Peg Woffington

Dodd, Mead, 1852 - 276페이지

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194 페이지 - Where is that ? You mean kindly, sir; but you make me unhappy. POMANDER. — The greenroom, my dear madam, is the bower where houris put off their wings, and goddesses become dowdies ; where Lady Macbeth weeps over her lapdog, dead from repletion; and Belvidera soothes her broken heart with a dozen of oysters. In a word, it is the place where actors and actresses become men and women, and act their own parts with skill, instead of a poet's, clumsily.
236 페이지 - ... not rule her heart. And when the young wife, instead of inveighing against her, came to her as a supplicant, with faith in her goodness, and sobbed to her for pity, a big tear rolled down her cheek, and proved her something more than a picture or an actress. Mrs. Vane, as we have related, screamed and ran to Triplet. Mrs. Woffington came instantly from her frame, and stood before them in a despairing attitude, with one hand upon her brow. For a single moment her impulse was to fly from the apartment,...
126 페이지 - Le bruit est pour le fat, la plainte est pour le sot, L'honnête homme trompé s'éloigne et ne dit mot.

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