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first two weeks, (geography and spelling), J, L. Lasley (grammar and arithmetic), E. E. Spalding (reading and pedagogics), and D. F. De Wolf and A. G. Farr the last week, the latter taking elementary physics and mathematical geography. The Institute began in indifference and ended with enthusiasm. Officers elected :-Pres., E. E. Spalding, Vice-Pres., Roadarmour, Sec., Louise Preston, these constituting the Executive Committee.

MORROW Co.—Place, Chesterville; time of beginning, Aug. 6; duration, one week; enrolment, ; instructors, John Ogden and J. J. Burns. The next session will be held in Cardington.

CosHocTon Co.—Place, Coshocton and Roscoe; time of beginning, Aug. 13; duration, two weeks; enrolment, 76; instructor, R. H. Holbrook. Officers elected for next year, President, R. M. Sample, Coshocton; VicePresidents, L. R. Anderson and Robert Platt, Coshocton, and Nan. Waddle, Roscoe ; Executive Committee, Dr. J. Harris and W. T. Knight, Coshocton, and Jno. McClean, West Lafayette; Secretary, L. M. Nourse, Roscoe; and Treasurer, E. Shaw, Coshocton. A Monthly Association was organized, to hold its first meeting in Warsaw, the third Saturday of September

UNION Co.-Place, Marysville; time of beginning, Aug. 20; duration, one week; enrolment, 82 (increase of 20 over last year); evening lecturers, U.T. Curran (“Geology”), R. B. Marsh (elocutionary entertainment), J. Merrick (“The Best Cigars and the Best Use of Them”), and M. Manley (“The Wonders of the Sun”). Officers elected :-President, W. H. Cole; Vice-Presidents, N. J. Kenney, C. L. Curry, Effie B. Price; Secretary and Treasurer, E. W. Porter; Executive Committee, W. H. Cole, Cyrus Huling, and Ella Robb.

TRUMBULL Co.—Place, Cortland; time of beginning, Aug. 20; duration, one week; enrolment, about 200; instructors, Alex. Forbes and Prof. Churchhill. It was voted unanimously to continue the Institute five or six weeks next year. The Trumbull-County Normal, conducted by C. F. Moulton and W. R. Wean, for three weeks before the Institute, enrolled 86 and was a complete success.

HIGHLAND Co.—Place, Hillsboro; time of beginning, Aug. 20th; duration, one week and four days, enrolment, ladies 49, gentlemen 121, total 170; instructors, Lewis McKibben, H. S. Doggett, Ed. G. Smith, Samuel Major, C. L. Jackson, W. A. Brouse, and W. A. Cumberland. Re-union held on 29th, 7:30 P. M., was very successful. Programme: Music; vocal and instrumental. Social conversation and refreshments. A prize, “Webster's Unabridged,” was awarded to Alberto Igo for not missing any words during the spelling exercises of the Institute. The second prize to Hala Miner, (an Encyclopædia of Education). Subscriptions to the Monthly 21, to the Notes and Queries 20. Ed. G. Smith was the worker for subscriptions. H. N. PATTON, President.

J. R. HORST, Secretary. SENECA Co.- Place, Bloomville; time of beginning, Aug. 20; duration, one week; enrolment, 115; instructors, H. B. Furness (arithmetic, reading, and spelling), C. O, Knepper (grammar and geography), and J. D. Luce

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(music). Evening lectures were delivered each evening except Friday, on which was a grand reunion, literary exercises, music, and a supper. The next session will be held at Bloom ville, beginning Aug. 19, 1878, and continue two weeks. Officers elected :—Pres., J. C. Hollister, Attica ; Vice Pres., H. Weller, Bellevue; Sec., Clara Roop, Attica; Treas., B. F. Myers, Tiffin; Assistant Sec., Mary Rickenbaugh, Tiffin. Sub. Ex. Com., J. K. Hamilton, B. B. Hall, and J. W. Mitchner.

