public Schools of Brownsville, Neb.

- PROF. J. E. CHURCH will soon enter upon his duties as Professor of Mining, Engineering, and Metallurgy, in the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College.

-Pres. McCOLLISTER, of Buchtel College, at Akron, delivered the dedicatory address last month at the dedication of the new school-house in West Salem, Ohio.

-WM. N. BARRINGER has succeeded Mr. Sears as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Newark, N. J. Mr. Barringer has for ten years been one of the City Principals.

-Geo. L. McMillan, formerly Superintendent of the Public Schools of Cuyahoga Falls, is now Principal of the A and B Grammar School Departments at Norwalk, Ohio.

T. H. CRAWFORD, of Portland, Oregon, has been promoted from the Principalship of the Central Grammar School to the Superintendency of the Schools. Salary $1800 in coin."

-J. A. I. Lowes, some years ago Principal of the Academy at South Salem, Ohio, is now serving his second year as Superintendent of the Public Schools of New Richmond, Ohio.

-W. T. Fry, some years ago Superintendent of the Public Schools of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, is now Superintendent of the Public Schools of Crawfordsville, Ind. Salary $1200.

- DUANE Doty is now Superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools, and Edward C. Delano, former Principal of the Normal School, has succeeded Mr. Doty as Assistant Superintendent.

-Lucia STICKNEY, of the Cleveland High School, has succeeded Miss Hawley in the Hughes High School, Cincinnati, Ohio. Miss Hawley, we believe, resigned to enter the matrimonial state.

-J. J. WAGNER, for the last eight years Superintendent of the Publie Schools of Baltimore, Ohio, is now Superintendent of the Public Schools of Lithopolis. He is one of the County Examiners.

- VAN B. BAKER, some years ago Superintendent of the Public Schools of East Liverpool, Ohio, and latterly of those at Beaver Falls, Pa., is now Superintendent of the Public Schools of Sidney, Ohio.

-LEVERRIER (Urbain Jean Joseph), the world-renowned astronomer, died in Paris, Sept. 23, 1877. He was born March 11, 1811, at St. Lo, the capital of La Manche, in the old department of Normandy.

- Dr. John HANCOCK, of Dayton, Ohio, was one of the four men employed as instructors in the Michigan State Central Institute held at Lansing, the week after the meeting of the National Educational Association.

- DR. David S. HART, of Stonington, Conn., the distinguished contributor to Educational Notes and Queries, was seventy years old, Sept. 24th. It is said that in winter he does not cease his studies until 12 or 1 o'clock at night.

FRANKLIN Wood, for a dozen or more years Superintendent of the Public Schools of Marysville, Ohio, has removed to Binghamton, N. Y. In a few months he expects to take charge of one of the New York Academies.

Mrs. WARREN HIGLEY, of Cincinnati, begins this month in that city a series of lessons on Ancient and Modern Painting and Architecture. Mrs. Adams became well known as a teacher in Boston and Cleveland before her marriage with Mr. Higley.

-J. FRAISE RICHARD's salary at Alliance is $1200 and not $1000 as previously published. After Mr. Richard had shipped his goods to Alliance he received word from California to telegraph at once whether he would accept a position at $2000 a year.

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-H. A. FORD, formerly editor of the Michigan Teacher and the Northern Indiana Teacher, both printed for a time at South Bend, Ind., has returned to South Bend to do editorial work on the Register. He has been for two years doing editorial work in Kalamazoo.

-WM. McClain, formerly a prominent teacher in Salem, Ohio, died in Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 15. At the time of the establishment of the graded school in Salem in 1853, Mr. McClain was conducting a private High School. He was employed by the Board of Education the first year to take charge of the upper grades, Jesse Markham being Superintendent of the lower grades.

-LAWRENCE SLUTER BENSON, a cyclometer that resides in New York City, claims to have proved that the area of a circle is exactly three times the square of its radius, that is 3R2. He offers a prize of $1000 to any one who will prove his demonstration incorrect. If the matter were of sufficient interest we should have no hesitation in saying that we would forfeit $1000 if we could not prove that the area of a circle is not 3R2. The circle-squarers are monomaniacs and hence deserve no serious attention.. We should like to see two circle-squarers like Benson and the late James Smith lock horns. We have Mr. Smith's book of 270 pages entitled "The Quadrature and Geometry of the Circle Demonstrated.” He claims that T=3.125 or 3% exactly.



MEIGS Co.-Place, Middleport; time of beginning, July 23; duration, three weeks; enrolment, 201, bona-fide members; instructors, S. Findley and and E. E. Spalding. Officers elected :-T. C. Flanegin, Pres., J. L. Lasley, Vice-Pres. and Sec., and J. Thomas, Treas. These officers constitute the Executive Committee. The Institute was a grand success. At the County Examination the day after the close of the Institute, there were 116 applicants for certificates. Fifty new subscriptions were taken, 40 for the Monthly and 10 for Queries. At the close of the Institute there were only 60 that acknowledged that they did not subscribe for any educational periodical.

Knox Co.—Place, Mt. Vernon ; time of beginning, Aug. 20; duration, one week; enrolment, nearly 100; instructors, Harriet L. Keeler, J. C. Sample, and J. J. Burns. Oificers elected ;-J. C. Merwin, Pres., S. Kunkel, Sec., and Chas. Masteller, Treas.

FAIRFIELD Co.—Place, Lancaster; time of beginning, Aug. 13; duration, one week; enrolment, about 130; instructors, Alex. Forbes and H. B. Furness.

LORAIN Co.—Place, Oberlin; time of beginning, Aug. 20; duration, one week; enrolment, 150; instructors, E. H. Cook, H. M. Parker, W. R. Wean, and H. R. Chittenden.

GALLIA Co.-Place, Gallipolis; time of beginning, Aug. 13; duration, three weeks; enrolment, 86; instructors, Alex. Baird, Jr., of Ewington,

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