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Drawn from sketches made by Ms. Glenn Curtiss. This monster plane is to be equipped with twin motors, mounting two guns-fore and aft, and carrying a crew of two gunners and pilot. Such a machine is intended for offensive operations and the protection of scouting aeroplanes from hostile attack

The Woman

Woman at Seven Brothers



had me.

I'll tell you a

TELL you, sir, I was long time I never noticed her, any more innocent. I didn't know than you'd notice the cat. We used to any more about the sit of an evening around the table, as if world at twenty-two you were Fedderson there, and me here, than some do at twelve. and her somewhere back there, in the My uncle and aunt in rocker, knitting. Fedderson would be

Duxbury. brought me working on his Jacob's-ladder, and I'd up strict; I studied hard in high school, be reading. He'd been working on that I worked hard after hours, and I went Jacob's-ladder a year, I guess, and every to church twice on Sundays, and I can't time the Inspector came off with the see it's right to put me in a place like tender he was so astonished to see how this, with crazy people. Oh yes, I know good that ladder was that the old man they're crazy---you can't tell me. As for would go to work and make it better. what they said in court about finding her That's all he lived for. with her husband, that's the Inspector's If I was reading, as I say, I daren't lie, sir, because he's down on me, and take my eyes off the book, or Fedderson wants to make it look like my fault.

And then he'd begin—what No, sir, I can't say as I thought she the Inspector said about him. How surwas handsome—not at first. For one prised the member of the board had thing, her lips were too thin and white, been, that time, to see everything so and her color was bad.

clean about the light. What the Infact, sir; that first day I came off to the spector had said about Fedderson's being Light I was sitting on my cot in the stuck here in a second-class light-best store-room (that's where the assistant keeper on the coast. And so on and so keeper sleeps at the Seven Brothers), as on, till either he or I had to go aloft and lonesome as I could be, away from home have a look at the wicks. for the first time and the water all He'd been there twenty-three years, around me, and, even though it was a all told, and he'd got used to the feelcalm day, pounding enough on the ledge ing that he was kept down unfair-so to send a kind of a woom-woom-woom used to it, I guess, that he fed on it, and whining up through all that solid rock of told himself how folks ashore would talk the tower. And when old Fedderson when he was dead and gone-best poked his head down from the living- keeper on the coast–kept down unfair. room with the sunshine above making a Not that he said that to me. No, he was kind of bright frame around his hair and far too loyal and humble and respectful, whiskers, to give me a cheery, “Make doing his duty without complaint, as yourself to home, son!” I remember I anybody could see. said to myself: He's all right. I'll get And all that time, night after night, along with him. But his wife's enough to hardly ever a word out of the woman. sour milk.” That was queer, because As I remember it, she seemed more like she was so much under him in age—’long a piece of furniture than anything elseabout twenty-eight or so, and him nearer not even a very good cook, nor over and fifty. But that's what I said, sir. above tidy. One day, when he and I

Of course that feeling wore off, same were trimming the lamp, he passed the as any feeling will wear off sooner or later remark that his first wife used to dust the in a place like the Seven Brothers. lens and take a pride in it. Not that he Cooped up in a place like that you come said a word against Anna, though. He to know folks so well that you forget never said a word against any living what they do look like. There was a mortal; he was too upright.



I don't know how it came about; or, then he had to tell me for the tenth rather, I do know, but it was so sudden, time what the Inspector 'd said that day and so far away from my thoughts, that about getting him another light-Kingit shocked me, like the world turned dom Come, maybe, he said. over. It was at prayers. That night I I made some excuse or other and got remember Fedderson was uncommon away. Once in the store-room, I sat long-winded. We'd had a batch of news down on my cot and stayed there a long papers out by the tender, and at such time, feeling queerer than anything. times the old man always made a long I read a chapter in the Bible, I don't watch of it, getting the world straight- know why. After I'd got my boots off ened out.

For one thing, the United I sat with them in my hands for as much States minister to Turkey was dead. as an hour, I guess, staring at the oilWell, from him and his soul, Fedderson tank and its lopsided shadow on the got on to Turkey and the Methodist wall. I tell you, sir, I was shocked. I college there, and from that to heathen was only twenty-two, remember, and I in general. He rambled on and on, like was shocked and horrified. the surf on the ledge, woom-woom-woom,

And when I did turn in, finally, I never coming to an end.

didn't sleep at all well. Two or three You know how you'll be at prayers times I came to, sitting straight up in bed. sometimes. My mind strayed. I Once I got up and opened the outer door counted the canes in the chair-seat where to have a look. The water was like glass, I was kneeling; I plaited a corner of the dim, without a breath of wind, and the table-cloth between my fingers for a moon just going down. Over on the spell, and by and by my eyes went wan black shore I made out two lights in a dering up the back of the chair.

village, like a pair of eyes watching. The woman, sir, was looking at me. Lonely? My, yes! Lonely and nervous. Her chair was back to mine, close, and I had a horror of her, sir. The dinghyboth our heads were down in the shadow boat hung on its davits just there in under the edge of the table, with Fed front of the door, and for a minute I had derson clear over on the other side by the an awful hankering to climb into it, stove.

And there were her two eyes lower away, and row off, no matter hunting mine between the spindles in where. It sounds foolish. the shadow. You won't believe me, sir, Well, it seemed foolish next morning, but I tell you I felt like jumping to my with the sun shining and everything as feet and running out of the room—it was usual Fedderson sucking his pen and so queer:

wagging his head over his eternal “log, I don't know what her husband was and his wife down in the rocker with her praying about after that. His voice head in the newspaper, and her breakdidn't mean anything, no more than the fast work still waiting. I guess that seas on the ledge away down there. I jarred it out of me more than anything went to work to count the canes in the else—sight of her slouched down there, seat again, but all my eyes were in the with her stringy, yellow hair and her top of my head. It got so I couldn't dusty apron and the pale back of her stand it. We were at the Lord's prayer, neck, reading the Society Notes. Society saying it sing-song together, when I had Notes! Think of it! For the first time to look up again. And there her two since I came to Seven Brothers I wanted eyes were, between the spindles, hunting to laugh. mine. Just then all of us were saying, I guess I did laugh when I went aloft “Forgive us our trespasses—” I thought to clean the lamp and found everything of it afterward.

so free and breezy, gulls flying high and When we got up she was turned the little white-caps making under a westerother way, but I couldn't help seeing her ly. It was like feeling a big load dropped cheeks were red. It was terrible. I off your shoulders. Fedderson came up wondered if Fedderson would notice, with his dust-rag and cocked his head at though I might have known he wouldn't —not him. He was in too much of a "What's the matter, Ray?" said he. hurry to get at his Jacob's-ladder, and "Nothing," said I. And then I


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