NOBLE Co.-Place, Caldwell; time of beginning, Aug. 17; duration, one week; enrolment 60, larger than usual; chief instructor, Dr. E. T. Tappan, who was assisted by Prof. M. L. Jennings, of Adrian, Mich., (“Who are to teach”) Rev. J. H. Doan (“Education and Responsibilities of the Teacher”), Prof. T. C. Ryan (“Progress of Education”), F. M. Gill (“The Recitation”), W. N. Rice (Grammar), and J. G. Schofield (Map Drawing for Beginners). Dr. Tappan lectured Tuesday evening on “The Distances of the Stars "; on Wednesday evening, Miss M. C. Brawley, of Amesville, read a paper on “The Eye and Ear”; and on Thursday evening Dr. Arnold gave a musical and elocutionary entertainment. A. D. Hopper, the President, delivered an appropriate valedictory. Officers elected :-Pres., J. H. Brown, Vice-Pres., Adelia McMunn, Sec., F. M. Gill, Treas., Cyrus Belford, Ex. Com., W. N. Rice and J. G. Schofield.

BUTLER Co.-Place, Hamilton ; time of beginning, Aug. 20; duration, one week; daily attendance, 120; instructors, Jas. A. Clark (grammar and U. S. History), R. M. Mitchell (reading and orthoepy), Alston Ellis (arithmetic, geography, and theory and practice); lecturers, the Hon. C. S. Smart, Prof. Joseph Millikin, and the Hon. H. R. K. Peck. Elocutionary exercises were conducted by Lou J. Beauchamp and T. J. McAvoy. Officers elected:-Pres., Alston Ellis, Vice Presidents, Emma Parrish, of West Chester, and Jas. T. Williams, of Amanda, Sec., Lissa Daugherty, of Hamilton; Ex. Com., Alston Ellis, R. M. Mitchell, Alice E. Lowe, Lissa Daugherty, and L. N. Toltz.

CLERMONT Co.—Place, Williamsburg : time of beginning, July 30; duration, two weeks; enrolment, 147 ; instructors, W. Watkins, C. M. Riggs, W. H. Ulrey, G. W. Felter, H. J. Bunton, and S. A. Muchmore. Officers elected:—Pres., G. W. Felter, Vice-Pres., J. G. Moorehead, Sec., A. B. Jones, and Treas., C. M. Riggs.

SUMMIT Co.-Place, Akron ; time of beginning, Aug. 27; duration, one week; enrolment, 270; instructors, Prof. Joseph Estabrook, of Michigan, Alex. Forbes, E. Fraunfelter, Harriet L. Keeler, Miss M. H. Ross (Kindergartning), and Miss Bradley. Prof. Estabrook gave an evening lecture on “The Origin and Destiny of the Anglo-Saxon Language,” and Mr. Forbes one on “Individual Character.” The Institute was divided into two departments. The total cost was $363.85 with a balance left in the treasury of about $250. Over sixty new subscriptions were taken for the Ohio Educational Monthly. The next session will be held the last two weeks of August, 1878. Officers elected, who constitute the Executive Committee:-Pres., S. H. Herriman, of Richfield, Sec., Miss N. J. Malone, of Akron, and Treas., A. A. Crosier, of Copley.

MEDINA Co.-Place, Wadsworth; time of beginning, Aug. 13; duration,


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one week; enrolment, 211; instructors, Dr. A. Schuyler, J. C. Hartzler ;, evening lecturers, J. C. Hartzler (“ A Plea for the Little Ones,” and “My Rambles Among the Ruins of Rome"), J. J. Burns (“Human Nature”), Dr. A. Schuyler (“Sir Isaac Newton"), and J. F. Lukens (“The Qualifications of Teachers”). Short day addresses were delivered by J. J. Burns, A. D. Lee of Lodi, W. H. Morton, and J. F. Lukens. The Institute by resolutions endorsed County Superintendency and advised the teaching of the Metric System.

Scioto Co.-Place, Portsmouth; time of beginning, Aug. 27; duration, one week; enrolment, —; instructors, M. S. Campbell (analysis and music), E. O. Vaile (reading and arithmetic), and Mrs. F. W. Case (language lessons, spelling, and phonetics); evening lecturer, E. O. Vaile (“Horace Mann”).

GREENE Co.-Place, Yellow Springs; time of beginning, July 16, 1877; duration, one week ; average attendance, about 75; instructors, Prof. McNeal (grammar), G. B. Graham (arithmetic), and Wm. Reece (geography, map drawing, and spelling); lecturers, Dr. Harris (Physiology), Prof. Chandler (apparatus and the metric system), Prof. McNeal (school government), Prof. Walbridge, of Michigan, Alf. Burnett (reading), and Prof. Weston (Ohio School Laws). Officers for next year:-Wm. Reece, of Jamestown, Pres., Mrs. Prof. Weston, Vice-Pres., Josie Barber, of Cedarville, Recording Sec., Sup't Kate Dawson, of Osborn, Cor. Sec., J. B. Weston, Treas., and J. B. Graham of Cedarville, Cornelius Brown of Zimmerman, J. R. Short, Jr., of Jamestown, J. L. Miller of Xenia, and J. I. Hoffman, of Bellbrook.

