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clerk or the detective—and we can't get the revolution meant climbing up out of along without them.

the abyss to liberty and enlightenment, “It is horrible to have to work with and that they had no right to freedom, such people. I never thought of this because they wanted to use it to sink before the revolution. But we must down lower into the muck-lower even make a success of it and there are only than the old tyrants had allowed. two kinds of people to do the work “There is only one good thing I can inefficient amateurs and clever scoun think of about this manager,' I told drels trained under the bureaucracy- them; ‘he cheated you.

them; "he cheated you. You are angry legacies of the old régime.”

because he has cheated you, but you Some of Vera Petrovna's police experi- know he would have been much worse ences have, although she refuses to see if he had not! But the revolutionary it, a certain element of humor. Under police will not protect the profits of a the old régime there were stringent laws scoundrel who uses liberty to debauch against open immorality. They were the people! I made him bring the enforced by a special squad of police money he had taken in upon the stage. des moeurs—the most infamous of a bad The crowd cheered at that and became lot. With the disappearance of the old friendly. order and its despotic restrictions, ven “But then I gave them an awful ders of objectionable books and pictures scolding, and when they began to look came out in the open. At last an enter as if they were ashamed, I told them prising manager of a moving-picture about the hospital where I had worked, palace announced "Une Soirée Pari- and how badly they needed money. I sienne-For Men Only.” An indignant said that if they were good children of citizen pulled down one of the posters the revolution they would give their and brought it to the station-house. A spare money to the wounded soldiers council of war was held and the law instead of spending it on dirty shows. books studied. One of the worst feat I asked them to elect a committee to ures of the old régime had been its abuse take the money to the hospital—and of “precautionary” measures. All sorts they did it." of good books and laudable societies had It is only occasionally now that Vera been suppressed on the ground that they Petrovna has to attend to the ordinary might violate the law. There was no work of the police station. Since a crime in the poster itself, so it was regular commissaire has been appointed decided not to take any premature she has had charge of the bureau which action.

attends to the distribution of food. As Vera Petrovna was working on her "I was glad to get away from downbread-cards that evening the proprietor stairs. I thought this food-control work of the show appeared, in a great state of would be pleasanter—a chance for real excitement. He had failed to satisfy his constructive work-but it is every bit audience. The performance did not as discouraging. The best government come up to their expectations. They in the world, the most experienced exhad done what all Russia does these

perts even your Mr. Hoover-could days when dissatisfied--they had held a not keep some of our people from starvmeeting. And they had passed a resolu- ing this winter. And we are inexperition that if they did not get their


enced amateurs. back they would burn the theater. The “Almost every day some one makes manager had come to demand police a speech about how the revolution will protection.

be a failure if the food problem is not Vera Petrovna went to the theater and solved. But what can we do?" addressed the audience, which was by “Isn't there enough food?" I asked. this time more of a riot than a meeting. "Plenty--more than enough. We

“What did you say to them?” I asked. generally export food. On the whole,

“What could I say? I told them I was the crop is good, but in some places it is ashamed-ashamed of the manager,

a failure.

Absolute famine in some ashamed of them. I said he was disgust- districts if we can't import food from ing, and so were they. I told them that other provinces. And, of course, it is

worse in the cities in the big cities, their output, are shutting down. More Petrograd and Moscow.

unemployed-more hungry people! It “The trouble is that the transporta is a vicious circle. tion system has collapsed. You people, "It is the same with shoes. The peasabroad, do not realize what it means. ants would bring in food on wheelThis winter some of our soldiers at the barrows if they could buy shoes with it. front will starve. It takes an immense If we could get a hundred thousand number of trains to supply a great army cheap American shoes in Petrograd we like ours. Think of the millions of tons would have all the food we need. But of flour we must move across the coun what's the use of talking? Even if you try just to give the soldiers bread! But gave them to us and delivered them at they must also have meat and clothes Vladivostok or Archangelsk, it would do and, above all, munitions. What com no good. We have no means of bringing fort is it to know we have enough to them the rest of the way. eat! We haven't enough trains to carry

“We're blockaded-blockaded worse the food to the hungry soldiers.

than Germany. There are hundreds of And it will be even worse in the us here--all over Russia-working day cities. The peasants have stopped and night, but in spite of all we can do bringing their food to the markets. there will be famine and famine riots, I Look!” She pointed out through the fear. But, it isn't the fault of the revorestaurant window. “See that crowd. lution. It was the old régime which They are in line for bread-city people. sent all the skilled mechanics to the Go down the street and


will see other front—because they were able to read lines, just as long, of peasants--women

and write and so were “dangerous” powaiting for a chance to buy a few yards litically. And now, when a locomotive of cotton cloth; men standing in line all breaks down, there is no one to mend it. night in the hope of getting some nails. They are asking us to make bricks withThere is nothing left in the stores to out straw. give the peasants in exchange for their In the blackest night of the old réfarm products.

