Total Permanent Disability Benefits in Relation to Life Insurance

Actuarial society of America, 1920 - 58페이지

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6 페이지 - Insured's age at nearest birthday is 60 years and subsequent to the delivery hereof, has become wholly disabled by bodily injury or disease so that he is and will be presumably, thereby permanently and continuously prevented from engaging in any occupation whatsoever for remuneration or profit...
4 페이지 - Without prejudice to any other cause of disability, the entire and irrecoverable loss of the sight of both eyes, or the severance of both hands above the wrists, or of both feet above the ankles, or of one entire hand and one entire foot will be considered as total and permanent disability within the meaning of this provision.
15 페이지 - Total disability must, from the necessity of the case, be a relative matter, and must depend largely upon the occupation and employment in which the party insured is engaged. One can readily understand how a person who labors with his hands would be totally disabled only when he cannot labor at all. But the same rule would not apply to...
16 페이지 - Total disability does not mean absolute physical disability on the part of the insured to transact any kind of business pertaining to his occupation.
4 페이지 - Insured shall fail to furnish such proof, or if It shall appear to the Company that the Insured is able to perform any work or to...
5 페이지 - ... during such disability, and the provisions and benefits of the policy shall be continued in force, except as hereinafter provided, as if such premiums were being paid in cash. "2. Disability Annuity. Six months after the receipt of such proof, if the disability then exists, the Company will begin to pay to the Insured (with the written consent of the assignee, if any) a disability annuity of one-tenth of the face amount of this policy, and will make such annuity payments annually on the anniversary...
5 페이지 - Insured shall become wholly and permanently disabled by bodily injury or disease sustained or contracted after the date hereof, so that thereby he will be wholly, continuously and permanently prevented from the pursuit of any form of mental or manual labor for compensation, gain or profit whatsoever...
6 페이지 - ... will grant the following benefits. a. Waiver of Premium. — The company, by endorsement hereon, shall waive the payment of the premiums which thereafter may become due under this policy during the continuance of the said total disability of the insured. In making any settlement under this policy the company shall not deduct any part of the premiums so waived, and the non-forfeiture values of this policy shall increase from year to year in the same manner as though any premium waived under this...
6 페이지 - ... he has become wholly disabled by bodily injury or disease so that he is and thereby will be permanently and continuously unable to engage in any occupation whatever for remuneration or profit, and that such disability has existed continuously for not less than sixty days prior to the furnishing of proof, thereupon the company will grant the following benefits: A.
16 페이지 - Injury wholly disabled him from the doing of all the substantial and material acts necessary to be done In the prosecution of his business, or that his injuries were of such a character and degree that common care and prudence required him to desist from his labors so long as was reasonably necessary to effect a speedy cure.

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