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I. & J.

tory of the Tsakhars in, 191--specimen
Indigestion, a Treatise on, and its conse- of the poetry of the inhabitants of, 193.

quences, &c. referred to, 208, 240. Morse, Samuel, F. B., his Fine Arts, re-
Johnson, Dr. James, bis Essay on morbid ferred to, 70-character of his National
sensibility of the Stomach and Bowels, Academy, 83.
&c. referred to, 208-remarks on the

prevalence of dyspepsia in England, Natural history, on the study uf, 468---on
219_his observations on some of the the early systems of, 470-- on language
causes of dyspepsia, ib.-recommends and terms in relation to the study of,
travelling to the dyspeptic, 234.

476---of the vegetable kingdom, 480.
Jurisdiction, Hoffman's remarks on, 62. Niebuhr, bis Summary to Roman Histo-
Jussieu, Anthony L. de, bis Genera Plan- ry, referred to, 35.

tarum, &c referred to, 488, 490. North America, Hall's Travels in, re-
Jussieu, Bernard de, made knowo bis ar- viewed, 321--369.

rangement of the sexual system, 485— Novels --National, of, Fielding's, 371-
his views and arrangements published Richardson's, 376---Smollet's, 379...
by his nephew, 488 - first distributed Vicar of Wakefield, 381--- The Gothic or
all plants into seven classes, 489. Chivalrous Romance, Walpole's Castle

of Otranto, 382--Mrs. Radcliffe's, 383---
Keymis, sent by Raleigh in search of gold The Historical, Sir Walter Scott's, 383

mines, 447-despatched by Raleigh on .-The Miscellaneous, Robinson Crusoe,
a second expedition to Guiana, 448– 384.--Sterne's, 385-Johnson's Rasse-
goes with Raleigh on another expe- las, ib.-.-Johnstone's Chrysal, ib..--M'-
dition to Guiana, 460-attacks a Span- Kenzie's, ib----Goodwin's, ib.----Hol-.
ish town, and loses young Raleigh, ib. croft's, ib. --Miss Burney's, ib.---Miss
-reproached by Raleigh, and com- Edgeworth's, ib.---the more modern,
mits suicide, ib.

386--Pelham, Disowned and Devereux,
Klaproth, Julius Von, bis edition of the ib. --of the Waverly, 518---of Cooper's,

Travels of the Russian Mission through 521.
Mongolia to China, referred to, 176--

his statement of the number of the Old Age, on diet, in relation to the at-
Chinese army, 194-bis account of the tainment of, 224.
failure of the last English embassy to Ourga, a description of, 186---looked up-
China, 205.

on with reverence by the Mongols, ib.

stations established by the Russians
Legal Outlines, reviewed, 47---quoted, 48, from, to China, 187.
49-51, 52-62, 63.

Letters from Cuba, referred to, 123--ex- Paris,Dr. J.A.his Treatise on Diet, &c. re-
tracts from, 124, 126-136.

ferred to, 208--his definition of dyspep-
Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, the, 433--466. sia, 215--his remarks on the difference
Linnæus, his Systema Naturæ, referred of food, 224 --his opinion of wine and

to, 474-bis works, 484--on the sexual spirits as regards dyspeptics, 227.
system of, in plants, 488.

Paylaye, M. de la Carne de Sainte, see
Literature, influence of chivalry upon, Sainte Paylaye.

Pekin, description of, 197-on the mar-

kets of, 199--climate of, 200.
Maio, Angelo, his M. Tvllii Ciceronis de Philip, Dr. A. P. W., his Treatise on

Repvblica, &c., referred to, 136- -dis- Indigestion referred to, 208_remarks
covered the fragment of the manu- on a proper quantity of food to he ta.
script in the monastery of Gobio, 146. ken, 223-states a singular case of dys.
McCarlney, Lord, his embassy to China, pepsia, 226_his opinion of wine, &c.

referred to, 178---curious incident rela- As regards dyspeptics, 227.
tive to, 207.

