Army Organization Bill


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6011 페이지 - Affairs, and that there shall be a principal officer therein, to be called the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs,1 who shall perform and execute such duties as shall from time to time be enjoined on or entrusted to him by the President of the United States...
6106 페이지 - That the Chief of Staff, under the direction of the President or of the Secretary of War, under the direction of the President...
6011 페이지 - The provisions of Part 1 of this order are hereby extended to the Department of Commerce; and, subject to the limitations and regulations contained In such part, and under such regulations as he may prescribe, the Secretary of Commerce is authorized to perform...
5988 페이지 - That under such regulations as may be prescribed by the secretary of war. officers of the finance -department, accountable for public moneys, may Intrust moneys to other officers for the purpose of having them make disbursements as their agents and the officer to whom the moneys are intrusted, as well as the officer who intrusts the moneys to him. shall be held pecuniarily responsible therefor to the United States.
6169 페이지 - States, subject in time of peace to such general exceptions as may be authorized by the Secretary of War: Provided.
6009 페이지 - Armed forces" means the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. (5) "Department", when used with respect to a military department, means the executive part of the department and all field headquarters, forces, reserve components, installations, activities, and functions under the control or supervision of the Secretary of the department.
5991 페이지 - This report has been coordinated among the departments and boards in the National Military Establishment in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Secretary of Defense.
6010 페이지 - Army is responsible for and has the authority to conduct all affairs of the Department of the Army, including but not limited to those necessary or appropriate for the training, operations, administration, logistical support and maintenance, welfare, preparedness, and effectiveness of the Army, including research and development...
6157 페이지 - Corps, such committees shall consist of an equal representation from the Regular Army, the National Guard of the United States, and the Officers
6018 페이지 - In case of the death, resignation, absence, or sickness of the head of any...

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