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whirte-weed, whittle-shawl, wheyish, whirligig, awhile.

wharfinger, over-whelming,


When the wee whistler was very well whipped.
Why were virtue's warnings whimsically vetoed ?


Note. Webster's Dictionary, the Standard and the Century differ in respect to the correct pronunciation of many words. In these exercises, with few exceptions, the pronunciation is that preferred by the Standard.

1. Pronounce the words in the following exercise with decision, attacking vigorously the accented syllable, that is, the syllable that demands the primary accent.

2. Vary the method by uttering each syllable separately, then the whole word.

a in all. Forestall, disenthrall, altering, psalter, lawyer, applaud, defraud, because, withdraw, foresaw, cauliflower, warrior, laudanum, laureate, gaudy, caulking, bawling, caucus, almanac, allspice, balking, appalling.

a in alms, father. Cantata, almond, laughter, Alabama, martyrdom, disarmament, bourgeois (citizen), oleomargarine, disembark, promenade, becalmed, armful, embalming, lava.

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a in ask. Impassable, casket, master, basket, slanting, enhance, taskmaster, unasked, basswood, castor, everlasting, lancer, dancer, fastening, aghast, blasting, glass-blowing, impassably, passover, vastness, passport, password, pastoral, pasturage, plastering.

a in at. Catamaran, chastisement, valentine, paramount, caravan, caricature, passenger, allopathic, coadjutant, combative, disenfranchisement, circumambulate, abjectness, abracadabra, adamantine, aldermanic, somnambulism, anachronism, animalcule, approbative, atavism, biographical.

a in fare. Parentage, prepare, impairment, despairing, tearing, shareholder, ensnare, unaware, doctrinaire, unbearable, prayerfully, unfairly, heirloom, bearishness, carefully, comparing.

e in eke. Chimera, coliseum, convenience, credence, cuirassier, cuisine, retreating, experience, inferior, apotheosis, cerement, chameleon, abstemious, adamantean, anæsthesia, capuchin, chevalier, egregious, encyclopedia, homogeneity, mausoleum, monocotyledon.

e in earn. Alternately, earnestness, versatile, ermine, earning, unconcern, discerning, fertile, infernal, myrtle, mercifully, mercury, merchandise.

oo in hoof, fool. Pollutedness, overshoot, bamboozle, moonlight, rudiment, proof-reader, disapprove, alluvial, plumage, oolong, ruthless, koosier, denouement, abstruse, assurance, hallelujah, prurient, youthfulness, foolishness, toothsome, superfluity, spoonful, soothsayer, roofing, rootlet, overrule, caboose, unloosening.

oo in book. Overtook, footprint, mistook, woodchuck, woolgathering, bullock, bulwark, bushwacker, bulletin, bullion, wolfish,

, rookery, womanliness, roommate, afoot, brooklet, bookbindery, bulldozing, cookery, unwomanly, crookedness, fulsomeness, hoodwink, unhooking, forsook.

o in odd, cot. Chronological, cochineal, commonwealth, incomparable, origin, orator, coronet, agnosticism, anemometer, confiscate, monogram, isosceles, mnemonics, anthropophagi, cacophony, chirography, chiropodist, contumacy, contumely, corollary, cosmopolite, epizootic.

u in bud, fun. Covetousness, coverlet, crushing, cuttle-fish, buttresses, accompaniment, agriculturist, annunciate, cupboard, bungalow, adumbrate, buckwheat, bulkhead, cutpurse, consummate, buncombe, enunciate, abutment, annulment, fulminate, perfunctorily, assumption, butternut, buzzard, circumference, covenanter.

u as in burr, urn. Furtively, furniture, gurgling, hurtfulness, incursion, insurgent, bifurcate, objurgatory, pursuivant, courteousness, burden, murkiness, murmuring, nurturing, purposeful, surgeon, discourteous, appurtenance, burdensome, burgess, burgomaster, cursorily, curvature, surplice, concur, furrier, ,

, furtherance.

a in babe. Contemporaneously, crystallization, defalcation, decoration, desperado, equivocation, exhortation, expatriate, monomaniac, vagaries, aeronaut, altercation, amelioration, apparatus, naturalization, plagiarism, aquarium, archangel, assailant, attache, aviary, bayonet, candelabra, carbonaceous, chicanery, civilization, commissariat.

