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Hemus William, of Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, brickmaker. (Jenkins and

Co. New Inn ; and Wilkins, Merthyr Tydvill. July 7.
Holmes J W. of Portsea, Southampton, Ironmonger. (Callaway, Portsmouth.

July 10.
Hillder William, of Halling, Kent, victualler. [Nelson, Palsgrave place,

Temple bar. July 10.
Hahn Jonas Charlesson, of Crutched friars, London, ship and insurance broker.

(Evans, Birchin lane, London. July 14. Harvey J. of Birmingham, wine merchant. [Johnson, Inner Temple, London.

July 17.
Home, P. and P. Hunter, of Throgmorton street, merchants. [Willis, Wandford

court, Throgmorton street, July 17. Heck A. of Gravesend, carpenter. [Lange, Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields,

London. July 28. Holbrow J. and W. Holbrow, Avening, Gloucestershire, dealers. [Chinn, Mia

chinhampton, and Bennet, Dean's court, St. Paul's. August 3. Hil W. Liverpool, ship builder, [Blackstock, St. Mildred's court, Poultry ; and

Murrow, Liverpool. August 3. Hodgson John, of Birmingham, merchant. [Egerton, Cray's lon, London ;

and Spurrier, Birmingham. August 7. Hilton William, of Birchin lane, London, druggist and chemist. [Oakley, New London street, Fenchurch street.

August ? Haw Thomas, of Sluckion, Durham, ship builder. [Raisbech, Stockton.

August 18. Halliñeid John, of Messingham, Lincolnshire, beast jobber. (Fowler, Ashby,

Lincolnshire. August 21. Harman James, of Great Russel street, Bloomsbury, haberdasher. [Farrar, Stead.

man, and Wall, Bread street hill. August 25. Hancock Charles, of Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Tailor. [Walker, Spilsby; Ellis,

Cursitor street, London. August 31. Hutchings Henry, the younger, of High Holborn ; baker. (Flashman, Ely place

Holborn, August 31.


Jarritt J. of Bristol, cabinet maker. [Bennet, Dean's court, St. Paul's, London,

July 10.
Jones R. of Manchester, victualler. (Hurd, Temple. July 24.


Kershaw James and William Kershaw, of Halifax, Yorkshire, merchants. [Allen

and Co. Furnival's Inn; and Howarth and Co. Ripponden, Yorkshire, Keene D. Aldersgate street, cabinet makir. [Flaslıman, Ely place, Holborn, Loa.

don. July 28.

July 7.


Lichtgary Samuel, and Matthew Dunsford, of Basinghall Street, London, dealers,

(Walton, Girdlers' hall. July 14. Lawrence R. of New Windsor, Berks, bricklayer. [Bartun, Symmond's Inn, Lon. Leighton W. of Newcastle upon Tyne, innkeeper. [Wortham and Stephenson,

don. July 17, Linley Joseph, of Oxford streer, hosier. (Stokes, Upper James street, Golden

square. August 25.

Castle street, Holborn. July 28. Lawley W. of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, timber merchant. (Griffiths, Great

James street, London. August 11. Leeson T. of Packwood, Warwickshire, mercer. (Smart and Thomas, Staple

Inn, London. August 18. Lardner John, of Oxford street, Marylebone, ironmonger. (Richardson, Monument

yard. August 25.


Marsh Roberts of the Old Bailey, oilmaa. (Smith and Co. Chapter-house, St.

Paul's Church yard, London, July 7. Metford William, of Temple street, Bristol, butcher. [Blandford and Co. Tem.

ple ; and Mellin, Bristol. July 7. Mills James, of Portsea, Southampton, grocer. (Lowe, Jaines street, Portsea,

and Willshen, Salisbury street, Strand, London, July 14. Mount Richard, of Canterbury, hop merchant. [Reynolds, Folkslone, Kent.

August 25


Newton R. of Manchester, cotton manufacturer. [Ellis, Cursitor street, London.

July 10. Nodin J. of Water lane, merchant and broker. [Gregson, Angel court, Throge

morton street. August 11.

