British Theatre: Tamerlane, by N. Rowe. 1792. The revenge, by Edward Young. 1792. Theodosius, by Nathaniel Lee. 1793

J. Bell, 1792

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84 페이지 - If cold white mortals censure this great deed, Warn them, they judge not of superior beings, Souls made of fire, and children of the sun, With whom Revenge is virtue.
v 페이지 - Her pure and eloquent blood Spoke in her cheeks, and so distinctly wrought, That one might almost say her body thought.
28 페이지 - I to blame in that ? Zan. My lord, I love Your very errors ; they are born from virtue. Your friendship (and what nobler passion claims The heart?) does lead you blindfold to your ruin. Consider, wherefore did Alvarez break Don Carlos' match, and wherefore urge Alonzo's ? 'Twas the same cause, the love of wealth.
61 페이지 - Now, as I am a soldier and a king, (The greatest names of honour) do but make Thy imputation out, and Tamerlane Shall do thee ample justice on himself. So much the sacred name of heaven awes me, Could I suspect my soul of harbouring aught To its dishonour, I would search it strictly, And drive the offending thought with fury forth.
38 페이지 - Causeless to hate, is not of human kind: The savage brute that haunts in woods remote And desert wilds, tears not the fearful traveller, If hunger, or some injury, provoke not.
66 페이지 - That's truly great. What think you 'twas set up The Greek and Roman name in such a lustre, But doing right, in stern despite to Nature, Shutting their ears to all her little cries, When great, august, and godlike justice call'd...
8 페이지 - And thought me not dishonoured by his service. One day, (may that returning day be night, The stain, the curse, of each succeeding year!) For something, or for nothing, in his pride He struck me— While I tell it, do I live ? He smote me on the cheek — I did not stab him.
24 페이지 - He cannot himself espouse her Man. Yet, to ask it Has something shocking to a generous mind ; At least, Alonzo's spirit startles at it. Wide is the distance between our despair, And giving up a mistress to another. But I must leave you. Carlos wants support In his severe affliction. [Exit. Zan. Ha, it dawns ! It rises to me, like a new-found world To mariners long time distressed at sea, Sore from a storm, and all their viands spent ; Or like the sun just rising out of chaos, Some dregs of ancient...
93 페이지 - II feel, I feel Your sacred spirit arm me to resistance. Yes, tyrant, I will stand this shock of fate; Will live to triumph o'er thee, for a moment, Then die well pleas'd, and follow my Moneses. Baj. Thou talk'st it well. But talking is thy privilege ; 'Tis all the boasted courage of thy sex ; Tho", for thy soul, thou dar'st not meet the danger.
12 페이지 - Love calls for love. Not all the pride of beauty, Those eyes that tell us what the sun is made of, Those lips, whose touch is to be bought with life, Those hills of driven snow, which seen are felt ; All these, possessed, are nought, but as they are The proof, the substance of an inward passion, And the rich plunder of a taken heart.

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