The Xenia-College Normal Institute, which opened July 23rd and continued five weeks, was well attended. Pres. Smith gave instruction in arithmetic, logic, parsing, algebra, astronomy, geometry, and physical geography; Wm. Reece, in reading, grammar, algebra, map drawing, geography, and Latin; Dr. C. M. Galloway, in physiology; and Benj. Gardner, in penmanship.

ERIE Co.-Place, Milan; time of beginning, Aug. 27; duration, one week; enrolment, —; instructors, Job Fish, of Berlin Heights (arithmetic), W. W. Ross, of Fremont (reading, punctuation, mensuration, and mathematical geography), C. W. Oakes, of Norwalk (grammar), and W. F. Lyon, of Norwalk (penmanship); evening lecturers, H. R. Chittenden ("The Wonders. of Mammoth Cave”), W. F. Lyon ("Letter Writing”) and W. W. Ross (“English Literature and the Necessity of Public Libraries "); one evening was devoted to the discussion of “Corporal Punishment,” the discussion being opened by Miss Delia Palmer. As a day exercise Mr. Chittenden spoke on Rhetoricals in Common Schools.” Steps were taken to attempt a union with the Huron-County Institute. Ex. Com. for next year, J. F. Yarich, J. S. Riley, and Damy Campbell.

MORGAN Co.—Place, McConnelsville; time of beginning, August 20; duration, one week; enrolment, 176; instructors, W. D. Henkle, T. C. Mendenhall, and N. M. McLaughlin; evening lecturers, W. D. Henkle (School and Family Government,” and Education and Labor”), and T. C. Mendenhall (“Capillarity” and “Three Discoveries in Electricity”). Morgan

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county is one of the few counties in Ohio that have no railroad. Its isola: tion is no doubt one cause of the intelligence of its people. The people of McConnelsville and Malta, two towns opposite each other on the Muskingum River, are much more intelligent than those of many railroad towns that we could name. The attendance, at an Institute, of 176 teachers in such an isolated county is remarkable. The teachers, too, are above the average in intelligence. It is hardly necessary to say that the Monthly has always circulated very largely in the County.

Clinton Co.-Place, Wilmington ; time of beginning, July 29; duration, two weeks; enrolment, 112; instructors, J. H. Grove, T. J. Moore, and W. D. Moore, County Examiners. Prof. S. G. Wetherby, of the University of Cincinnati, assisted the last week. He delivered two evening lectures (“Forms of Life” and “The Nebular Hypothesis"). Oficers elected:J. H. Grove, of Wilmington, Pres., W. D. Moore, of New Vienna, Vice. Pres., Ruth Stotler, of Wilmington, Sec., and T. J. Mann, of Martinsville, M. R. Higgins, of Sabina, and S. H. Fish, of Wilmington, Executive Committee.

WYANDOT Co.- Place, Upper Sandusky; time of beginning, Aug. 27; duration, one week; enrolment, 67; principal instructor, U. T. Curran. Executive Committee elected, M. A. Smalley, W. F. Pool, and W. C. Gear,

CLARK Co.-Place, Sprinfield ; time of beginning, Aug. 27; duration, one week; enrolment, 162; instructors, Anna E. Oglevee (reading), J.C. McClenahan (penmanship), and R. W. Stevenson, present first two days; papers and lectures by F. P. Davidson (Inaugural), W.J. White (“Theory and Practice”), John Holmes (“Practical Teaching”), Mrs. Julia Cum. mings ("Language Lessons ”), Wm.' Forrest ("School Laws”), G. W. McCracken (“The School Law of Ohio"), J. A. James (" Township High Schools”), O. F. Lewis (“Grammar”), Dr. Jas. R. Bell (“ Æsthetics in the Country Schools "), Prof. C. H. Chandler (" The Metric System”), Prof. B. L. Barr (“The Indifferent Scholar”), Geo. H. Twiss (“Metric Weights and Measures ”), and the Rev. Dr. J. B. Helwig ("The Relation of the English Language to the Development of American Institutions”). Most of the papers and lectures were discussed. The Metric system was endorsed by a resolution urging its introduction into the schools of the County. Officers elected :-Pres., F. P. Davidson, Vice-Pres., Julia L. Cummings, Sec., W. H. Wier, Treas., I. M. Newton, Ex. Com., W.J. White, O. F. Serviss, Wm. Forrest, J. A. James, and Kate Ruckman.

