Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries


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409 페이지 - Hydrometer, for every Gallon of the Strength of Proof by such Hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less Strength than the Strength of Proof, and for any greater or less Quantity than a Gallon...
409 페이지 - Provided that no tobacco packed and prized shall, on the importation thereof, be examined as to the quantity of moisture contained therein except by special order of the Commissioners of Customs, and unmanufactured tobacco shall on the entry thereof be distinguished as stemmed or unstemmed, as the case may be. Varnish. Sec Spirits. Vinegar ------ the gallon 003 Pickles, preserved in - '- - - „ 001 " lne1 vlz. • Containing less than the followmg rates of Proof Spirit verified by Sj kes
410 페이지 - And for every degree of strength beyond the highest above specified an additional duty of 3d. per gallon.
293 페이지 - according to the unvarying testimony of the employers, the actual wages earned in 1872 and subsequent years were scarcely in excess of the wages earned before 1867. The workmen took the difference in idleness and dissipation ; in most establishments it became the rule to close from Saturday night to Tuesday morning, and it was only on Wednesdays that work was fairly resumed.
649 페이지 - The general health of the city during the past year has been excellent, and a great decrease in the death rate is shown.
625 페이지 - ... as follows: Section 1. There shall be levied, collected, and paid upon the following goods imported into this...
576 페이지 - STATEMENT showing the Description, Number and Tonnage of Canadian and United States Vessels trading on the Rivers and Lakes between Canada and the United States (exclusive of Ferriage), which Arrived and Departed during the Fiscal Year ended March 31, 1917.
781 페이지 - SIR : I have the honor to submit my annual report for the year ending September 30, 1879.
408 페이지 - Ib. 002 A drawback shall be allowed on all roasted coffee exported as ships stores, equal in amount to the import duty on raw coffee.
408 페이지 - And in charging the above rates of duty upon the importation of beer, the specific gravity of the worts from which the same was made shall be ascertained and determined in the manner prescribed by the sixteenth section of the Act of the nineteenth and twentieth Victoria, chapter thirty-four, for ascertaining and determining the rates of drawbacks on the exportation of beer.

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