Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, 20권


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255 페이지 - Do you observe that stag who is foremost of the herd ? There is danger from that stag, for if either fear or rage should force him from the ridge of that hill, let...
220 페이지 - Where the bones of heroes rest — Open wide the hallowed portals To receive another guest ! Last of Scots, and last of freemen — Last of all that dauntless race, Who would rather die unsullied Than outlive the land's disgrace ! 0 thou lion-hearted warrior ! Reck not of the after-time : Honour may be deemed dishonour, Loyalty be called a crime.
246 페이지 - I have no great kindness to Kippoch nor Glenco, and it is well that people are in mercy, and then just now my Lord Argyle tells me, that Glenco hath not taken the oath, at which I rejoice. It is a great work of charity to be exact in rooting out that damnable sect, the worst of the Highlands.
166 페이지 - ... bring a present of gold, with which that region abounded, he stole, while at play with the King's son, the golden ball with which he used to divert himself, and brought it to his mother in great haste ; and when he reached the door of his father's house, but not unpursued, and was entering it in a great hurry, his foot stumbled on the threshold, and falling down into the room where his mother was sitting, the two pigmies seized the ball which had dropped from his hand, and departed, showing the...
222 페이지 - Dundee had made a considerable progress in the mathematics, especially in those parts of it that related to his military capacity ; and there was no part of the Belles Lettres which he had not studied with great care and exactness. He was much master in the epistolary way of writing ; for he not only expressed himself with great ease and plainness, but argued well, and had a great art in giving his thoughts in few words.
81 페이지 - Hrafn the red was chased out into a certain river ; he thought he saw there the pains of hell down below him, and he thought the devils wanted to drag him to them. Then Hrafn said — " Thy dog,* Apostle Peter ! hath run twice to Rome, and he would run the third time if thou gavest him leave.
246 페이지 - The hand that mingled in the meal, At midnight drew the felon steel, And gave the host's kind breast to feel Meed for his hospitality...
229 페이지 - We lost in this action about five thousand men, and many brave officers. Here Mackay was killed, being ordered to a post that he saw could not be maintained. He sent his opinion about it ; but the former orders were confirmed ; so he went on, saying only, " The will of the Lord be done.
254 페이지 - Murray, and the countries about. As these Highlanders use a light dress, and are very swift of foot, they went up and down so nimbly, that in less than two months' time they brought together 2000 red deer, besides roes and fallow deer.
218 페이지 - OH last and best of Scots ! who didst maintain Thy country's freedom from a foreign reign ; New people fill the land now thou art gone, New gods the temples, and new kings the throne.

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