PREBLE Co.-Place, Eaton'; time of beginning, Aug. 13; duration one week; enrolment, 157 (only about 130 teachers being necessary to supply the schools of the county); instructors, A. B. Johnson (language and penmanship), T. A. Pollok (reading and geography), Oscar Sheppard (arithmetic), G. C. Dasher (mensuration), F. M. De Motte (theory and practice), L. D. Brown (orthography and metrology); lecturers, Rev. A. J. Reynolds, B. F. Morgan, of Gettysburg, and Messrs. Cooper and Cole, of Richmond, Ind. Mr. Pollok having been under the instruction of S. S. Hamill, of Cincinnati, presented his system of elocution which was well received. Metrology was endorsed and the school at Euphemia commended. The Teachers' Lyceum Meeting on Thursday evening consisted of music, essays, orations, recitations, and readings, with Oscar Sheppard as master of ceremonies. The singing was furnished by the Institute choir and a quartette consisting of Messrs. Monger, Albright, Stroud, and Crouse, the orations by David Neal, E. S. Dye, J. W. B. Siders, the recitation (Parrhasius) by Chas. Moore, the essays Jennie Shanklin and Mrs. Winfield Freeman, and the readings by A. B. Johnson, T. A. Pollok, and Mrs. Johnston. These were followed by short speeches from M. L. Holt, John V. Campbell, Mayor King, and L. C. Abbott. Officers elected:-Pres., Mrs. Leona Pollok, Vice-Pres., Elam Day, Sec., G. H. Brouse, Treas., Oscar Sheppard, Ex. Com., L. D. Brown, Mary Bloomfield, and J. B. Munger.

STARK Co.- Place, Canton ; time of beginning, Oct. 15; duration, one week; instructors, Profs. E. T. Tappan, W. G. Williams, and T. C. Mend. enhall; enrolment 407, gentlemen 206, ladies 201; evening lecturers W. G. Williams (“Our American System of Common Schools” and “The Origin of Language "), and E. T. Tappan (“Schools and Schoolmasters”). The paper read on Monday evening by J. W. Kirk on “The Teacher's Qualifications and Wages” was discussed by Frank L. Balmat, I. M. Taggart, B. F. Faust, Sam. H. Rockhill, W. D. Henkle, and E. A. Jones. On Tuesday evening “The Tenure of Position” was discussed by Jacob Grossman, J. Fraise Richard, and Daniel Worley. On Wednesday evening “Compulsory Education was discussed by G. W. Yohe, Dan. Worley, J. F. Richard, S. H. Rockhill, Chas. F. Stokey, and W. H. Morton. On Thursday evening "County Supervision” was discussed by Messrs. Worley, Balmat, Tappan, and Vaughan. County Supervision and the Metric System were endorsed by resolutions. Officers elected: Pres. E. A. Jones; Vice-Presidents, Anna McKinley and G. W. Yohe; Sec., J. H. Lehman; Treas., B. D.Wilson; Ex. Com., J. H. Lehman, John Ellis, and Geo. Henning. The next session will be held in Canton the week after the State election. Of the enrolment 376 were teachers and school officers.


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THE POLYTECHNIC: A Collection of Music for Schools, Classes, and Clubs.

Compiled and written by U. C. Burness and Dr. W. J. Wetmore. A. S. Barnes & Co., New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. 1877. Pages 208, octavo. Price $1.25 by mail, postpaid.'

This book contains 168 musical exercises, 90 being school songs, 28 college songs, and 50 hymns. It contains some of the popular college songs, among which are Lauriger Horatius,” “Co-ca-che-lunk," "Happy are we, Mary had a Little Lamb,” “The Giant of. Old,” “Upidee,” etc. WOODWARD'S ARTISTIC DRAWING STUDIES for Artists, Art Studies, and

Schools. New York: Geo. E. Woodward, 136 Chambers St. W. H. Steele & Co., 7 Murray St., N. Y. Price of each part 50 cts.

These Studies are to be completed in twenty parts. There are before us seven parts. The designs are printed in the highest style of art, indeed,


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