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New Edition, Just Published, in One large Octavo Volume. 1,012 pp. Illustrated.

Cloth, $7.30. Half Morocco, $10.






DANIEL KINNEAR CLARK, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers; Author of " Railway Machinery,” “Exhibited Machinery

of 1862," &c.


This Book comprises, in one volume of about 1000 pages, the leading rules and data, with numerous tables of constant use in calculations and estimates relating to Practical Mechan. ics:-presented in a reliable, clear, and handy form, with an extent of range and completeness of detail that has not been attempted hitherto in the English language. The Author has endeavored to concentrate the results of the latest investigations of others as well as his own, and to present the best information with perspicuity, conciseness, and scientific accuracy. The volume contains an abundance of formulas of very simple construction, with numerous verbal rules, most of them original, by the aid of which calculations may be effected with certainty and ease. It also comprises above 300 tables, carefully calculated and of manifest usefulness.


Friction of Solid Bodies:-Work Absorbed Mathematical Tables:-Comprising Loga

by Friction. rithms---Properties of Circles, &c.

Mill-gearing:--Toothed Wheels-Belt Pulleys Weights and Measures:- English and For

-Shafting, &c.-Frictional Resistan Power eign, comprising Imperial Measures in detail,

and Weight. and the French Metric System, with Equiva Evaporative Performance of Steam lents of English and French Measures.

Boilers. Money:-British and Foreign.

Steam Engine:--The Work of Steam by ExpanWeight and Specific Gravity of Bodies.

sion, with Formulas and Tables-Compound Weight of Iron and other Metals, with

Steam Engines-Practice of the Expansive

Working of Steam. Special Data and Tables.

Flow of Air and other Gases, Fundamental Mechanical Principles.

Work of Dry Airor other Gas, Compressed Heat, and its Developments-Cold.

or Expanded. Steam :-Its Physical Properties, with Tables.

Air Machinery :-For Compressing Air, and Mixture of Gases and Vapors.

for Working by Compressed Air-Hot-Air EnCombustion.

gines-Gas Engines-Fans-Blowing Engines

-Root's Blower. Fuels:-Various, British and Foreign.

Flow of Water:-Cast-Iron Water Pipes and Applicationsof Heat:-Heating and Cooling

Gas Pipes.
Liquids and Air-Warming and Ventilation-

Water Wheels-Machines for Raising

Water-Hydraulic Motors. Strength of Materials and of Elementary Constructions:-As Beams, Girders,

Frictional Resistances :-Of Steam Engines Joists, Ropes, Pipes, &c.

-Machinery of Flax Mills and Woolen Mills,&c. Work, or Labor: Units of Work,

Traction on Roads, Railways, and Street Tramway$ No less than 320 different Authorities are quoted or referred to in this work.

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher, 23 Murray and 27 Warren St., N. Y. * Copies sent by mail on receipt of price.

12 Mo, Limp Vellum Cloth, Illustrated. Price, 80 cents.



Static Electric Induction,


J. E. H. GORDON, B. A.


LECTURE I. Introductory Preliminary Experiments, Conductors and Insu

lators Induction, Mechanical Illustration. LECTURE II. Leyden Jar, Residual Charge, Mechanical Experiment, Hopkin

son's Experiment, Faraday's Study of Induction, Theory of Lateral Pressure, Delarue's Lateral Pressure in Vacu

um Tubes. LECTURE III. Faraday's Measurements and his Results, Recent Measurements

and Experimental Details, Table of Results. LECTURE IV. Specific Inductive Capacities of Gases, Clerk Maxwell's Electro

Magnetic Theory of Light, Electric Induction and Velocity of Light, Table of Velocities, Actions of Electricity on Light, Electro-Magnetic Action on Polarized Light, Electro-static on Polarized Light, discovered by Dr Kerr, Effect of Light on Seleniun, Etc., Etc.

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher,

23 Murray and 27 Warren Streets, NEW YORK.

Copies sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of price.

12mo. Cloth Extra. 210 Pages, 74 Illustrations. $2.00.






Part I. Description of the Mouth Bloro-pipe and Apparatus. The Blow-pipe-How to Use-Fuel-Lamps-Flames-Supports, Weighing Instruments -Tools, Small Implements and Apparatus—Batéa—Reagents, Dry and Wet—Test or Proof Metals.

