Indonesian Houses: Tradition and transformation in vernacular architecture

Reimar Schefold, P. Nas, Gaudenz Domenig
KITLV Press, 2003 - 527페이지
The volume is intended to provide an introduction to all relevant vernacular architectural traditions and developments in western Indonesia. The 21 contributions, all written by researchers with long first-hand experience in the area they are dealing with, are arranged according to the location of the ethnic groups from west to east - from Aceh to Western Java. Each contributor was asked to enrich the architectural description with a self-chosen particular topic illustrating social, ideological and environmental peculiarities of the field situation. The book takes account of the rich diversity of the various contexts and artistic elaborations that developed in the region.

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Reimar Schefold Peter J M Nas and Gaudenz Domenig
Antonio J Guerreiro
Gaudenz Domenig

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Nas is a researcher at Leiden University, The Netherlands.

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