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J. Churchill, at the Black Swan in Pater-noster-Row, 1714

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56 페이지 - ... by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren ; In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness. Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches.
17 페이지 - Natal, possibly three weeks' or a month's voyage, and therefore the colonists want the power of transport before they can reach their market, and, unhappily, they are not wealthy enough to undertake this. When the mountain would not go to Mahomet, Mahomet went to the mountain, and this must be the case now if there be sufficient enterprise in this country to bring Mahomet and the mountain together. If it can be shown that the thing will pay, there are seldom want-ing those who are willing to profit...
233 페이지 - Scriptures ; that there is but one God, and that he only is to be...
46 페이지 - Symbol, where the Holy Ghoft is faid to proceed from the Father and the Son.
219 페이지 - Lady fo famous all over Spain and Portugal, for working of Miracles, as our Lady of the Pillar. Sixthly, The Marble Ship his Body was carried in from Joppa to Galicia. Seventhly, There being a King of Galicia at that Time. . Eighthly, His fighting againft the Moors, armed Cap - a- pic and mounted on a pranfing white Palfrey.
393 페이지 - People, and had quietly been enjoy'd by them above Five Hundred Years, without any, Dependance on Don Pelayo and his Heirs ; none of which before had ever pretended to or dreamt of any fuch Right.
13 페이지 - Council of Eliberis was celebrated in Spain, and the year 694, when the Seventeenth Council of Toledo was celebrated there, no fewer then Forty Ecclefiaftkal Sywdf, National, or Provincial, were aflcmbled in the Spanifb Church.
15 페이지 - Councils theBifhop of Rome is not mentioned often, and never with any intimation of his having any Authority in them. And farther, tho...
12 페이지 - Dominion and Power over this Ifland, and all its Inhabitants. The known Maxim, That Things, which do not appear, are as if they did not exift, is...

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