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Owen Thomas, of Walsal, Staffordshire. [Price, Worcester; and Barker, Gray's

Inn, London. August 14. Osborne James, of Oxford, sadler. [Walsh, Oxford ; and Townsend, Staple

Inn, London. August 14. Owen Edward, of Cumming, Plymouth dock, shopkeeper. [Morgan, Bristol,

August 25.


Price Thomas, of Redcross street, Southwark, upholsterer and cabinet maker.

(Berry, Walbrook. July 14. Pryer William, Hackney, stock broker. [Bugg, New Broad street, London.

July 31. Pugh Édward, Franklin's yard, near the Circus, Surrey, oilman [Dawes, Angel

court, Throgmorton street. August 3. Porter W. of Great Driffield, Yorkshire, grocer and draper. [Ellis, Cursitor

street, London. August 11. Palmer F. P. of Worcester, money scrivener. [Smart and Thomas, Staple Inn,

London. August 11. Price M. of Hereford, milliner and haberdasheri (Davies, Lothbury, London.

August 18.


Radcliffe N. of Oldham, Lancashire, cotton spinner. [Ellis, cursitor street, Lon.

don. July 28. Riley E. Strand, dealer in music and musical instruments. [Orrel, Winsley

street, Oxford street, London. July 31. Row Thomas, Bath, Butcher. (Sheppard and Co. Bedford row and Sheppard,

bath. August 3.


Stanforth George, of B-verley, Yorkshire, draper... [Ellis, Cursilar street, Loné

don. July 10. Shaw John, of Newgate strett, London, linen draper. [Alderson, North street,

City road, London. July 14, Sazonoff S. of A poilo buildings, Wajwo, th, mercbant. [Willett and Annesley,

Finsbury square. July 28. Sayers Joseph, Charles' street, cavendish square, shoe maker, [Orrei, Winsley

strect, ()xiord street. August 3 Scougall George, or Blackheath, Kent, merchant [Gregson, Angel court, Thrag.

morton sireet, London, August 11. Sanith James, of Pemberto:, Lancashire, blcacher. (Brecherton, Wigan; and

Backstock, Sr. Muired's court, Poultry, London. August 14. Stork John, Thomas Whib: , and Matchew. Bowerill, of Great Driffield, Yorkshire,

merchanis. {Abbot, Old Broad sticit. Augi'st 21. Stephenson Charles, of Pariiament street, Wesiminster, stationer. (Hulme, Bruns

wick squire. Augus: 25. Smith Robert, of Williton, Somerset. [Clarke, Chard, and King, Took's court,

Chancery lane. August 31.


Turner Thoiras, of Birmingham, button miker. [Egerton, Gray's lön square

London. July 10. Thompson Robert, Shefaeld, Yorkshire, .cutlet. (Bigg, Hatton garden ; and

Rougers, Sheffield. August 3. Tripp Henry, of Bristol, tayior. (James, Gray's Inn, London ; and Martin,

Bristol. August 7. Towne W. of Depliord, Surrey, clerk, schoolmaster, and bookseller. (Drew,

Birmondsey streel, Southwaik. August 11. Tea : T. of Penrith, Cumberland, innkeeper. (Lowndes and Lambert, Red

Lion square, London. August 18 Tucon L. and J. Wirwick; of Leeds, merchants. (Lambert, Hatton garden, Lon. dung August

08. Thoiñas Thomas, and Henry Cameron, of Birmingham, factors. [Burmisk,

Birminghain. August 25.



July 24.

Wain ). and T. Age, of Businghall street, clothiers. (Alderson, North street, City

road, London. July 10 White Thumus, of Wheelfon, Lancashire, musiin manufacturer. [Duckworth,

and Chippendail, Manchester. Jul Whittingham C..of Warmington forse, Cheshire, ironmaster. [Hurley, Temple. Wells J. and T. Smish, of Leadenhåll street, hatters. (Williams, Upper Joha

streer, Fitzroy square, London, July 28. Wilson W. Jate of the Coal Exchange, coal factor, [Raine, No. 28, Mark lane,

Loudo). Juiy-23. Wariters J. of Cornhill, merter. [Barrow, Forbes, and Hancock, Basinghall street,

