History of the Ottoman Turks: From the Beginning of Their Empire to the Present Time. Chiefly Founded on Von Hammer, 1권


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366 페이지 - The One remains, the many change and pass; Heaven's light forever shines, Earth's shadows fly; Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity, Until Death tramples it to fragments.
17 페이지 - I am dying ; and I die without regret, because I leave such a successor as thou art. Be just ; love goodness, and show mercy. Give equal protection to all thy subjects, and extend the law of the Prophet. Such are the duties of princes upon earth ; and it is thus that they bring on them the blessings of Heaven.
315 페이지 - An empire of more than forty thousand square miles, embracing many of the richest and most beautiful regions of the world, had .been acquired by the descendants of Ertoghrul, in three centuries from the time when their forefather wandered a homeless adventurer at the head of less than five hundred fighting men.
23 페이지 - In memory of that benediction, the Janissaries ever wore, as part of their uniform, a cap of white felt, like that of the dervish, with a strip of woollen hanging down behind, to represent the sleeve of the holy man's mantle, that had been laid on their comrade's neck. The Christian children, who were to be trained as Janissaries, were usually chosen at a tender age. They were torn from their parents, trained to renounce the faith in which they were bom and baptised, and to profess the creed of Mahomet.
249 페이지 - ... century, at a cheaper rate than they could obtain it from Egypt, where it was then extensively made. The first sugar plantations established in Spain were at Valencia, but they were soon after extended to Granada and Murcia. Prince Henry, the navigator, carried sugar-cane from Sicily to Madeira. Towards the end of the fifteenth and the commencement of the sixteenth centuries, it was conveyed to the Canary islands, where plantations were formed, especially on Gomera and Grand Canary. From Gomera...
302 페이지 - ... are coming like a thundercloud upon us; and, if the banner of the cross must quail to the unbeliever, let us remember that it is a signal that Heaven demands from us the lives which we have solemnly devoted to its service. He who dies in this cause dies a happy death ; and, to render us worthy to meet it, let us renew at the altar those vows which ought to make us not only fearless but invincible in the fight.
341 페이지 - If they knewe their strength no man were able to make match with them: nor they that dwel neere them should have any rest of them.
390 페이지 - Embassy," p. 22. which he regarded as irretrievable. He employs almost the same metaphor which, in our time, has been applied to the Turkish power by one " whose wish was father to the thought," and who has spoken of it " as a sick man about to die upon one's hands," Roe says : " It has become, like an old body, crazed through many vices, which remain when the youth and strength is decayed.
63 페이지 - Nevers, and all those prisoners who were to be spared, were in the centre ; for he would they should witness the execution of their companions, which the Saracens were eager to perform. Many excellent knights and squires...

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