The Rajah and Principality of Mysore: With a Letter to Lord Stanley

T. Richards, 1865 - 56페이지

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55 페이지 - ... orders, by his own authority either for carrying into effect the said regulations and ordinances, or for assuming the management and collection of the revenues of the said territories, as he shall judge most expedient for the purpose of securing the efficiency of the said military funds and of providing for the effectual protection of the country and the welfare of the people.
54 페이지 - Government shall occasionally judge it necessary to offer to him with a view to the economy of his finances, the better collection of his revenues, the administration of justice...
8 페이지 - We desire no extension of our present territorial possessions ; and, while we will permit no aggression upon our dominions or our rights to be attempted with impunity, we shall sanction no encroachment on those of others. We shall respect the rights, dignity, and honour of native princes as our own ; and we desire that they, as well as our own subjects, should enjoy that prosperity and that social advancement which can only be secured by internal peace and good government.
8 페이지 - We hereby announce to the Native Princes of India that all Treaties and Engagements made with them by or under the authority of the Honourable East India Company, are by us accepted, and will be scrupulously maintained ; and We look for the like observance on their part.
55 페이지 - Governor-General in Council shall be at liberty, and shall have full power and right either to introduce such regulations and ordinances as he shall deem expedient for the internal management and collection of the revenues, or for the better ordering of any other branch and department of the Government of...
12 페이지 - Company, as a juft indemnification for .their fuperior fhare in the expences and exertions of the war, the principal benefit of whatever advantages might flow from any engagements to be contracted with the new Government of Myfore.
11 페이지 - The friends and enemies of either of the contracting parties shall be considered as the friends and enemies of both...
56 페이지 - Highness's territories shall be placed and shall remain under the exclusive authority and control...
54 페이지 - Council may offer him with a view to the management of his finances, the settlement and collection of his revenues, the imposition of taxes, the administration of justice, the extension of commerce, the encouragement of trade, agriculture, and industry, and any other objects connected with the advancement of His Highness's interests, the happiness of his subjects, and his relations to the British Government.
39 페이지 - It is not by the extension of our " empire that its permanence is to be secured, but by " the character of British rule in the territories already " committed to our care, and by practically demon" strating that we are as willing to respect the rights " of others, as we are capable of maintaining our

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