London. July 28. Worthington George, of Chorlton row, Manchester, porter brewer. [Ellis, Cure ACCOUNT AND ANALYSIS

sitor street; and Hewitt, Manchester. August 3. Wheat!cy L. cen. of Bedworth, Warwickshire, butcher. (Nicholls, Tavistock

place, Tavistock square, London. August 11. wail D. of Bristol, cordwainer. (James, Gray's Inn square, London. Aug. 11 L'hitworth James, of Alford, Lincolnshire, brandy inerchiaut. [Allen and Exley,

Husaival's Lin, London. August 25.





of the Courts of COMMON LAW, previous to the commencement of the Term reports, including Wm. Blackstone, Burrow, Cowper, Douglas, Lofit, Lord Raymond, Salkeld, Strange, Willis, and Wilson. By JonN ILDERTON BURN, Esq.BUTTERWORTH, Fleel-street. 1804. 1 volume Octavo.

THE nature of this work will sufficiently appear from the

following account of it given by the author, in the ADVERTISEMENT which he has prefixed to it by way of preface.

“ The following pages comprise, in a comparatively small compass, the substance of twenty-four volumes of reports. But the nature of the undertaking will best evince the labour that has been necessary to complete it.

“ The cases are arranged on a plan similar to that of Mr. Tomlins' Digest of the Term Reports, with distinct references to the reporters: for inany of them are reported by two or three different authors. Under each head, therefore, may be found by a very short and easy reference, the whole of the cases that have been reported for nearly a century past, on that particular subject; so that the labour of the student may thus be much shortened, at the same time, that it will be rendered more certain of attaining the object in view.

So many reporters, and each pursuing a different mode of arrangement, however judicious separately considered, were sure to perplex the mind of any one who had occasion to consult many of them at a time. It is presumed that the arrangement of the whole, upon one systematic plan, will obviate much of that perplexity.

“ This Digest offers the latter advantages; and it is hoped, with tolerable correctness, particularly in the references. TOL. III. N° 20.


“ A person consulting a work of this nature, can scarcely be supposed to do so, without referring also from it to the reports at large; therefore, in case there should be a defective abridgment of any of them (which the Editor is not aware of,) no great evil would ensue. This is not meant to apologize for inaccuracies, or avert a just criticism on his book, but more fully to satisfy those who consult it. His aiin has been to give the leading point in each case correctly; when more than one point of law has arisen, they are referred to in different parts of the work, under correspondent titles.

In so large an undertaking, often necessarily interrupted by professional duties, some errors may be expected, notwithstanding all the care taken to avoid them. The Editor, therefore, solicits the indulgence of his readers, for such as may have escaped his notice; and submits his labours to their candour and liberality.”

As this is a fair statement of the nature of the work, we feel neither able nor inclined to offer any further criticism apon it, ihan to say that we think such a compilation is useful, and that having had some occasion to use it, we have found the references sufficiently correct. If the points, as stated by Mr. Burn, are not always so precise and satisfactory as those of Mr. Tomlins's Index, it should be considered that the latter gentleman, extracted them from the margin of the Term Reports, and that the marginal references to the previous reporters are not always so full or so accurate and precise, and it can scarcely be expected that in such a work Nr. Burn, at all times consulted the report, and extracted the point himself.*

ARTICLE X.-- A Treatise of the Law relative to MERCHANT

Ships and SEAMEN; in four parts; 1. Of the Owners of Merchant Ships; II. Of the Persons employed in the Navigation thercoj ; III. Of the Carriage of goods therein; IV. Of the IV ages of Merchant Seamen. By CHARLES ABBOTT, of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. The second Edition, with additions.-BROOKS and CLARKE, Bell-yard, Temple Bar; and J. BUTTERWORTH,

Fleet-street. 1804. i rolume Octavo. THE HE maritime commerce of this country, is in every poiot

of view an object of the greatest importance. From it the nation chiefly draws that wealthi, which not only supplies

• We wish Mr. Burr had included Espinasse, Peak, Anstruthst and Forrest,

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