Picturesque Excursions in Devonshire and Cornwall ...: Part 1, Devonshire, 파트 1

Murray, 1804 - 107페이지

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32 페이지 - Tis night, and the landscape is lovely no more; I mourn, but, ye woodlands, I mourn not for you; For morn is approaching, your charms to restore, Perfum'd with fresh fragrance, and glittering with dew, Nor yet for the ravage of winter I mourn; Kind Nature the embryo blossom will save.
16 페이지 - Few know thy value, and few taste thy sweets; Though many boast thy favours, and affect To understand and choose thee for their own.
48 페이지 - OH for a lodge in some vast wilderness, Some boundless contiguity of shade, Where rumour of oppression and deceit, Of unsuccessful or successful war, Might never reach me more.
84 페이지 - They have a Castle on a hill ; I took it for an old wind-mill, The vanes blown off by weather. To lie therein one night, 'tis guessed 'Twere better to be stoned and pressed, Or hanged, now choose you whether.
60 페이지 - Lord's-day, the young man, observing by his countenance, what he was partly informed of before, that his godfather was highly displeased at him, prudently withdrew betimes from the church, and resolved to keep himself away, out of his reach, until his indignation should be overpassed. The old gentleman seeing his revenge likely to be disappointed, sent the young man word, that his anger towards him was now over, and he might return to his church again. Accordingly, the young man came, at the usual...
59 페이지 - Elizabeth, had a young man to his godson, that had been abroad for education ; who at his return home hearing of the extravagances of his godfather's conversation, expressed in some company his sorrowful resentment of it ; which was not done so privately, but the report thereof was soon brought (as there be talebearers and whisperers, which separate many friends enough everywhere) to his godfather's ears.
51 페이지 - Had hydd me in his molde. I did no service on the earth, Nor no man set me free, Till Bulmer by his skill and change Did frame me this to be.
60 페이지 - Manet alta mente repostum'— that his displeasure was not laid aside, but laid up in a deep revengeful mind : whereupon as soon as the duties of religion were over, he again hastened out of the church, as soon as he could; upon this his godfather followed him, but not being able to overtake him, he threw his dagger after him (the wearing whereof was the mode of those times), and struck him through the veins of the back, so that he fell and died on the spot.
34 페이지 - ... obliged to sit instead of a sofa. His sermons abounded with Latin and Greek quotations, and passages from the English poets; even the treasures of private epistolary correspondence contributed to -the instruction of his congregation.
34 페이지 - Countio, p. 140. drawing-room was a miserable bed-chamber, with walls that once Were white-washed, and where nothing appeared in opposition to their simplicity. Here he boiled his coffee, toasted his cakes, and entertained his guests...

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