Industrial Combinations and Trusts

William Harrison Spring Stevens
Macmillan, 1913 - 593페이지

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44 페이지 - Sec. 4. The several circuit courts of the United States are hereby invested with jurisdiction to prevent and restrain violations of this act; and it shall be the duty of the several district attorneys of the United States, in their respective districts, under the direction of the attorney general, to institute proceedings in equity to prevent and restrain such violations.
30 페이지 - ... a secretary who may or may not be a member of the board, and a health officer who shall not be a member of the board.
555 페이지 - An act to protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies...
46 페이지 - State, or in the manufacture or sale of articles of domestic growth, or of domestic raw material, and all arrangements, contracts, agreements, trusts or combinations, between persons or corporations designed, or which tend to advance, reduce or control the price, or the cost to the producer, or to the consumer of any such product or article, are hereby declared to be against public policy, unlawful and void.
556 페이지 - And the said commission shall have the same powers and authority to proceed with any inquiry instituted on its own motion as though it had been appealed to by complaint or petition under any of the provisions of this...
44 페이지 - Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is hereby declared to be illegal. Every person who shall make any such contract or engage in any such combination or conspiracy, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor...
554 페이지 - No vacancy in the Commission shall impair the right of the remaining Commissioners to exercise all the powers of the Commission.
45 페이지 - Any person who shall be injured in his business or property by any other person or corporation by reason of anything forbidden or declared to be unlawful by this act, may sue therefor in any circuit court of the United States in the district in which the defendant resides or is found, without respect to the amount in controversy, and shall recover threefold the damages by him sustained, and the costs of suit, including a reasonable attorney's fee. SEC. 8. That the word "person,
410 페이지 - The merely generic enumeration which the statute makes of the acts to which it refers and the absence of any definition of restraint of trade as used in the statute leaves room for but one conclusion, which is, that it was expressly designed not to unduly limit the application of the act by precise definition, but while clearly fixing a standard, that is, by defining the ulterior boundaries which could not be transgressed with impunity, to leave it to be determined by the light of reason, guided...
45 페이지 - That all arrangements, contracts, agreements, trusts, or combinations between persons or corporations, made with a view, or which tend to prevent full and free competition...

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