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i in bide. Indecipherable, benighted, nightingale, ninetieth, piracy, derisive, dynamite, declining, diadem, admiringly, inquire, nitrogen, notoriety, revivalist, conniving, unreliable, acclimatize, ammoniacal, annihilate, declivous, demoniacal, perspiring, indecisive, environment, icicle, undeniable, unlicensed, unlikelihood.

o in bode. Locomotive, opponent, equatorial, quotient, loathsome, inappropriate, devotedness, orotund, opprobriousness, socialism, encomium, bureaucracy, chauvinism, spoliater, poulterer, cognomen, condolence, corporeal, corrosive, decorous, diplomacy, diplomatist, misquoted, proposal, infusoria, localize.

oi in boi. Cloister, poignant, clairvoyance, reconnoiter, avoirdupois, boisterous, avoidance, buoyancy.

ow in owl. Counterfeit, foundling, counselor, mountainous, abounding, befouled.

u in duke. Nuisance, dubious, indubitable, maturity, illuminate, obtuse, enthusiasm, acumen, attuning, beauteous, circuitous, peculiar, archdukedom, assiduity, circumlocution, circuitousness, astute, amusement, spurious, ambiguity, minutiæ.

e in met. Adolescence, amendatory, anemograph, antebellum, betterment, prevalent, blessedness, breathless, brethren, celestial, celluloid, censurable, centenary, cherish, chemistry, cleverness, clericalism, coalesce, commendable, competitive, complexity, incomprehensible, inconsequential, condescendingly, enviousness, epidemic, equestrianism, forensic.

i in it. Admittance, militarism, astringency, astigmatism, asynchronism, belligerent, benediction, billings-gate, brilliancy, chivalrous, Christendom, commiserate, conditionally, deliciousness, diligence, revisiting, explicitly, fiftieth, sacreligious, forbidding, glistening, gypsum, impossibility, pillory, inconspicuous, insufficiency, rivulet, physicist, novitiate, asphyxiate, aborigines, antithesis, archbishop, asphyxia, benignant, carnivorous, gibberish, lyrical, peninsula, brigand, cachinnatory, centrifugal, centripetal, chivalrous, commiserate, contiguously, convivial, equivocal, delirious, demolition, disputant, electricity, equanimity, erysipelas.


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Abattoir, abdomen, abjectly, abjuratory, absolutory, ac mate, acclivous, acetic, acumen, adept, Adonis, aerated, aerial, aeriform, aerolite, aeronaut, agape, albumen, allude, ally, alternate (noun), alternate (verb), alternately, amenable, ammoniacal, annex, annunciation, antipodes, aorist, apotheosis, applicative, aquiline, arid, artificer, ascetic, aspirant, association, atelier, atomic, atrophy, attache, augury, auscultatory, auxiliary, Ave Maria, avoirdupois.

Bade, bayou, belles-lettres, bellows, bestial, bicephalous, bijou, bipartite, bitumen, borealis, brevet, brigand, brooch, caffeine, chameleon, caoutchouc, capuchin, casualty, casuistry, celibacy, ceramic, chastisement, cherubic, chiffonier, chimera, chivalrous, chyle, chyme, clandestine, clangor, classicism, coadjutor, connoisseur, consummate, contemplative, contrary, contrarily, controvert, contumacy, contumely, corrugate, corsair, courteous, covetous, crematory, critique, cuirassier, cuisine.

Data, debonair, debris, debut, debutante, decade, defalcate, deficit, delusive, demesne, demoniacal, denouement, derisive, dilapidate, dissentient, dissoluble, docile, domicile, dubious.

Eclat, edelweiss, effigy, egotism, eligible, elision, elixir, elusive, embroglio, empyrean, encyclical, enervate, ennui, en

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