New Monthly Magazine, 36권

Thomas Campbell, Samuel Carter Hall, Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton, Theodore Edward Hook, Thomas Hood, William Ainsworth
Henry Colburn, 1832

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40 페이지 - That as they admit of greater breadth of tyre than other carriages, and as the roads are not acted on so injuriously as by the feet of horses in common draught, such carriages will cause less wear of roads than coaches drawn by horses.
340 페이지 - ' that the House do resolve itself into a committee of the whole house, to consider the...
8 페이지 - ... of discussing and making known their grievances; but, in respecting these rights, it is also my duty to prevent combinations, under whatever pretext, which in their form and character are incompatible with all regular government, and are equally opposed to the spirit and to the provisions of the law ; and I know that I shall not appeal in vain to my faithful subjects to second my determined resolution to repress all illegal proceedings, by which the peace and security of my dominions may be endangered.
40 페이지 - That at this rate they have conveyed upwards of fourteen passengers. 3. That their weight, including engine, fuel, water and attendants, may be under three tons.
220 페이지 - make a diligent and full inquiry into the practical operation of the laws for the relief of the poor in England and Wales...
253 페이지 - ... from the North and from the South, from the East and from the West, all anxious to join as members of one nation for the good of our country.
193 페이지 - ... move as an amendment that it be read a second time that day six months.
144 페이지 - Kingston moved for the appointment of a committee to inquire into the state of the Protestant church in the province of Munster.
415 페이지 - ... frigates, and a multitude of smaller vessels. The navies of the other European powers, France, Holland, Spain, and Denmark, were almost annihilated during the same period, so that the aggregate of their losses must have many times exceeded that of Great Britain. In every one of these ships were batteries of cannon constructed of iron...
7 페이지 - I feel it to be my duty, in the first place, to recommend to your most careful consideration the measures which will be proposed to you for a reform in the Commons' House of Parliament : a speedy and satisfactory settlement of this question becomes daily of more pressing importance to the security of the State, and to the contentment and welfare of my people.

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