The New Sailing Directory for the Ethiopic Or Southern Atlantic Ocean ...

Richard Holmes Laurie, 1855 - 578페이지

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PERNAMBUCO to Bahia or Bay of All Saints 244 Porto Calvo c 245
Bahia to Porto SEGURO and the ABROLHOS 259 Morro de St Paulo 259
The Coast from the ABROLHOS to CAPE FRIO inclusive 266 the River St
CAPE FRIO to R10 JANEIRO inclusive 273 Position and Appearance 273 Thetis
Sea Breezes Tides Landing Places c 278 Description and Directions by Cap
VJI Santos to the RIO DE LA PLATA inclusive 288 River Iguape 289 Capanea
The RIO DE LA PLATA 305 Rio Paraña 306 Republic of Uruguay 307
the English Bank 321 Monte Video to Buenos Ayres 325 Observations on
Description of the Coast 337 Cape Corrientes 339 Bahia Blanca 339 Port Bel
The Coast of TIERRA DEL FUEGO to CAPE HORN c including STATEN
Particular Description of and Directions for the Windward Coast 372 River
The Ivory or Teeth Coast 380 Cavally 381 Tahou 381 St Andrews Bay
The Bight of Benin from Cape St Paul to Terra Formosa 399 Quitta c
The Bight of Biafra from the River Nun or Quorra to Cape Lopez including
nando Pu 445 Climate 447 Maidstone Bay and Clarence 448 George
Remarks on the Seasons Winds Currents c by Captain Matson 465 Bank
General Description of the Coasts of Cimbebasia and Hottentotia 510 Great Fish
Cape of Good Hope 527 General Description 527 528 Description of Cape Town
The Southern Coast from False Bay to Algoa Bay 545 Cape Agulhas and Light
A General Alphabetical Index of the Places and Names mentioned in the Work

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147 페이지 - This plant grows on every rock from low-water mark to a great depth, both on the outer coast and within the channels.* I believe, during the voyages of the Adventure and Beagle, not one rock near the surface was discovered which was not buoyed by this floating weed. The good service it thus affords to vessels navigating near this stormy land is evident ; and it certainly has saved many a one from being wrecked. I know few things more surprising than to see this plant growing...
360 페이지 - ... saline contents of the water, in which case it would be secondary. The probability of a volcanic origin is, I think, small, from the absence, I believe, of any other indications of volcanic action, and from the great extent of the coast along which it has been traced. What is known of the action of vegetable matter upon the sulphates, and the immense quantities of vegetable matter which must be brought by the rivers within the influence of the saline matter of the sea, renders, on the contrary,...
320 페이지 - North shore, where they increase the depth of the water, as well as up the river, and particularly in the shallow harbour of Monte Video. Whilst these SW winds blow the air is cold, and the atmosphere clear and elastic, in a degree rarely to be met with in any other part of the world. They are generally succeeded by some days of fine, serene weather, the wind continuing moderate from the southward, or varying to the eastward. I have never known the velocity of the tide or current, in the River Plata...
203 페이지 - During three days before the new and full moons, the period of the highest tides, the sea, instead of occupying six hours to reach its flood, swells to its highest limit in one or two minutes.
163 페이지 - I concluded that what we had seen, which I named Sandwich Land, was either a group of islands, or else a point of the continent. For 1 firmly believe that there is a tract of land near the Pole which is the source of most of the ice that is spread over this vast southern ocean.
511 페이지 - In working into this harbour the shore on the main may be approached within two cables' length. This is a fine place for making captive the great leviathan of the ocean, the right whale, great numbers of which strike on this part of the coast about the middle of June. They are in the habit of playing about the reefs of the island, and that which runs from the continental point before mentioned ; and as the south wind generally prevails, there is no difficulty in getting the dead whale alongside of...
348 페이지 - Norway, well knew that extreme cold, especially when joined with fatigue, produces a torpor and sleepiness that are almost irresistible: He therefore conjured the company to keep moving, whatever pain it might cost them, and whatever relief they might be promised by an inclination to rest: Whoever sits down, says he, will sleep; and whoever sleeps, will wake no more.
107 페이지 - Representatives of the people, so to be summoned as aforesaid, to make, constitute and ordain Laws, Statutes and Ordinances for the public peace, welfare and good Government of our said colonies, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, as near as may be, agreeably to the Laws of England, and under such regulations and restrictions as are used in other colonies ; and in the...
148 페이지 - The town is fortified with an entrenchment, salient angles, and redoubts, which inclose about half a mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in width.
162 페이지 - Georgia, in which he gave an account of the great number of sea elephants, called by him sea lions, and fur seals, found on the shores, induced several enterprising merchants to fit out vessels to take them ; the elephants for their oil, and the seals for their skins. These animals are now almost extinct ; but I have been credibly informed, that since the year...

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