Part II. Qualitative Determination. Colors of Sublimates on Charcoal-Potassium-Sodium-Cæsium-Rubidium-Barium -Strontium—Calcium-Magnesium-Aluminium-Manganese-Tin-Antimony-SilverGold — Chromium-Iron-Cobalt-Nickel — Zinc-Cadmium-Copper - Lead - IndiumBismuth - Titanium - Mercury-Platinum - Lithium-Oxygen- Hydrogen — NitrogenFluorine-Chlorine-Bromine-Iodine - Sulphur-Phosphorus --Arsenic-Carbon-Boron -Silicum-Glucinum-Lanthanum-Yttrium-Terbium-Tantalum -Uranium-Tungsten - Vanedium-Palladium-Ruthenium-Cerium-Didymium-Erbium-Niobium or Col. umbium —Thorium-Thallium-Molybdenum-Rhodium-Iridium-Osmium-SileniumTellurium-Zirconium.

PART III. Assaying. Guld-Silver -Mercury-Copper-Lead-Bismuth-Tin-Iron-Nickel-Cobalt-Nickel and Cobalt-Coal

PART IV. Tables.

English Mint Value of Gold, According to its Fineness.

Value of Gold Coins in the United States. American Mint Value of Gold, According to ats Fineness.

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher,

23 Murray and 27 Warren Streets, New York,

Copies sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of price.



Electricity and Electric Light

Sawyer's Electric lighting by Incandescence. 8vo.....

2.5 Gordon's Electricity and Magnetism. 2 vols., 8vo...

.$7.00 Pope's Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph..

2.00 Higg's Electric Light in its Practical Application, 8vo..

3.50 Sprague's Electric Lighting.......

.40 Prescott's Electricity and the Electric Telegraph.

5.00 Prescott's Speaking Telephone and Electric Light....

4.00 (These two books of Prescott sold together for $7.00). Sprague's Theory and Application of Electricity.

3.00 Noad's Text Book of Electricity

4.00 Langdon's Application of Electricity to Railway Working

1.50 Clark and Sabine's Electrical Tables and Formula....

5.00 The Telephone, the Microphone, and the Phonograph. By Count du Moncel....

1.25 Cummings' Theory of Electricity....

2.25 Sabine's History and Progress of the Electric Telegraph.

1.25 Jenkins' Electricity and Magnetism ...

1.50 Loring's Hand-Book of the Telegraph, bds..

.50 Do. do. do.

...cloth, 75c.; mor., 1.00 Haskins' Galvanometer, and its Uses..

1.50 Gordon's Lectures on Electric Induction..

.80 Fontaine's Eclairage a l'Electricite....

3.00 Urquhart's Electric Light.......

3.00 Hospitalier-Les Principales Applications de l'Electricite-with Many Illustrations, 8vo., paper, Paris, 1881...

3.50 Schwendler's Instructions for Testing Telegraph Lines, 2 vols., 8vo..

8.00 Jenkins' Reports of Electrical Standards, 8vo....

3.75 Cavendish's Electrical Researches, 8vo...

5.00 Harris' Treatise on Frictional Electricity, 8vo....

7.00 Beechy Electro-Telegraphy, 18mo......

.60 Douglas' Manual of Telegraph Construction..

6.00 L'Electricite, par I. Baille......

.90 L'Eclairage Electrique, par Du Moncel...

.90 Tyndall’s Lessons in Electricity, 12mo..

1.00 Notes on Light and Electricity 12mo......

1.25 Induction Coils : How Made and How Used, 16 mo.


For Sale by

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher,

23 Murray and 27 Warren Streets, New York. Copies sent by mail, post paid, on receint, of price.

18mo, Fancy Boards, 50 Cents Each,

The subjects of this Series are of an eminently scientific character, and will ontinue to embrace as wide a range of topics as possible.

I. 2.




Chimneys for Furnaces, Fire Places and Steam Boilers. By. R. Armstrong, C. E.

Steam Boiler Explosions. By Zerah Colburn. 3. Practical Designing of Retaining Walls. By Arthur Jacob, C. E. Illustrated. 4. Proportion of Pins Used in Bridges. By Chas. E. Bender, C. F. Illustrated. 5. Ventilation of Buildings. By W. F. Butler. Illustrated. 6. On the Designing and Construction of Storage Reservoirs. By Arthur Jacob, C. E. Ilus

trated. 7. Surcharged and Different Forms of Retaining Walls. By Jas. S. Tate, C. E. Illustrated, 8. A Treatise on the Compound Engine. By John Turnbull. Illustrated. 9. Fuel. By C. William Siemens. To which is appended the value of Artificial Fuels as com

pared with Coal, by John Wormold, C. E. Compound Engines. From the French of A. Mallet. Illustrated. II. Theory of Arches. By Prof. W. Allan. Illustrated.