Pictures, on the purchase of old, 84.
Mongolia, description of, and its inhabi- Plants, on the classification or, 466-ar-

tants, 182---on the customs of the inha- rangement and distribution of, 469-OR
bitants of, ib.---brick tea extensively the fundamental principles of Can-
used in, 184--has considerable trade dolle's classification of, 493–difference
with China in the article of wood, ib. between classifications of, 496-ou the
--on the religion of the inhabitants of, natural orders of, 497.
186--on the obos or altars erected on Plaulus, Monologue in the Penulus of,
the elevated places of, 189---on the Ro- 37-46.
binia Pygmæa of, 1:00---on the desert of Poetry, on ancient, 406—chivalric, 409
Gobi in, ib..--a description of the terri- ---Provençal, 420---the pastoral of the

Troubadours, 424---the decay of the --plans a voyage for the discovery of
Provençal, 429.

the North-West passage, ib.-nomina-
Political Economy, Sismondi's, 262-285. ted one of the Council of War to pre-
Politics of Antiquity, 165---on the excel- pare for the Spanish Armada, ib.-had

lence of the Roman polity, ib.---the command on shore but joins the Eng-
democrat of the ancients similar to the lish fleet, ib.-obtains an augmentation
jacobin of the moderns, 167---on unmit- of his wine patent, 442-renews his
igated democracy, 169--Roman polity friendship with Spenser, 443-carries
of an aristocratic spirit and character, Spenser to Court, and persuades him

to the publication of the Fairy Queen,
Porta, his doctrine of analogy between ib.-himself a poet, ib.-offends the
plants and animals, 480, note.

Queen by an affair of gallantry with
Preaching, on the ends of, 244.

one of her maids of honor, 444-sails
Provençals, so styled on account of their for Trinidad, 445-arrives at the Pro-

language, 420---on the airs of the, ib. vince of Aromia, 446-his faith in the
note-on the language of the, 421--on existence of the Amazons, ib.-on his
the pastoral poetry of, 424---the names return to England publishes an account
of the poetical institutions of, 425, note of the countries he had visited, 447–
-the cours d'amours of the, 427.-on despatches Keymis to Gujana, 448–
the poetical essays of the, 428--the de- joins Howard and Essex, second in
cline of the poetry of the, 430.

command, in an expedition against
Prussia, on the elementary schools of, 91 Cadiz, ib.-his important services in

--on the gymnasia of, 95---libraries of, the attack on the enemy, 449—disap-

pointed in the reward for his services,
Puffendorf, his de Officio Hominis et Ci- 450-after his return from Cadiz des-
vis, referred to, 57.

patches another ship to Guiana, ib.-
Punic Monologue, the, as corrected by successfully attacks Fayal, 451-ob-

Bochart, 37 -- from Mocenigus' edition tains the confidence of Elizabeth, ib.
of Plautus, 38---Bochart's Hebrew ver- -his conduct in relation to the fall of
sion of, 39---another version of, ib.--- Essex, ib. - James prejudiced against,
Chaldee version of, 40- Latin versions ib.-associates himself with Cobham,
of, 41---Samaritan version of 42.- Val- 452—his detence on his trial, ib.--con-
lancey's version of, 43---O'Connor's fined to the Tower, 455—his estates
Irish version of the first five lines of, confiscated, ib.-his " great cordial,"

ib.-Prince Henry's affection for him,

ib.--composes his History of the
Raleigh, Sir Walter, Cayley's Life of, World, 456—his opinion of the site of

referred to, 433—the origin of the Paradise, 457—of his religious opin-
North-American Provinces may be ions, 458—his opinion of slavery, ib.
traced to his genius, ib.-of an ancient released from prison, fitted out a fleet
family, 434—served in a company of for Guiana, 459—at Trinidad seized
volunteers sent to the aid of the Huge. with a fever, 460-loses his son, ib.
nots, ib.-served under the Prince of -on his return to England was ar-
Orange, 435-an incident turns his at- rested, ib.—tried on the old charge of
tention to the naval service, ib.-in treason, 463–condemned, 465-dis
Ireland with a commission in the ar- claims having attended the execution
my, ib.-anecdotes of, displaying his of Essex from any malignant feeling,
courage, 436-gallantry to Queen Eliz- ib.-his execution, 466.
abeth, ib.--accompanies the Duke of Regni Vegetabilis Systema Naturale, re-
Anjou to the Netherlands, ih--unites ferred to, 466, 491---on the plan of the
himself with Sir H. Gilbert in a voy. work, 493.
age to Newfoundland, 436-obtains a Republic of Cicero, the, 136-164.
patent from Queen Elizabeth for ma. Richardson, one of the earlier reformers
king discoveries, 437-despatches two of the British novel, 377 --character of
vessels for North-America, ib.--the his novels, ib.--criticism on the leading
honor of knighthood conferred on him, characters introduced into his novels,
438-fits out a second expedition to 378.
Virginia, ib.-introduces the use of to. Robinson Crusoe, referred to, 384-the
bacco into England, 439-fits out a author of, left other works, scarcely
fourth expedition to Virginia, 440— now remembered, ib.
disposes of his patent, ib.—the monop- Romance, the ancient, 412.
oly for vending wines granted him, 441