gime I never saw Vera Petrovna so hope“Every way we turn we are faced by less about her country as she was this this breakdown of transportation. If day. our stores had cotton goods to sell, the Part of the trouble is," I said, "that peasants would bring in their food. We you are horribly tired.” had a large cotton industry in Russia. But she did not want to be comforted. We raised our cotton in Turkistan. The “Yes,” she said, “I am tired. But I am people there got such good prices that not any more tired than everybody else they stopped growing food, planted in Russia who is trying to save the revotheir fields in cotton, and brought in lution. It was wonderful the first weeks. their foodstuffs by train. Well, last year But now every one is tired-overthe railroads had begun to go to pieces strained—haunted. You spoke of ‘legaand were too busy with military work cies' of the old régime. I know a better to carry food to Turkistan. The Turko- word-‘ghosts.' We buried the old rémans starved, and this year they have gime, but their ghosts still walk-so pulled up their cotton to plant vegeta many ghosts! bles. The mill-owners bought cotton in “That pitiful little pickpocket. All Egypt and America. It is piled high on the crooked old officials we have to use. the docks in Vladivostok, rotting, be Chaos in finance, in industry, worst of cause the few freight-cars have to give all, this disorganization in transportation precedence to shells.

-they're all ghosts of the old régime. And the shortage of cars means a Ignorance, inexperience in self-governshortage of fuel, too. The Moscow and ment, oppressed habits of mind, suspiPetrograd manufacturing districts will cions, hatreds - we're haunted with only get about a third of their normal them. coal-supply this year. So between lack “It isn't an easy job, to be free.” of raw material and the scarcity of fuel All over Russia hundreds, thousands the cotton-mills, instead of increasing of people are learning these same painful

lessons which have tired and perplexed ously crippled and maimed by the inand disheartened Vera Petrovna. In capacity and dishonesty of their old police stations, in town councils, in rail government than by the enemy. And road unions, in schools, in editorial of now, in this weakened condition, they fices, even in meetings of the Provisional must construct a new world. Government, the partisans of the revolu There are dreary days before Russiation are struggling with the concrete perhaps days of desperate, despairing problem of paying off the debts of hunger riots. The new freedom has to the old régime before work can be face enemies within as well as those even begun on the building of New without. But in the end Russia will come Russia.

through her trials triumphant. No one If ever there were

a people who

who really knows the country can doubt needed our sympathy our patient, un that. faltering sympathy—they are the repub And this future with its glorious policans of Russia. Their country is as a tentialities will be the work, not of those bone gnawed dry by the dogs of war. whose names are now to be read in the For three years now they have been newspapers, but of those modest, anonyfighting. Their loss in blood has been mous patriots who, like my friend Vera appalling-more than in any other Petrovna, are willing to work for Russia country. But this is the least of their and the revolution—even in a police problems. They have been more seri station.

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[blocks in formation]

HERE is an impression ment of lace from a branch. Proceeding of abandon about a among the trees, following the prints runaway horse, a sense which the flying hoofs had marked of unrestrained momen deeply in the soft soil, he came at length

tum that none of the upon the girl herself. She was lying actions of this modern age swift - moving inven upon the ground, stunned, bewildered,

not a little frightened; a bit farther on can duplicate. When the horse happens was her mount, stripping the bark from to be a thoroughbred hunter, to whom a a white birch, quite content, apparently, rail fence or other obstacle is as a has with the results of his temperamental sock, when, moreover, he carries in his outburst. mad Alight a girl with blond hair blowing The man's first emotion as he leaped wild, feet flailing out of the stirrups, and from his pony was an admixture of relief eyes staring, the impression naturally is and admiration. For his experienced eye heightened.

told him that the girl in all probability It most assuredly was in the mind of was not seriously injured, while, on the a certain horseman, loping around a other hand, the picture presented by bend in the highway, confronted thrill this dazed beauty lying prone upon the ingly by the spectacle as set forth. He mossy earth was beyond all possibility was a stalwart young man, and the love the most attractive he had ever looked of action which one might have read in upon. She lay upon her side, her cheek his face was exemplified in manner as resting upon her outstretched arm, the he swung his mount abruptly about and other hand lying across her hip. The spurred him into a gallop. The inten

vague green of her riding skirt and coat tion of the rider was to seize the bridle merged tellingly with the infinite variety of the

runaway from the side and there of greens on all sides, and yet did not upon bring the careering animal to a fail to emphasize the slender graces of halt, after an accomplished manner of dawning adolescence, and upon her hair his own.

