The History of Irish Periodical Literature: From the End of the 17th to the Middle of the 19th Century; Its Origin, Progress, and Results; with Notices of Remarkable Persons Connected with the Press in Ireland During the Past Two Centuries, 2권


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231 페이지 - I was also invited to spend a few days in Belfast, in order to assist in framing the first club of United Irishmen, and to cultivate a personal acquaintance with those men whom, though I highly esteemed, I knew as yet but by reputation. In consequence, about the beginning of October I went down with my friend Russell, who had by this time quitted the army, and was in Dublin, on his private affairs.
273 페이지 - Resolutions which the Committee had directed him to report to the House, which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the clerk's table ; where the same were read, and are as followeth, viz.
264 페이지 - Both must be blamed, both pardon'd ; 'twas just so With Fox and PITT full forty years ago ! So WALPOLE, PULTENEY ; — factions in all times Have had their follies, ministers their crimes." Give me th
417 페이지 - The Lords' Committees for Religion, appointed to examine into the causes of the present notorious immorality and profaneness, beg leave, before they report to your Lordships what progress they have made in that inquiry, to observe, that an uncommon scene of impiety and blasphemy appeared before them, wherein several persons must have been concerned ; but by reason of their meeting late in the Session, they...
419 페이지 - Proclamation may issue, with a Reward for apprehending the said Peter Lens, and that he would be further pleased to give it in direction to the judges in their several circuits, to charge the magistrates to put the laws in execution against immorality, and profane cursing and swearing, and gaming, and to enquire into Atheistical and blasphemous clubs.
110 페이지 - Mr. Sheriff, when I observe the quarter from whence the objection comes, I am not surprised at its being made ! It proceeds from the hired traducer of his country — the excommunicated of his fellow-citizens — the regal rebel— the unpunished ruffian — the bigoted agitator ! In the city a firebrand — in the court a liar— in the streets a bully— in the field a coward ! And so obnoxious is he to the very party he wishes to espouse, that he is only supportable by doing those dirty acts the...
307 페이지 - In contempt of our said Lord the King and his laws, to the evil example of all others in the like case offending, and against the peace of our said Lord the King, his crown and dignity.
419 페이지 - Lens with the utmost severity of the law. Resolved, that it is the opinion of this committee, that an humble address be presented to his Grace the Lord Lieutenant, that he would be pleased to order that...
232 페이지 - Russell nor myself were known to one of those leaders ; however, we soon contrived to get acquainted with James Napper Tandy, who was the principal of them, and, through him, with several others, so that, in a little time, we succeeded, and a club was accordingly formed...
40 페이지 - Himself the hero of each little tale; With wits and lords this man was much delighted, And once (it hath been said) was near being knighted.

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