Two Worlds are Ours: An Introduction to Christian Mysticism

Fortress Press, 2005 - 287페이지

In this masterful historical survey, theologian JohnMacquarrie demonstrates how Christians, especially thegreat mystics, have experienced at their own "radiant core"the love and presence of God.

The word mysticism evokes ecstatic visions, asceticism, andesoteric teaching. Yet, the author maintains, mystics arebetter thought of as people who exhibit common humancuriosity, long to explore religious mystery, and ultimatelyfind a deep personal relationship with God.

Macquarrie discusses in detail the ten common traits ofmysticism before tracing two millennia of Christianmysticism. He mainly allows the mystics to speak forthemselves, but he is also particularly insightful aboutthe greatest individuals of the tradition — from Paul to thepatristic Platonists to the classic medieval mystics to a hostof twentieth-century exemplars.

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