of pure raw silk, which spread in partial But the plan was foiled when the disarray about her face, the sunlight, hunter turned suddenly from the road, filtering through the arched leaves, cleared the stone wall that bounded it, shimmered-Diana brought to earth. and plunged through a stretch of mea Yet the man's mind, no doubt, was far dowland toward a copse of wood. Sailing from the realm of classical allusion. For over the wall in the wake of the mad

the presence of a little woodland brooksteed, the man watched with hard eyes let suggested obvious preliminaries in as the girl deflected her mount's course the way of treatment, and the cavafrom a stunted apple-tree. A few sec lier shortly was in a position to contemonds later the hunter dived into the plate the success of his ministrations. A woods. The pursuer saw the girl drop growing intelligence crept into her eyes; on the horse's neck to avoid branches this was attended by an astonishing that would have swept her to the ground phenomenon. They had impressed him - then the foliage shut her from view. as the one flaw in her beauty, having a

Directing his pony through the under sort of ground-glass effect which conbrush and second-growth trees, the man tributed a note of blankness to features saw lying upon the ground a riding- otherwise beyond criticism. crop. Riding farther, he picked a seg- widening and reflecting the clearing of


dazed apprehension, glancing and spark- haven't —at least, I'm sure we've never ling "like a gem of fifty facets, the

met.” girl's stone-gray eyes gradually became “Oh no! not at all!” he shook his almost, in fact quite, the dominating head emphatically. “It's”-he stamnote.

mered a moment—“it's rather uncon“I don't think you have any bones ventional, to be sure—beastly unconvenbroken."

tional. But if your name-if-I should It was one of several remarks, cumu

say if I knew_"" latively banal as he felt, and unques

“Curzon," she said, with rising intionably so in the mind of the girl, whose flection. “Miss Curzon.” mobile lips were trembling in a slight She acknowledged Tragressor's slight smile.

bow with a smile, and nodded toward an “Oh, I shall be quite all right, I'm opening in the trees through which was sure!" she said.

revealed the red gabled roofs of a group He raised his hands rather awkwardly, of estate buildings. “Fortunately I am and he spoke awkwardly, with the ac not far from home.” cent of the cultured Englishman. “Oh, As she glanced toward her recalciquite so! That is, no doubt-not the trant steed Tragressor spoke eagerly, slightest doubt, I'm sure."

even peremptorily: “But you're not His eyes fell before her level gaze, going to ride that horse again. He's alwhich now was frankly appraising. He together too much for you. You might was nearly six feet tall, somewhat try my pony; he's docile, almost to a spare of frame, but with extraordinary fault. I think you can use the saddle. chest, shoulders, and legs. As to his Certainly I can use yours.” Without face, one noted high-cheek-bones; clear awaiting reply he approached Hector, blue eyes; small, well-kept mustache; seizing that mercurial animal none too and square, if narrow, jaws. You have gently by the bridle, and then walked seen hundreds of cavalry officers of the to his own mount. “You're quite sure old British army-for whom he might you can get along?” Receiving her nod, have stood as type-slashing, hard-rid- he led the two animals to the clearing, ing huntsmen, polo-players, gentlemen; pausing there to give the girl a leg up most of them are dead now, from all on his rather placid, if springy gelding. accounts.

The next instant he had vaulted to “Hadn't-hadn't you better try and Hector's back, who, showing unequivosee if you can stand?

I'm sure

cal signs of resentment, whirled and bones—” He paused abruptly and felt gyrated and kicked until the young stalfor his mustache. “I mean

wart, without undue effort, made himShe smiled up at him. "Oh-really, self master of the situation, the girl, I'm perfectly fit! ... I shouldn't have

I shouldn't have watching the battle with glistening eyes. ridden Hector; it was against orders. It was, of course, natural, all things I was so sure I could manage him, the considered, that as the two took up brute. If you'll give me your hand—” their course along the road the processes

"You're sure you can manage it?" making for acquaintance were abridged, He leaned down and, placing his hands and bonds that unite interests speedily gingerly under her shoulders, supported established. Short, it may be stated the girl to her feet. “There

axiomatically, is the journey to a heart She swayed slightly for a moment, as made by any engaging young man placing her hand upon his arm. “It's who in the rôle of modern cavalier so silly, you know." She moved away brings rescue to damsel in sore distress. from him. “Now it's better. You've He penetrates at a leap the crassness of been so good, Mr.-Mr.-?”

modernity and lifts the classic veil. He "Tragressor," he supplied. He revives an incident that was old, no stopped abruptly, flushing.

doubt, when Athena saddled Pegasus A puzzled expression crossed the girl's for Bellerophon—the age-long equine face. “Tragressor? Tragressor? I'm romance of the sexes which will go on sure I have heard the name some thrilling ever anew until the gasolenewhere. It-it seems so familiar. Yet I motor-perish the day!-has relegated


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