Russell, John, his Tour in Germany, &c. Sydenham, his opinion on the importance

referred to, 86--visited Germany with of exercise in the cure and prevention
the usual prejudices of his countrymen, of gout, stated, 233 --singular cure of
87---remarks on the German profes- his, by sending a patient to an imagi-
sors, 107---notices the carousals, &c. of nary doctor in Inverness, related, 236.
the German students, 114.


Tatooing, various versions of the word,
Sagra, D. Ramon de la, his Anales de 34.

Ciencias, Agricultura, Comercio y Timkowski, George, bis Travels through
Artes, referred to, 285, 292.

Mongolia to China, referred to, 176-
Sainte Palaye, M. de la Curne de, his appointed to conduct a new mission

Memoires sur l'Ancienne Chevalerie, from Kiakhta to the Chinese capital,
referred to, 405---devoted his life to the 181---describes the manufacture of
study of the Provençal literature, 432, brick tea, 184 detained on his jour-

ney, on account of the death of the
Scott, Sir Walter, his series of Novels re- Emperor of China, 185--enters China,

ferred to, 383---his Anne of Geierstein 193—- his observations on the great
reviewed, 498---bis talent for dramati- wall, ib.--and on Chinese agriculture,
zing, 518.

195--notices the willows of China, 196
Sermons, Bishop Heber's, reviewed, 241 --arrives at Pekin, ib.--his description

-composed for extraordinary occa- of Pekin, 197 -- formed an unfavourable

sions, 243.-extracts from, 250-260. opinion of the Chinese, 200--returns to
Sismondi, J. C. L. Simonde de, bis Poli- Kiakhta, 204.

tical Economy referred to, 261---the Tobacco, on the cultivation of, in Cuba,
arrangement of his discussions, 262--- 313--on the export of, from Cuba, 314
considers, with Adam Smith, that la- ----its first introduction into Europe,
bour is the sole origin of wealth, 263-. 439.
disagrees with Say and Ricardo, on Tour in Germany, a, referred to, 86---ex-
the doctrine of production creating de- tracts from, 107-109.
mand, 278--his opinion in unison with Travels in China, 176--207.
that of Malthus, on the same subject, Travels in North-America, referred to,
ib.---opposed to Malthus on the subject 321.-extracts from, 322, 326, 349, 354,
of population, 283---remarks on a pas- 360-364.
sage of his, relative to the United Travels in the North of Germany, referred
States, 284.

to, 86----extracts from, 91-98, 104-107,
Slavery, on the change of opinion in re- 109-111, 118.

ference to, 352---Capt. Hall's opinion Troubadours, so styled on account of
of, 354---does not extinguish affection their inventions, 420----the reign of the
between the slave and his master, 358 Berengers, the most brilliant era of the,
---on the evils of, 360---the condemners 423-..on the pastoral poetry of the,
of, apt to forget the share they contri- 424----the rewards of the, 427----the
bute towards the permanence of, 361 cours d'amours of the, ib.--the poetical
---on the right of the slave-holding essays of the, 428----the decay of the,
States to maintain, 365.

429---the religious novels or romances
Smollet, in his novels, the painter of of the, ib. note---the biography of the,
three kingdoms, 379- emphatically na-

tional, ib.---of his Roderick Random,

ib.-on the general character of his United States, the, on elections in, 326----
novels, 380.

the people of the mother country ig-
South Carolina, Abbot's remarks on, 124. norant of the real condition and his-
Sterne, on the writings of, 385.

tory of, 329---on the free government
Stuart, Gilbert, the painter, referred to, of, 333 --government not a mere expe-

riment, 336---on the will of the people
Sugar, on the cultivation of, in Cuba, of, as regards candidates for high offi-

305---quantity of, exported from differ- ces in the government of, 338-on the
ent territories compared with the area judiciary of, 340---on the rage for inno-
of the same, 306---on the distribution of vation in politics in, 344--on the state
the exports of, 307--on the profits of of education in, 345--on the southern
the cultivation of, 308.-on the manu- institutions of, 352.
facture of, 311--on a new mode of ap-
plying heat in the refining of, 312.

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