The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, 9권

Smith, Elder & Company, 1869

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411 페이지 - Most gracious God, we humbly beseech thee, as for this Kingdom in general, so especially for the High Court of Parliament, under our most religious and gracious Queen at this time assembled : that thou wouldest be pleased...
258 페이지 - By the list of disabled officers, many of whom are of rank, you may perceive, Sir, that the army is much weakened. By the nature of the river, the most formidable part of this armament is deprived of the power of acting: yet we have almost the whole force of Canada to oppose. In this situation there is such a choice of difficulties that I own myself at a loss how to determine. The...
312 페이지 - Loose the chain, unbind the ring, I am daughter of the king, And I claim the Indian right!" Dauntlessly aside she flings Lifted axe and thirsty knife; Fondly to his heart she clings, And her bosom guards his life! In the woods of Powhattan, Still 'tis told by Indian fires, How a daughter of their sires Saved the captive Englishman.
165 페이지 - Cas against our St. Malo, I scorn to allude to the stale subject. I say Nolo, not Malo : content, for my part, if Harry has returned from one expedition and t'other with a whole skin. And have I ever said he was so much as bruised ? Have I not, for fear of exciting my fair young reader, said that he was as well as ever he had been in his life ? The sea air had browned his cheek, and the ball whistling by his side-curl had spared it.
18 페이지 - Far be it from me to object to any innocent amusement, much less to the music of Mr. Handel, dear Mr. Claypool,' says mamma. ' Music refines the soul, elevates the understanding, is heard in our churches, and 'tis well known was practised by King David.
258 페이지 - In this situation, there is such a choice of difficulties that I own myself at a loss how to determine. The affairs of Great Britain, I know, require the most vigorous measures ; but then the courage of a handful of brave men should be exerted only where there is some hope of a favourable event.
258 페이지 - ... men, which is nearly the whole strength of the Army, after the Points of Levi and Orleans are left in a proper state of defence, to draw the enemy from their present situation, and bring them to an action. I have acquiesced in their proposal, and we are preparing to put it into execution.
258 페이지 - I found myself so ill, and am still so weak, that I begged the general officers to consult together for the public utility.

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