A Practical Theory of Voussoir Arches. By Wm. Cain, C. E. Illustrated.

A Practical Treatise on the Gases met with in Coal Mines. By the late J. J. Atkinson. 14. Friction of Air in Mines. By J. ). Atkinson. 15. Skew Arches. By Prof. E. Hyde, C. E. Illustrated. 16. A Graphic Method of Solving Certain Algebraic Equations. By Prof. Geo. L. Vose. Illust. 17. Water and Water Supply. By Prof. W. H. Corfield. 18. Sewerage and Sewage Utilization, By Prof. W. H. Corfield. 19. Strength of Beams under Transverse Loads. By Prof. W. H. Allan. Illustrated. 20. Bridge and Tunnel Centers. By John B. McMaster, C. E. Illustrated. 21. Safety Valves. By Richard H. Buel, C. E. Illustrated. 22. High Masonry Dams. By John B. McMaster, C. E. Illustrated. 23. The Fatigue of Metals under repeated Strains, with various Tables of Results of Experiments.

From the German of Prof. Ludwig Spangenburgh, with a Preface by S. H. Shreve, A. M.

Illustrated, 24. A Practical Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, with the Theory and Use of Robinson's Odon

tograph. By S. W. Robinson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Industrial

University. Illustrated. 25. On the Theory and Calculation of Continuous Bridges. By Mansfield Merriman, Ph. D.

Illustrated. 26. Practical Treatise on the Properties of Continuous Bridges. By Charles Bender, C. E.

Illustrated. 27. On Boiler Incrustation and Corrosion. By F. J. Rowan, 28. Transmission of Power by Wire Ropes. By Albert W. Stahl, U. S. N. Illustrated. 29. Steam Injectors : Translated from the French of M. Leon Pochet. 30. Terrestrial Magnetism and the Magnetism of Iron Vessels. By Prof. Fairmaa Rogers. 31. The Sanitary Condition of Dwelling Houses in Town and Country. By Geo. E. Waring, Jr.

With Illustrations. 32. Cable Making of Suspension Bridges, as Exemplified in the East River Bridge. By Wilhelm

Hildenbrand, C. E. With Illustrations. 33. Mechanics of Ventilation. By Geo. W. Rafter, C. E. 34. Foundations. By Prof. Jules Gaudard, C. E. Translated from the French, by L. F. Vernon

Harcourt, M. I, C. E. 35. The Aneroid Barometer: Its Construction and Use. Compiled by Geo. W. Plympton.

Illustrated. 36. Matter and Motion. By J. Clerk Maxwell, M. A. -37. Geographical Surveying Its Uses, Methods and Results. By Frank De Yeaux Carpenter, C.E. 38. Maximum Stresses in Framed Bridges. By Prof. Wm. Cain, A. M., C. E. Illustrated. 39. A Hand Book of the Electro-Magnetic Telegraph. By A. E. Loring. Illustrated.

Transmission of Power by Compressed Air. By Robert Zahner, M. E. Illustrated. 41. Strength of Materials. By William Kent, C. E. Illustrated. 42. Voussoir Arches Applied to Stone Bridges, Tunnels, Culverts, Groined Arches and Domes.

By Prof. Wm. Cain, C. E. 43. Wave and Vortex Motion. By Dr. Thomas Craig, of Johns Hopkins University. 44. Turbine Wheels By Prof. W. P. Trowbridge, Columbia College. Illustrated. 45. Thermodynamics. By Prof. H. T. Eddy, University of Cincinnati. 46. Ice-Making Machines. From the French of M. Le Doux. Illustrated. 47. Linkages;

the Different Forms and Uses of Articulated Links. By J. D. C. De Roos. 48. Theory of Solid and Braced Arches. By Wm. Cain, C.E. 49. On the Motion of a Solid in a Fluid. By Thomas Craig, Ph.D. 50. Dwelling Houses: their Sanitary Construction and Arrangements. By Prof. W. H. Corfield 51. The Telescope: Its Construction, &c. By Thomas Nolan. 52. Imaginary Quantities: Translated from the French of M. Argand. By Prof. Hardy. 53. Induction Coils: How Made and How Used.

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher,

23 Murray and 27 Warren Streets, New York. *** Sent free by mail on receipt of price.


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