The Elegies of Sextus Propertius

W. Blackwood, 1875 - 283페이지

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63 페이지 - Back comes the Chief in triumph. Who, in the hour of fight, Hath seen the Great Twin Brethren In harness on his right. Safe comes the ship to haven, Through billows and through gales, If once the Great Twin Brethren Sit shining on the sails.
69 페이지 - Accepit vocem lacrimis Lavinia matris Flagrantis perfusa genas, cui plurimus ignem 65 Subjecit rubor, et calefacta per ora cucurrit. Indum sanguineo veluti violaverit ostro Si quis ebur, aut mixta rubent ubi lilia multa Alba rosa : talis virgo dabat ore colores.
16 페이지 - As when we cannot reach the head of statues all too high, We lay a chaplet at the feet, so now perforce do I, Unfit to climb the giddy heights of Epic song divine, In humble adoration lay poor incense on thy shrine ; For not as yet my Muse hath known the wells of Ascra's grove : Permessus' gentle wave alone hath laved the limbs of Love.
59 페이지 - ... commend to thee; Burnt in my bones still breathes a mother's care. Discharge a mother's duties, then, for me ; For now thy shoulders all their load must bear. Kiss them, and kiss them for their mother ; dry Their childish tears : thine all the burden now. Ne'er let them see thee weep or hear thee sigh, But with a smile thy sorrow disavow. Enough that thou the weary nights shouldst moan, And woo my semblance back in visions vain; Yet whisper to my portrait when alone, As if the lips could answer...
59 페이지 - Though young, the matron's honored robe I wore; Death from no barren dwelling bore his prize : My boys! my solace when I live no more, Ye held me in your hands and closed my eyes.
xxviii 페이지 - I'll fill a portly volume with the Coan garment's praise ; Or if her truant tresses wreathe her forehead with caresses, The tresses of her queenly brow demand her poet's lays. Or if, perchance, she strike the speaking lyre with ivory fingers, I marvel how those nimble fingers run the chords along ; Or if above her slumber-drooping eyes a shadow lingers, My tranced mind is sure to find a thousand themes of song. Or if for love's delightful strife repose awhile be broken, Oh, I could write an Iliad...
57 페이지 - ... prayers unlock the portals of the tomb ; When once the dead have trod the infernal floor, Barred stand the adamantine doors of doom. Though the dark hall's dread king would hear thy prayer, 'Twere vain : deaf shores will drink thy tears the while. Prayers move high heaven : but, pay the boatman's fare, The drear gate closes on the shadowy pile. So sang the mournful trumpets when my head Sank on the bier before the ruthless fires. What then availed me Paulus' bridal bed, And cars triumphal of...
86 페이지 - Ergo cum silices, cum dens patientis aratri Depereant aevo, carmina morte carent. Cedant carminibus reges regumque triumphi, Cedat et auriferi ripa benigna Tagi.
59 페이지 - With offspring prop our line. — The bark's afloat: I gladly go, so many mourn my doom ; A wife's last triumph, and of fairest note, Is fame's sweet incense rising o'er her tomb. Paulus, our pledges I commend to thee; Burnt in my bones still breathes a mother's care.

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