An account of the interior of Ceylon, and of its inhabitants: With travels in that island

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1821 - 530페이지
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501 페이지 - Commander-in-chief, in all cases falling under this ninth article, an unlimited right of review over every proceeding, civil or military, had by virtue thereof; and reserving also full power to make such particular provisions, conformably to the general spirit of the said article, as may be found necessary to carry its principle into full effect.
111 페이지 - Her hips should be wide ; her limbs tapering ; the soles of her feet, without any hollow, and the surface of her body in general, soft, delicate, smooth, and rounded, without the asperities of projecting bones and sinews.
502 페이지 - His Royal Highness the Prince Regent in the name and on behalf of His Majesty such Dispositions in favour of the trade of these Provinces, as may...
499 페이지 - Adikar, these assertions are fully substantiated ; in which was exhibited the savage scene of four infant children, the youngest torn from the mother's breast, cruelly butchered, and their heads bruised in a mortar by the hands of their parent, succeeded by the execution of the woman herself, and three females more ; whose limbs being bound, and a heavy stone tied round the neck of each, they were thrown into a lake and drowned.
500 페이지 - Sinha by the habitual violation of the chief and most sacred duties of a Sovereign, has forfeited all claims to that title of the powers annexed to the same, and is declared fallen and deposed from the Office of King — His family and relatives whether in the ascending, descending or collateral line, and whether by affinity or blood, are also for ever excluded from the Throne — and all claim and title of the Malabar...
500 페이지 - His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, on the one part; and the...
513 페이지 - Dollars One hundred and fifty in value ; in which case Execution shall stay and the Proceedings be transmitted to the said Commissioner's Court, which shall and may proceed in the same as in the Cases mentioned in the former Article. That Appeals also may be allowed upon Order of the Governor or the Board of Commissioners although not entered in Ten days if Application is made in a Year.
38 페이지 - ... inhabitant tending his goats. It was not till after ascending several thousand feet, that the peculiar character of the Caucasian mountains was developed; for, however precipitous or rocky the ascent may be, each invariably terminated in a fertile plateau, even at a height of between four and five thousand feet above the level of the sea. This is, perhaps, independent of their well-known bravery and patriotism, the principal cause that every attempt to subdue these people has been hitherto found...
501 페이지 - Military Officers, Soldiers or Followers of the Army usually held liable to Military Discipline, shall be subject to the Magistracy of the accredited Agent or Agents of the British Government in all cases except charges of Murder, which shall be tried by special Commissions to be issued from time to time by the Governor for that purpose. Provided always as to such Charges of Murder wherein any British subject may be defendant, who might be tried for the same by the Laws of the United Kingdom...
500 페이지 - Provinces and excluded and prohibited from entering those Provinces on any pretence whatever, without a written permission for that purpose by the authority of the British Government, under the pains and penalties of Martial Law, which is hereby declared to be in force for that purpose — and all male persons of the Malabar...

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