English comedy: a collection of the most celebrated dramas, since the commencement of the reformation of the stage by sir R. Steele and C. Abber, 3권


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87 페이지 - Let me see. Suppose I get Sir John Melvil to interest himself in this affair. He may mention it to Lord Ogleby with a better grace than I can, and more probably prevail on him to interfere in it. I can open my mind also more freely to Sir John. He told me, when I left him in town, that he had something of consequence to communicate, and that I could be of use to him.
105 페이지 - Ay, or a bowl of punch, or a can of flip, Mr. Sterling ; for it looks like a cabin in the air. If flying chairs were in use, the captain might make a voyage to the Indies in it still, if he had but a fair wind.
130 페이지 - To speak the truth, I'm ashamed of you both. — But have a care what you are about, brother! have a care, I say. — The counsellors are in the house, I hear; and if every thing is not settled to my liking, I'll have nothing more to say to you, if I live these hundred years. I'll go over to Holland, and settle with Mr. Vanderspracken, my poor husband's first cousin, and my own fammaly shall never be the better for a farden of my money, I promise you.
142 페이지 - With any fortune, or no fortune at all, sir. Love is the idol of my heart, and the demon Interest sinks before him. So sir, as I said before, I will marry your youngest daughter; your youngest daughter will marry me.
122 페이지 - ... on that part of the estate which is to be made over to me, with whatever security you shall require for the regular payment of the interest, till the principal is duly discharged.
129 페이지 - That was my maxum ; and, therefore, much the largest settlement was, of course, to be made upon her. As for Fanny, if she could, with a fortune of twenty or thirty thousand pounds, get a knight, or a member of parliament, or a rich common council-man, for a husband, I thought it might do very well.
165 페이지 - For my part, I indulge my own passions too much to tyrannize over those of other people. Poor souls, I pity them. And you must forgive them too. Come, come, melt a little of your flint, Mr. Sterling ! STERL.
101 페이지 - ... trees, and my bed of Dutch tulips.— Matters look'd but dim last night, my lord. I feel the dew in my great toe — but I would put on a cut shoe, that I might be able to walk you about— I may be laid up to-morrow. Lord Og- I pray Heaven you may ! {Aude.
138 페이지 - I'm in tolerable spirits, faith! (Aside. Fanny. There is not perhaps at this moment a more distressed creature than myself. Affection, duty, hope, despair, and a thousand different sentiments, are struggling in my bosom; and even the presence of your lordship, to whom I have flown for protection, adds to my perplexity.
158 페이지 - You have a great deal of courage, Betty; and considering the secrets you have to keep, you have occasion for it.

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