The History of Bahawalpur: With Notices of the Adjacent Countries of Sindh, Afghanistan, Multan, and the West of India

James Madden, 1848 - 232페이지

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229 페이지 - Sing and his heirs and successors will act in subordinate co-operation with the British Government and acknowledge its supremacy, and will not have any connection with any other Chiefs or States.
223 페이지 - Rupees shall be levied on all boats laden with merchandise in transit on the rivers Indus and Sutlej, between the sea and Rooper, without reference to their size, or to the weight or value of their cargo; the above toll to be divided among the different States in proportion to the extent of territory which they possess on the banks of these rivers.
221 페이지 - When the persons in charge of boats stop of their own accord to take in or give out cargo, the goods will be liable to the local transit duty of the Bhawulpore Government previously to their being embarked and subsequently to their being landed, as provided in Article 8th.
219 페이지 - Daoodpootrahs, on the other, for the Purpose of confirming the Friendship of the Two States, the opening of the Trade by the above-mentioned Rivers, and regulating the Manner in which the Arrangements connected with it are to be carried into effect.
221 페이지 - Superintendent at that station will compare the passport with the cargo, and whatever goods are found in excess will be liable to the payment of the established duty; while the rest, having already paid duty at Mithinkot, will pass on free.
222 페이지 - Nawab's officers will afford them every protection in their power; and whenever merchants may happen to halt for the night , it will be incumbent on them to show their passport to the Thannadar, or other officers in authority at the place, and demand their protection.
222 페이지 - December 1832, it was stipulated that a moderate scale of duties should be fixed by the two Governments in concert, to be levied on all merchandize in transit up and down the Rivers Indus and Sutlej, the said Governments being now of opinion that, owing to the inexperience of the people of these countries in such matters, the mode of levying duties then proposed (viz., on the value and quantity of goods) could not fail to give rise to mutual misunderstandings and reclamations have, with a view to...
229 페이지 - Successors will not enter into negotiation with any Chief or State without the knowledge and sanction of the British Government, but the usual amicable correspondence with friends and relations shall continue.

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