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133 페이지 - ... not exceeding six months, at the discretion of the court. The payment of such advance wages or...
131 페이지 - ... the direction and force of the wind, and the state of the weather, and possibly the usage and custom of the port of Quebec, if any existed in relation thereto.
133 페이지 - The payment of such advance wages or allotment shall in no case, except as herein provided, absolve the vessel or the master or the owner thereof from the full payment of wages after the same shall have been actually earned, and shall be no defense to a libel suit or action for the recovery of such wages.
881 페이지 - Slide on the other side ; and on the approach of or to other vessels, such lantern shall be exhibited in sufficient time to prevent collision, so that the Green Light shall not be seen on the port side, nor the Red Light on the starboard side.
540 페이지 - Report of the Astronomer Royal to the Board of Visitors of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, read at the Annual Visitation of the Royal Observatory, 1860, June 2; and Address of the Astronomer Royal to the Board of Visitors, 1860, May 12.
182 페이지 - ... (1) The labor expended by the salvors in rendering the salvage service; (2) the promptitude, skill, and energy displayed in rendering the service and saving the property; (3) the value of the property employed by the salvors in rendering the service, and the danger to which such property was exposed; (4) the risk incurred by the salvors in securing the property from the impending peril; (5) the value of the property saved; (6) the degree of danger from which the property was rescued.
517 페이지 - ... justices acting under the authority of this act refer the case to be adjudged by such court, or unless neither the owner nor master is or resides within twenty miles of the place where the seaman or apprentice is discharged or put ashore.
517 페이지 - Any seaman or apprentice, or any person duly authorized on his behalf, may sue in a summary manner before any two justices of the peace acting in or near to the place at which the service has terminated, or at which the seaman or apprentice has been discharged, or at which any person upon whom the claim is made is or resides...
613 페이지 - But I have never been able to conceive, that the wind in violent storms moves only in circles. On the contrary, a vortical movement, approaching to that which may be seen in all lesser vortices, aerial or aqueous, appears to be an essential element of their violent and long continued action, of their increased energy towards the centre or axis, and of the accompanying rain.
133 페이지 - That it shall be, and is hereby, made unlawful in any case to pay any seaman wages in advance of the time when he has actually earned the same; or to pay such advance wages, or to make any order, or note, or other evidence of indebtedness therefor to any other person, or to pay any person, for the shipment of seamen when payment is deducted or to be deducted from a seaman's wages.

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